02 July 2010

Principessa: Union

"Your Highness, dinner will be served in fifteen minutes," Bella said quietly from the door to Lenny's quarters.

Lenny was seated on the edge of her gigantic queen sized four poster bed, she was stuck in a book she had found in the library and was working her way through it when her chamber maid Bella had walked in. She had been introduced to Bella that first night at the Palace and that she would be here at a ring of a bell, but Lenny never used it because she just didn't feel comfortable with it. Calls via bells, were like whistles for dogs. It didn't sit well with her.

"Bella, please call me Lenny... 'your Highness' just sounds too formal," Lenny smiled.

Bella nodded and walked to the tall closet on the furthest side of the room and opened the door, "What would you like to wear your... Lenny, would you prefer the turquoise dress or..."

"You pick, I don't know," Lenny said, leafing through the book.

Bella pulled out a floral summer dress with a bejewelled collar, some flat open toe sandals and laid it in front of Lenny. She put down the book and looked at the dress.

"You have exquisite taste Bella, I swear you are meant for the catwalks of Milan with this choice. Thank you," Lenny smiled.

Bella curtsied and returned the smile.

*** ***

Benito was making his way to the dining area when one of the kitchen porters stopped him, he listened to what the young man told him and nodded his sympathies. The young man disappeared and he was about to walk away when from the corner of his eye, Lenny emerged on the top of the stairs. Her hair fell to her shoulders like messy spirally heaps and she was wearing a dress that looked like flowers had attached themselves to every curve. She smiled and he smiled back.

"How are you this evening Ben?" she started.

"I'm very well, your Highness and how are you?" Ben replied.

"What is with this place and titles? First Bella and now you... I don't address you by Sargent, Corporal, Lieutenant Mancini of the Regiment and besides we're friends, aren't we? So shouldn't you just call me by my name?" Lenny installed some sense.

"We can be whatever you want us to be Princess," Ben replied as they proceeded to walk past the dining area.

"Are you always this robotic with your answers Ben? Don't you want us to be friends, is that it?" Lenny said noticing that they'd strayed away from the dining area, "Isn't dinner going to be served in the Dining area tonight?"

"No, unfortunately your grand father and grand mother have been called away, so they won't be joining us tonight, so I thought we'd take dinner out on the veranda, if that's okay with you?" Ben said.

"That's fine, is everything okay?" the alarm written all over the question she posed to him.

"Everything is fine," he smiled, drawing out the chair and sliding her in towards the table. She tucked into her first course with haste and he laughed out loud, "You are very hungry indeed."

"I'm so sorry Ben, I'm starving..." she said in between mouthfuls, "Not exactly the picture of Principessa you expected, huh? This is great by the way, what is it?"

"It's Polenta, made out of cornmeal... my mother used to make this for me and my siblings when we were kids, it's very good." Ben commented as he took a bite with some fish.

They talked mostly about Ben tonight, his childhood, the friends he made and kept. His life in the army. He didn't mind talking about himself, just wasn't used to it. He was mostly a listener, but tonight he was the talker. By the time dessert was served and a bottle of wine demolished, he was all to happy to just sit back gaze at the stars and listen intently to what she had to say. She took a spoonful of Tirimisu and he watched as the cream grazed the side of her mouth, impaling her with a smudge of cream. She closed her eyes and made an orgasmic sound that shot right through to his nether regions. The look on her face made him envisage what it would be like to have her under him but he thought better and dismissed the thought from his head. She was taking another bite but that smudge of cream was calling out to him.

"Lenny, you've got some cream on your..." he directed with his finger. She tried to wipe the excess cream from her mouth but missed it a mile off, he nodded and she leaned forward, which he instinctively took as her wanting him to take it away for her. He reached for her handkerchief and wiped it off softly. He didn't know what it was, was it the ambiance of the evening or the absence of the drunk wine creating havoc with his senses? He wanted... what he wanted, didn't fit into the equation. He was about to draw away when she leaned forward and closed the space between them. He could feel the softness of her lips on his, the warmth shooting through his body like a tasser of electricity, except this was far more lethal, yet intoxicatingly sensual than he had ever imagined. He prised her lips open with his tongue and met hers with full demand. All of a sudden, her hands were grazing his cheek and she was leaning into him. God, he wanted more of her, this kiss wasn't going to satisfy him but he couldn't allow himself to think, he just wanted to feel.

She withdrew from the kiss momentarily, to look at his lips and then found him staring at her with such a great intensity, "I want you Ben, I want you so bad," the whisper came out.

"I want you..." he whispered, barely. He stood up and took her hand in his gently and guided her inside and towards his bedroom. He wanted to make love to her, he wanted to bury himself deep inside her... as they reached the top of the stairs, he pushed the door open and they both walked in. He closed the curtains and turned towards her, she was standing so statuesque in the middle of his room and he wanted nothing more then to kiss every curve and taste every part of her. He walked up to her and kissed her with such urgency, she melted into him. His right hand found her breast and he squeezed it, playing with the now erect nipple and heard her gasp of satisfaction, he couldn't stop kissing her... "You're wearing too many clothes Lenny..." he said, as he tried to tug the dress away from her.

"There's a zip at the back," she whispered. She was standing in front of him, as he tugged the zip down revealing her soft curvaceous back and the black thong she was wearing. He almost lost it there and then, the site of her buttocks almost threw him to the edge, if it weren't for her soft whisper, "Is there something wrong?"

He looked up at her worried expression, "Yes, I was just admiring how beautiful you look and admiring your very sexy behind." He saw her blush crimson, "It is true, I only say what I mean." She blushed even more and turned away, stepping out of her dress, he saw her for the very first time, "Lie down on the bed Lenny."
She did as she was told, Ben took off his shirt and then unbuttoned his trousers and took off his shoes, as soon as he'd discarded all his clothes, he stood stark naked in front of her. He could see her eyes taking in every detail of his physique and her look of approval sent chills down the length of him. He never really bothered about the approval of women before but he did, somehow with her. He strode up to the bed and leaned down, his head coming towards her tightly bound legs, "Lenny, open your legs for me."

She did as she was told, he took her black thong off gently and put it to one side and pushed her thighs apart, gently he tugged the folds back and saw the pinkish flesh of her femininity and with his tongue he caressed her inner core. She gasped and he could feel the nub tighten and as he sucked and licked, it became more pronounced. His hand found her breast and he seized it, squeezing it, caressing the erect pebble, he could hear her panting, feel her moans escalate and suddenly they all careened into one, he could feel her bulk underneath him and then there was a long sigh. He sat up on his knees and saw the dreamy allure written all over her face, she had reached the peak and shattered into a million billionaire flights of ecstasy. He slid up towards her, towering her with the enormity of his broad shoulders and his six pack torso and he kissed her and she kissed him back willingly. He was hard and he wanted so much, to be buried inside her. As he positioned himself at the apex of her legs, he could feel the wetness of her orgasm emanating onto the tip of his penis, he reached into his side drawer and opened a foil packet, he must remember, protection was vital. As he slid the latex along the length of his penis, he pushed in, only to have her words freeze him in stance.

"I'm a virgin," she said.

He looked at her, his face a mixture of emotions, he drew back.

"No no, please... don't... I want you, I want this..." she said exasperated.

He nodded and then slid in slowly. She was tight, too tight but the feeling was overwhelming, "Are you okay?" She nodded. "I'm going to pick it up, would that be okay?" She nodded. He kissed her and began thrusting into her, her moans fillings his ears, generating more pressure and it was all heading to that exact same place. He could feel an oncoming feeling gathering in the pit of his stomach, he was on the very edge of climaxing himself and then he felt her muscles tightening around his, she was deep breathing and suddenly, she was engulfed as he was, spilling into her.