01 June 2012

Amber's Advocate

Chapter Eleven

The Beach Party of All Parties

"Oh it's so nice that Cade has finally brought a girl home to meet us," Clara Brown-Evans flicked her blonde thick hair back, "At one point, I thought he was gay but it's good to see that he has exceptional taste."

"Cade and I... we're not a couple... we're just friends," Amber replied, drinking her hot chocolate.

"Why ever would you say that?  You obviously came down here for a reason no?  I never really thought red heads were his thing but up until a few minutes ago, I thought two eggs and a sausage was his thing.  I'm so glad you're here.  What have you got planned for the next few days?"

"I haven't really thought about it, I mean, I don't really know what's here,"  Amber said, looking around the high ceiling hall where a modern bar was positioned. 

"Maybe we could have a party whilst you're here in honour of you and Cade"  Clara thought, "That would be fun."

Amber hated parties, especially if she was the focal point, to divert her away from that idea she asked what came into her head, "Smith from the train station mentioned that Cade's name is Braiden."

Clara giggled, "Oh yes, my son's name is Braiden Cade Brown-Evans, he was named after his grand father Braiden Matthew Evans, he was of noble blood but that doesn't count for much here anymore, he had an illustrious affair with the daughter of a wealthy property tycoon. That tycoon wasn't best pleased as Braiden had a bit of a reputation already, being a bit of a flamboyant playboy but Braiden wasn't that fussed about him and got his daughter pregnant... it made quite headline news here... that's how we ended up inheriting Camelot Castle. So Amber, tell me more about you? I'd like to know about the girl that has captured my son's heart," Clara smiled.

"I don't think there's much to tell really," Amber didn't want to talk about herself.

"Come dear, you're with family..." Clara insisted.

"I lived in New York and moved to London a few months ago," Amber ventured.

"And what did you do in New York?" Clara asked taking another sip of her cocktail.

"I worked in fashion... it's something I fell into but it's not really my thing," Amber took a hearty sip of her hot chocolate.

"And why did you move to London?" Clara asked.

Amber paused, her heart beat accelerated.  She couldn't exactly say she moved to put distance between her and her convict ex-boyfriend after he battered and left her for dead, that kind of home truth just didn't sit well with any one, "A change of pace, I've always wanted to come to London, it's a great place."

"So, you're on a mini vacation then?" Clara asked.

"Not exactly, but we'll see how it goes," Amber replied, "Could you tell me where the toilets are?"

"Of course, just straight down the hall and first door to your right," Clara smiled and Amber left the room.

"Oh good you're here," Cade ran into the hall. 

"Darling, she's divine... a real gem. I completely approve," Clara stood up and kissed her son on the cheek.

"Surely, it's too early to be drinking mum?" Cade said, looking around the hall, "Where is she?"

"What concern is it of yours?"  Clara asked. 

On cue, Amber walked into the great hall and as she approached Cade, Clara jumped up and kissed her on the cheek, "Amber, look who's here? My little snuggles..."

"Mum... really, must you do this?" Cade said rolling his eyes. 

Clara smiled cheekily and diverted her attention back to Amber, completely ignoring her son, "You can see he is embarrassed by his mother but you needn't worry, we will be the best of friends.  I shall let you two lovebirds be... I'm going to go see your father."  And with that, she left the great hall.

Cade turned towards Amber and smiled apologetically, "I'm so sorry about that."

"She seems nice...don't worry about it Braiden," Amber teased.

Cade rolled his eyes skyward, "Let me guess, she told you about my first name, how much I detest it and the whole scandal with my grand father?"  Amber nodded, "It never ceases to amaze me that all this stuff happened a century ago and it still manages to do the rounds..." 

"It's not so bad Cade..." Amber smiled.

"Yeah, except you're name isn't Braiden Cade Brown-Evans, is it?" he quipped, "Are you hungry?"

"I am... but I really need to find a hotel..." Amber said.

"Look no further, you can stay here," Cade smiled.

"Here? I can't stay here, it's much too opulent and I-" Amber said looking around the room.

"I don't want to hear about it, come on, let's sort out your room, get you settled and I can go about showing you Cornwall," Cade smiled.


"Oh wow, this is amazing..." Amber said in complete awe.  She walked over to the windows and peered out, "That view is amazing... how beautiful is that ocean... what ocean is that?" She spun around and watched as Cade set her luggage by the wardrobe.

"That would be the Atlantic ocean... it's much more amazing up close.  Are you hungry?  Do you want to eat?"

"I'm starving.  How much is the room Cade, I'd like to pay for it," Amber asked, walking towards Cade.

"I invited you here and you came, so I will take care of it.  I just want you to enjoy yourself... be yourself, okay?" Cade smiled, "So, what is it you fancy to eat today?"

"You're the tour guide, surprise me," Amber smiled. 

"Okay, come with me!" Cade smiled, "I have the perfect place."


Amber exhaled a long sigh and patted her belly,  "Oh my God.  I don't think I've eaten this much since I was...thanks."  She said, swallowing a bitter pill and taking a sip of her orange juice.  Wanting to put the thought of pregnancy out of her mind.  She was in a Waterfront Cafe by the beach, having eaten a beast of a feast with Cade Brown-Evans... or Braiden as everyone seemed to know him by here.  Since setting foot on the shores of Cornwall, everyone had been absolutely friendly, really accommodating- and she was finding herself being sucked into the whole village camaraderie. 

"What are you thinking?" Cade asked, dumping the last of the crab shells into the bowl. 


"Of course," Cade wiped his hands on the provided napkin.

"How easy this place is," Amber observed, "How friendly, accommodating and charming everyone is... how easy it is to just fall in love with this place... I can see why it's a great place to come back home to."

"It's always going to be here if ever you want to come back," Cade smiled, "Would you like dessert?"

"Please,"  Amber replied, "So what have you got planned for the rest of the days you're here?"

"Originally I'd planned to stay here for four days but I've extended to the end of the week.  I'd only planned on surfing... but as you're here... what would you like to do?"

"Oh no... please don't change your plans because of me..."  Amber began but Cade put his hand up to silence her.

"I can teach you to surf if you like Amber... or we can go down to Newquay, there's the Blue Reef Aquarium or the Seal Sanctuary, I know you love animals, if that's your thing.  Otherwise, there's always The Eden Project..." Cade paused, "What?"

"What's The Eden Project?"  Amber asks, taking a look at the dessert menu handed to her by the waitress. 

"From the out set, it looks like a massive golf ball but it's a massive green house with living creatures, their habitats.  It varies from season to season, right now the climate is like that of a rain forest.  It has it's educational purposes but it's fun, if you're interested in architecture or you're a horticulturalist.  We should do that tomorrow, it's a short drive from here, maybe afterwards grab a bite to eat and discover what else tickles your fancy, it's up to you.  I really don't mind at all.  Let me know what you want to do tomorrow," Cade smiled, "What do you have planned tonight?"

"If we were in London, y'know I would be at the coffee shop.  What are you thinking?" Amber asked, her curiosity roused. 

"There's a beach barbecue tonight, you're more then welcome to come?" Cade offered.

"That sounds great."  Amber asked. 

"I'll pick you up at around seven thirty, that okay with you?"  Cade asked. 



Cade pulled up outside Camelot Castle, thankfully the sun was still shining.  He'd decided on wearing his ripped jeans and a blue and white stripped polo t-shirt for tonight.  He was looking forward to catching up with the guys as it had been too long since he'd seen them all.  As he strolled into the castle, at that moment he saw her stroll out of the lift.  Her red hair was loose and raking down her back as she sported every man's fantasy 'Daisy Duke' denim shorts... and Jessica Simpson sprung to mind, wiggling her bottom and wearing cowboy boots.  Amber teamed up her shorts with a long sleeveless cardigan and a brown top.  On her feet she wore sandals and she'd accessorised with gold bangles.  She spotted him straight away and greeted him with a shy kiss on the cheek.

"Hi Cade," she smiled tentatively, "How are you?"

"I'm good, you look beautiful," he complimented, "Did you manage to get some rest?"

"As a matter of fact I did, I feel very rested but I'm starving," she replied.

"Come on, let's get going," ushering her towards the exit.

"Fuck Cade, you fuck off to London and you come back with a bird like that... how'd you manage that?" Gideon said over a beer.  He was tall but not as tall as Cade.  A group of them were sprawled on the beach beside a bonfire.  Amber was seated on a deck chair talking to one of the other guys girlfriends. 

"She's a right beauty mate," Owen chipped in, "Really nice too."

"No, seriously Cade how'd you manage to snap her?" Josh said, another of Cade's good friends.

Cade took a sip of beer and looked up to see Lucy.

"Hi Cade," she was standing in front of him wearing a short skirt and a t-shirt.  She'd cut her hair short like a pixie and she was smiling down at him, "Could I have a word?"

He nodded and followed her further down the beach.

"Who's that woman with Cade?" Amber whispered to Cela.  Cela's boyfriend was Josh and they made a good looking couple.  Cela had dark brown thick hair, a button nose and full lips but she had a smashing personality from what Amber could see.  They had only been introduced to each other under an hour ago and already had a lot in common.

"Oh that's Lucy... Cade's on and off girlfriend..." Cela whispered, "She's a bit of a cow though, from what the other guys have said."

"They're off, right?" Amber said, hoping that they were indeed off.

"Yeah, last time I heard they were off... but hey, he's here with you isn't he?  So that's some indication.  I don't know why Cade constantly takes her back knowing she's cheated on him and been a bitch about it too."

"I guess we do stupid things when we're in love," Amber said, more to herself then anyone else, "What's she doing here, if everyone seems to take a dislike to her?"

"She has some hold on him... well I think anyway... I heard some of the guys talking... she uses sexual blackmail as a ploy but you'd call that a slapper right?" Cela said, no holds barred.

"A slapper?" Amber asks, "That's the same thing as a slut, right?"

Cela laughs, "Oh yeah, sorry... I keep forgetting you're not from around here... yup, pretty much. Y'know, if you want to reinstate your territory, you should go up there and introduce yourself to her, what harm could you do?"

"Me and Cade, we're not really... a couple... per say, it's complicated," Amber looked out over the sea.

"Complicated? Life's complicated. Oh look, she's looking over... it's obvious they're talking about us, otherwise why would she be looking daggers at us," Cela smiled, "And I have to say, the way Cade has been watching you tonight, I can't say things are complicated.  They look pretty straight forward to me... he looks pretty awestruck, if you ask me."

"I haven't really thought about another relationship in a long time..."  Amber hesitated.

"Cade's a nice guy... you shouldn't really worry about it.  He's way too good for Lucy, that's for sure," Cela encouraged, "Oh goodie, she's coming over."

Lucy stomped over to where Cela and Amber were sitting, "Oh, so you're the girl who everyone's been harping on about."

Amber looked up from where she was sitting with Cela.  She looked up at Lucy and carried her conversation with Cela.

"Did you not hear me?" Lucy said slightly louder, putting her hands on her hips. 

Amber looked back at Lucy, gave her a point blank stare and carried on talking to Cela.

"I don't like being ignored," Lucy admonished.

Amber stood up and fixed her a cold stare, "And I don't like being spoken to like that.  If you had a fragment of intelligence you would have politely introduced yourself instead of wading in as if you owned the place."

"You don't know me, so don't dare speak to me like that," Lucy almost screamed.

"I'll speak to you however way I endear to.  The fact that you've sauntered your way here, impolitely announcing yourself and being a bit of bitch garners you no respect whatsoever, from me or anyone who's in ear shot distance.  I suggest you turn around and leave me alone," Amber spat at her.

"I have every right to be here as you," Lucy yelled back.

"Be my guest," Amber said, pausing and turning to Cela, "Shall we get out of here?"

Cela jumped up and laughed, "Yeah, let's get out of here."

As Amber and Cela walked away, they were slowly joined by the rest of the crowd, leaving Lucy standing there.

"You're hilarious!" Cela laughed. 

"I don't know her, yet I don't like her.  She seems like such a brat,"  Amber said.

"What did you say to Lucy?" Gideon said, putting his arm around Amber's neck and tugging.   Amber instinctively grabbed his arm around her neck, twisted it behind his back and pushed him to the floor.  Gideon looked up from the sand, eyes wide and full of shock as well as surprise, "What the fuck?!"

Cade was by her side and turned her towards him, "Are you okay baby?"  Searching her face.

"The defence lessons are definitely working," she half heartedly said, looking straight into his eyes.

"Your bird a kung fu expert or what?" Gideon said, bouncing back onto his feet and dusting himself off, "Shit, one minute I was standing and the next I was on the floor... that was crazy."

"Sorry about that... I'm... uhh... you..." Amber stammered.

"Amber's a fitness addict, if there's anything in the gym to get the heart racing she does it... I just have to look at her and my heart races... so it evens out the stakes," Cade humours, wrapping an arm around Amber to reassure her, "Amber, would you like to go for a walk?"

Amber nods and they stroll away from the crowd.