05 June 2009

The Tuscan Trap: Part III

Clive pulled the convertible right in front of the property. It was an abandoned WWII site where they housed the injured and it had been left to rot in it's state for quite some time. He watched as Dawn climbed out of the convertible and glanced at the towering decapitated structure. He watched as she looked at it, as if she was seeing something completely different. She grabbed the hard hat on the back seat, putting it on she strode over to the structure and through the front entrance. Clive followed on slow feet, as he put the hard hat on. She was ahead of him by twenty feet and she had already climbed the rotting staircase, surprised that she wasn't hurt in any way by it.

"What are you thinking?" he asked her curiously.

"Nothing in particular..." she said as she reached the first floor, she made her way around the man holes in the floor to the other side and she crouched down, wiping the dust away on what looked like a pane of glass to reveal old photographs, "Wow."

Clive crouched down beside her and realised she had discovered an artifact, "Can I have a look at this?"

"Be my guest," she said as she passed it over to him. She stood up and turned around, surveying the space of the floor, "Right, is there a library or a place where they stored old archives of old buildings here?"

"Yes, there is the library a few miles away but the central place is in Milan."

"Good, could you drive me to the library now please," Dawn said, not waiting for an answer as she strode off down the stairs.

Clive looked at her baffled, why would she need the library when all the information of this place was already allocated to her.