03 June 2011

Have You Ever: Prologue


Have you ever been in love with someone who doesn't love you back?

I have... and I still am...

The first time I saw Jack was in the cereal aisle of my local Sainsburys, I didn't know his name at the time because I had seen him teetering on the sidelines, debating on whether he should grab the Weetabix or meander to the dark side and grab a box of coco pops instead. I remember seeing the confusion on his face and as I dragged my trolley closer to him, I was struck down by how blue his eyes were.  The bluest I have ever seen and when his eyes met mine, something strange happened, I got butterflies.  What I said next, only added to the surreality of the whole situation.

"I always go for the Cheerios, multi-grain and you get a bit of both worlds," I offered.

He looks up at me and the butterflies inhabiting my stomach, seem to want to spread their wings and form a whirlwind, "Thanks, I'll keep that in mind," he replies.

"Well, to make it easier... you could always just get both and alternate in between days," I offer again.

He looks at me again and briefly smiles and then I find my feet and make my way out of the cereal aisle.  A chance encounter with the most gorgeous man I have ever seen.

It's only a few days later that I have to go to my local Sainsbury's to pick up a few items for some cupcakes I offer to make for a local community fundraiser and as I'm frantically scanning the over head signage for the baking section, I immediately collide into Jack as I'm turning the corner for that very aisle and our baskets smack into each other with an almighty crack and the contents of his, goes sprawling in every direction.  I see a can of baked beans rolling off towards another trolley and a pint of milk stationed abruptly next to the yogurt and bread. I'm frantically apologising and trying to get the items back into his basket when we both reach for the lettuce, the instantaneous spark of electricity shoots though my arm and I pull away as if I've had an electric shock and he looks at me as if he knows that feeling but what he says next, completely dissipates that illusion.

"Watch where you're going, will you!" he says annoyed.

I'm taken a back, I wasn't quite expecting that outburst.  I don't like confrontations and I'm one of those girls that aren't witty with comebacks, so I just walk away... but that's not all... in my haste in walking away, I leave my purse on the floor and it's picked up... only I don't know it is... until I'm at the check out.

"That'll be twenty five pounds six pence please," the cashier looks at me, unsmiling.  

Only then does it dawn on me that I put my purse in my basket and it's not there anymore, I'm frantically patting my jeans, jacket and the entire extent of my body looking for it and then there's the never ending queue...

"I believe this is yours?" and there he is standing to the side of me. I thank him profusely, before I hand over the cash and grab my shopping bags heading quickly for the exit.