22 September 2010

Principessa: Planned Action

It was quite some time later when Ben woke up, his eyes immediately focusing on the still body beside him. The blanket was draped over her elegant back and her hair strewn across the pillows, her eyes were closed as he had made love to her three times during the course of the day or days, he couldn't quite remember. He'd been lost in her, bewildered and he knew that indescribable feeling in the pit of his stomach was. He couldn't take his eyes off of her, she was beautiful to look at and he felt himself yearning to hold her and to never let her go. The thought of letting her go and for her to start her duties and obligations as a Principessa were crawling their way back to the front line.  The thought had been edged back to the very bottom of his mind space, he had immersed himself deep into this fantasy world with her in it, he was grappling at straws now, leaving her and letting her go was something all too frightening for any man who had to leave his woman behind. 

He got out of bed quietly, not to wake her up, grabbing a pair of cotton bottoms and strode downstairs. He put on the kettle and paced up and down the length of the living room. His hair was a mess but he knew what he wanted and there was nothing and no one who was going to stand in his way. He picked up his mobile phone and dialled the Palace's number, informing the receptionist who he was and that she divert him to the King.


It was a slobber of a dog that woke Lenny up from a for filling sleep. She sat up slightly and Ugo the dog decided to jump on her at that moment.  She laughed out loud, languishing at the contact.

"You bad bad dog," she said playfully, tickling his ears, "I was having such a beautiful dream where I was just about to..." she paused and smiled, "Never mind."

Lenny got up and looked around the serene room, Benito was no where in sight. She walked to the adjacent bathroom and had a quick shower. Blow dried her hair and slipped into a flowery dress and sandals. She spritzed on some perfume and didn't bother applying any make-up, as she had found out it would come off her face from the constant heat, leaving her face drier. She put on some moisturiser instead and headed downstairs. Ugo followed behind her. He was no where in sight, odd she thought. She called out his name, but there was no response. She headed into the kitchen and so, Ugo followed.

"Do you want something to eat honey pie?" she said to the dog and watched as he went up on his hind legs to agree, "Aren't you a cutie, well, what does Benito give you... I'm sure there is something special for you to munch on... ah-huh, found it." She filled his bowl up with scrunchy treats and also filled a bowl of cold water for him and laid it down in the corner away from the stove, "Buon appetito, my love," she said as she patted his head. She watched endeared, as he munched on and she headed back to the stove to start breakfast.

Lenny was about to take out a frying pan from the cupboard when Benito strided through the door from the garden, holding a mobile phone. He was shirtless and was only wearing his cotton bottoms. Lenny froze, clutching the frying pan for dear life, she couldn't keep her gaze from him. He walked over to her and took her in his arms and kissed her with such passion, there was going to be an awful bang.

"Hello Lenny," he whispered, "Sleep well?" Lenny nodded. "I was thinking of taking you to see Siena, it's a bit urban but a joy to see and it'll be nice to see something other then the confines of this place- I'll just get changed and we'll be on our way. Are you okay to wait for an hour or so before we get brunch?"

"That's fine... " smiled Lenny, "I'll just be here, for you."

Benito smiled, "I'd like that, thanks." And disappeared upstairs.