06 July 2009

Melanie's Worth: Part Four

She blew her nose into a tissue and flung it over her shoulder, it fell inches away from another table having dinner.
"I can't believe he would just throw me out, I'm his wife for gods sake. I said I was sorry," Gloria said sulking into another tissue. She was seated at a table in The Dorchester Hotel talking to her long time friend and confidant Alex Donovan. Alex Donovan owned all the hottest night spots in London, you could say he was loaded. He was tall and debonair, his black hair was slicked back far from his face and he always wore tailor fitted Saville Row suits and he had been pining for Gloria for as long as he could remember. He had sated himself with a bevy of beauties but they had just been a substitute for her. Gloria was beautiful, she was tall and she was successful but the only bad point about her, that she was married to Sam Worthington the commoner. She deserved to be with someone who knew how to treat a woman and Sam did not. So what if he was an up and coming movie star, he was still common as muck. Alex paused and leaned forward,
"You had meaningless sex, with whom?" he asked, suddenly alert.
"Just this guy I met in a club, it's no big deal... I don't even know his name... he said he was some entrepreneur, he was investing in shipping... as if that line works anymore..." Gloria wiped at her eyes, they were now seriously swollen and bloodshot.
Alex eyebrows narrowed in, "Is this man balding and has a faint scar just below his right eye?"
He saw her eyes widen and knew he had been correct.
"Yeah, do you know him?" she queried.
Alex didn't hesitate to tell her that he was not what he says he is, but that he owns several pawnshops in some of the roughest neighbour hoods in London and to stay well away from him. He saw her feign terror and said he would take care of it.
"Gloria, have you anywhere to stay?"
She nodded sideways, "No, but I'll check in here."
"Don't be silly Gloria, you can stay with me..."
"But... but I..." she stammered, "That would... would be great, thanks Alex." She leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek.
A few metres from where they were sitting, sat a journalist, she was writing everything that she could hear of them and took a picture as Gloria's lips fell upon Alex's cheek.
Melanie was sitting in a quiet cafe on the Kings Road in Chelsea, her nose was stuck in a good book and she was sipping a Cappuccino. Thara her friend would be meeting her in a couple of minutes for lunch and she was looking forward to a major chinwag, she couldn't wait to see her and tell her that Sam Worthington happened to be at her apartment at all hours of the early morning. She wondered what her friend would think of her, she didn't make a habit of inviting guys home but then can she tell her friend, she didn't know whether she slept with him or not. She had been so out of it, that she can hardly remember the act. She felt so ashamed and now she was contemplating whether to speak about it or not.
Thara came bounding down the road in a new outfit and handbag to go, she leaned forward and gave Melanie a hug and sat down on the chair beside her.
"What you reading darl?" Thara said, moving to see the cover, "What's this romance malarkey, got any good sex bits in it?"
Maybe Melanie, should say something... "I think I slept with Sam Worthington!"
"Shut up! What? When? And what do you mean, you think?" Thara never ran out of questions to ask, "Let me order a drink and you have to tell me everything... EVERYTHING!"

Melanie's Worth: Part Three

Mel sat up, her head dizzy from laughter. She felt almost light headed. Sam stood up and helped her up.
"I really ought to change, I'm going to be late for work..." Mel said, composing herself.
"Yeah, I have to head off too."
"This is the awkward bit, right? We have to say our goodbyes and make a swift exit," Mel said staring at a point past his shoulder.
Sam peered down at her, she was avoiding his gaze and something inside him tugged. He didn't know quite what it was, but was he willing to find out? He watched Mel become uneasy, she hugged him and smiled weakly, heading towards the bedroom door.
"I'll see you around, I'm sure."
Sam wanted to say something, but he simply nodded. She had disappeared into her bedroom and he grabbed his things and left the place.
Melanie sat on her bed, furious with herself for not hinting at more and furious at him for not at least saying thank you for a great shag, what did she expect. A knight in shining armour express, this wasn't a fairytale where he would fall madly in love with her for what, one night, it just didn't happen that way. She was so surprised that she even went home with an hot up and coming movie star, let alone had something with him. She wasn't one for one night stands, you could never trust the other person, they could always turn into axe murderers for all she knew. She started to take off her heels and climb into her jeans for work when the phone started ringing. She skipped to the point, jeans past her knees and made a grab. It was her assistant Gemma telling her that there had been a power cut at the office and that the engineers were working on the problem and not to bother coming in. Melanie collapsed on the bed, her face making contact with the pool of sick on her pillow, she cringed and decided she would clean up the mess before any more surprises cropped up.
Sam pushed the key through the lock and paused at the door.
"What are you doing here?" he said annoyed, he dropped his bag at the door and shut it.
"I came here because we should talk," the tall blonde semi naked woman said.
"I'm done talking," Sam said, grabbing her clothes and flinging it at her, "Do yourself a favor, get dressed and get out of here."
"Sam, how many times do I have to tell you... I'm sorry about that... it won't happen again..."
Sam opened the fridge and closed it again, leaning against the kitchen work top he exhaled, "I want a divorce... you'll be hearing from my lawyer soon."
"Sam, you can't be serious..."
He walked towards her, he was angry now, more then he wanted to show, he grabbed her right arms and her clothes and walked her towards the door. He flung her into the hallway, discarding her as if she was a piece of trash which she was considering what she had done to him, "Don't you ever try to come back here... I'll have your stuff delivered to your agents..."
"Sam, you'll pay for this!" the threat came.
He slammed the door and sighed, he was already paying for it. He marched towards the phone and dialled a number.