15 July 2009

Melanie's Worth: Part Thirteen

Melanie opened her eyes slowly, adjusting to the morning sun streaming through the window. She yawned and got up looking to her side and realising that Sam was looking straight at her, she grabbed the bed cover.

"Good morning, how are you feeling?" Sam asked thoughtfully.

"Bloody great, I'm starving though," Melanie said, stifling a yawn.

"A woman after my own heart," Sam grinned, "What do you fancy eating?" as he dragged himself out of the bed stark naked to retrieve the menu from the other side of the room. Melanie couldn't keep her eyes off of him.

"I know what I would much prefer," Melanie said sheepishly

"You read my mind," Sam laughed and jumped on her.

An hour or so later, Melanie and Sam ordered half of what was on the Room Service Menu and proceeded to devour everything on the trolleys. It was a romantic setting, eating gorgeously freshly made food on a king sized bed with the man of her dreams, could it get any better? They talked about numerous things and something inside Melanie dissipated. She wasn't going to expect anything nor demand he marry her this instance.

"What are you thinking about?" Sam said, popping a grape into his mouth.

"Just thinking about cleaning," Melanie lied, "She couldn't afford to muddle the waters with her feelings."

"Okay... so what do you have planned today?" Sam asked, "If you've got absolutely nothing, I was hoping you would be able to spend it with me."

"I ah... well... I would love too but... actually, no that's sounds great," Melanie smiled.

"Have you got something to do?" Sam asked.

"I'm looking for work, it's fine doing the ironing day in and day out but I've run out of clothes to iron and I'm in desperate need to get something to tie me down... otherwise the resources I came with are slowly drying out."

"I can help you with that actually," Sam said, "What kinda roles are you looking for?"

"Preferably something that isn't public relations, what have you got?" Melanie said.

"Great, let me call up Alyson and pass her your details." Sam said reassuringly.

"Thanks," Melanie said.

"No problem... so now that I've sorted out the job for you... now I have you all to myself." Sam said, kissing her.

"This is a beautiful creation, I've never... wow," Melanie said filling her hands full of Swarovski crystals and chiffon, "I hope, I will be able to pull it off."
"You can pull off anything, unlike me. I'm a beached whale," Dawn said looking at her expanding bump, "It's a simple tailor made Zac Posen dress for me. I swear, guys have it so easy when it comes to style, put on some suit and they're classic."
"Well, never thought I'd actually say this, but I can't wait for all this stuff to be over... I hate the paparazzi."
"Yes, but you love Sam, don't you?" Dawn teased, "And I'm mighty sure, you would go hell and high water for him."
"I never thought I'd actually say this about anyone but I yeah, I would."
"Well, I'm sure this gruelling part of their job will be great then, because you'll be with him and it'll be enchanting especially with what you're wearing. Beautiful. Can't wait." Dawn quipped.
"And why are you so excited?" Mel asked.
"Nothing, nothing at all," Dawn said keeping her smile under wraps.
Melanie looked at herself in the full length mirror, wow. She had never seen a more beautiful dress. She was wearing one of Donatella's latest creations. A floor length nude gown and it was littered with small hand sown Swarovski crystals, long sleeved yet backless till the hem hit her backbone. It was understated class and regal elegance. She was wearing three million dollars worth of diamond earrings from Harry Winston and a Swarovski clutch, her shoes were vintage Jimmy Choo but they accentuated the style of her dress.
At that moment, Dawn walked into the room and gasped, she was dressed in a luminous green sheath dress, "Oh bloody Nora, you look amazing..."
Melanie turned around, "You really think so?"
"I know so... do you have everything?... The guys are down in the lobby... and my, don't they look a sight."
"Just came for the food and the booze," Clive said looking up as Dawn walks from the lift, followed by Melanie, "Samuel."
Samuel looks up hastily from the paper in his hand and drops it back onto the table and takes a breathe. He can't believe his eyes, Melanie looks more then stunning, beautiful but there isn't a word in the dictionary that can describe how truly wonderful she looks. He walks up to her and cups her face in his hand and kisses her gently on the lips.
"If I'm to get a kiss like that and a welcome, I should dress up more often," Melanie quipped.
"I say, you wear nothing at all and you can have everything you want," Sam said spellbound.
"Can I have that in writing? I could do with a new house," Melanie laughed.
They walked the metres of red carpet, stopping for photographs, being bombarded by reporters asking questions about future projects and personal matters but Sam was in too good a mood to let anything annoy him. He noticed that a lot of the A-Listers bachelors were giving Melanie a good run over, obviously undressing her, the fabric to her dress almost sheer, if not for the crystals adorning it but wow, she was beautiful and he couldn't quite get over it.
Melanie poised herself on the red carpet, she was in the limelight and this was how it felt. Blimey, it was a lot of getting used to, especially as Nicole Kidman and Kate Winslet were a few metres from her, striking a pose.
"You think this is your ball court, better think again," came the slither of a female voice.
Melanie turned around and saw Gloria centimetres away, she was wearing a bright outlandish red in the wrong shape to her body and her blonde hair looked more bed hair than anything.
"I think you have a bit of red, out of place," Melanie said and walked away from her. The comment obviously made Gloria furious and she lunged forward, Melanie stepped out of the way and Gloria hit the floor and blanked out. Sam came to Melanie, "Are you alright?"
"Never better, you best take me away before I break out in laughter on the red carpet," Melanie smiled cheekily and Sam led her away.
"Are you going to get a gong, do you know?" Melanie asked.
"I'm not nominated for anything but I know that, I'm presenting something. Shall we take our seats, I think I'm to present something in the first half," he smiled.
"Yeah sure," Melanie said sitting down on the plush red seat, "Do you ever tire of these shows? I can't quite get used to it myself."
"Well, this is the first prestigious awards show, I've been too, it comes part of the job, so... I guess, I'd have to get used to it."
The lights dimmed and the show began. An hour and a half later, Sam was called to the stage and Melanie watched in awe as he stood at the stand alone.
"Good evening ladies and gentleman and welcome to the category of Best Romance Drama. This is a fairly new category and with permission from the board of directors for the Academy Awards, I would like to say that Romance is not sold to women solely, nor endorsed by men but it is the meeting of a man and a woman. The ideology of candle lit dinners and boxes of chocolates and endless amounts of flowers specify a genre that is often upheld to men to court women in such fashion, so I hope I do this justice and be separated from the rest when I ask Melanie to come to the stage."
Melanie froze, he couldn't possibly mean her, could he? "Yes, honey, I'm speaking to you," as if reading her mind. She got up slowly and made her way towards him on the stage and he met her at the stairs and walked her over to the podium, she saw hundreds upon hundreds of faces staring back at her and she felt such a sudden shift of nerves voice themselves and when she next looked at Sam, he was on bended knees. He held her left hand in his and in his right hand he held a massive sparkler of a ring, "Melanie, I hope you won't throttle me for doing this to you but I have good reason, would you do me the honour of being my wife, my friend, my confidant, the mother of my children. I can't think of my life before you were in it, nor a life without you... you have made me the most happiest man and...."
"Yes, I'll marry you." Melanie interrupted and she watched Sam beam with joy as he placed the ring on her finger, kissed her and spun her around on stage to an applause of hundreds. He put her down, without letting her go and said into the mic, "No award can bring out a sense of achievement, or go towards measuring how happy I am as I stand in front of you all. I'm getting married to the most amazing, funny and mesmerizingly beautiful woman in my world. Yeeeeeah!"
Sam led Melanie off stage to a rapturous applause and kissed her, "Thank you for making me so happy."
Melanie smiled, wiping tears from her face, "You're welcome."
"Let's get out of here!" Sam said.
"You read my mind," and they headed outside into the sunshine.

14 July 2009

Melanie's Worth: Part Twelve

"This has got to be some twisted joke!" Melanie said as she stood up from the table grabbing her clutch bag, "I knew she was up to something when she said wear something special..."

"Come on, it can't be that bad... to have dinner with me for a couple of hours," Sam said instinctively, "We could at least order the lobster and their finest vintage wine and make it a night? What do you say?"

"No thanks," Melanie said making for the door. When she moved from the table, Sam saw she was wearing a long form fitting teal gown, with crystals embedded down the front, "Wow, you look more then just special, you look beautiful"

"Shut up!" Melanie said, "Don't say things you mean, when you obviously don't!"

"But I do." Sam said walking towards her, "Melanie, we have to talk."

Melanie spun around, "Talk about what? We pretty much said, all we needed to say a long time ago!"

"No, you obviously have some things to say because you're acting like this," Sam spat out.
"Stop putting words in my mouth," Melanie said through clenched teeth, "I've just had enough of you... enough of men and this bloody run around... nothing is ever straight forward and how I wish they were but they aren't, that's just my dumb luck!" She shrugged, looking beyond the point of Sam shoulder, to the diners who were all staring at them, "What the hell are you lot looking at?" And the diners went back to eating their food.
She spun on her heels towards the exit, leaving Sam stunned at her outburst. Sam caught up with her, only to grab her and push her into the nearest available elevator and as the doors closed, he leaned in towards her, "It's not a case of dumb luck, it's a case of you being a stubborn cow and not admitting your true feelings towards me, not to sound like an arrogant arse, but you obviously feel something towards me, otherwise why would you quit your job and go abroad... don't think I don't know... I came looking for you and Charice said you left... you felt your worth had been far removed... and that's my fault and I apologise, but I will not apologise for your lack of want, if you want me... all you have to do is say, " and with that he kissed her till the breathe from her own lungs was taken from her.
They just about made it to his hotel suite, their lips never leaving each other's, only to undo the buttons from his shirt or to unzip her dress. They fell onto the bed with a thud and their hands touching every crevice everywhere, Sam was gentle but his need was urgent as was Melanie's and they began to melt into each other, for they didn't know when one began and the other ended and as he began to fill her and so their rhythm of need and lust began.
Melanie stirred in his arms but that made Sam, only tighten his hold on her. He couldn't believe it, they had made love and now, he knew for certain, he had fallen in love with her. He knew right now, wasn't the ideal time to tell her so but now, he only wished she felt the same way. He hadn't planned on saying all that stuff to her in the elevator but he was so pissed off at her eagerness to leave, she had left him with no choice but to say it like it is. She had been stunned but he didn't care, all that mattered was that he could put this fire inside him to rest and he knew exactly how.

Melanie's Worth: Part Eleven

"So, how's everything going with you and Clive?" Melanie asked.
"Things are great, I've just started my own online company," Dawn began and then rubbed her stomach.
Melanie watched the movements of her hand over her belly, "You're not pregnant are you?!"
Dawn blushed, "I am expecting a wee little one."
Melanie hugged her, "I'm so glad for you, when is he or she expected?"
"It's gonna be a Christmas baby, I can't wait for what this little one's going to look like," Dawn said enthused.
"I'm sure it's gonna be grand," Melanie said.
"What's new with you?" Dawn said as she withdrew her site pass and said to the guard that Melanie was with her.
"New with me? Just what I said really..." Melanie said half hearted, "No prospective anything, unfortunately."
"Shame, a pretty thing like you." Dawn said and they both quietened. Melanie watched Dawn's gaze, transfixed on her husband who was currently acting on set. Melanie refused to compare herself to Dawn, Dawn was one of her good friends and they were two different people, there was no way she was going to compare what Dawn had and what she didn't.
Melanie watched as a man stumbled into the throngs of people acting on set and attack Clive. He was tall and broad and he had dark hair and a beard. Melanie heard the director say 'cut' and suddenly the crowd dispersed leaving Clive and the man standing. The director called for a break for twenty minutes and went in search of food from the kiosk.
Clive walked towards Dawn with the man in step beside him and as they were walking, it only occurred to Melanie that the man she thought looked familiar was Sam.
Sam was talking to Clive about the scene they just done and pounded each other's back for big effort. As the director called for a twenty minute break, Clive walked towards his wife Dawn who was a few metres away and having met Dawn a few days ago joined him. As he looked up, he realised that Dawn had a companion with her. As he approached, his heart started hammering against his chest. She was dressed in denim blue jeans and a floral black top with a grey long cardigan, her hair was loose on her shoulders and she was wearing sunglasses, ones where he couldn't see her eyes and he didn't know whether she knew it was him or not.
Clive kissed his wife on the lips.
Dawn looked at Sam and then back at Mel, there was definitely something going on between them but she didn't want to seem rude, so she made introductions.
"Sam, I would like to introduce you to a very good friend of mine, Melanie... Mel, this is Sam Worthington."
They hesitantly shook hands and Melanie remained composed, saying absolutely nothing until...
"Well, if you excuse me, I really ought to get going," Melanie said detached, as she turned towards Dawn, "Is your number still the same?"
"Yeah and we're staying at the Beverley Wiltshire, if you want to join us for dinner say tomorrow or something?" Dawn offered.
"I'll let you know," Melanie said, "Goodbye," and made her way out of set.
Sam watched her swiftly exit and decided to let her go. He wasn't going to run after her, she seemed like she couldn't get away fast enough. It had been a year and half since the divorce and he had cut his ties with Gloria, the divorce had been messy but he was glad it was over. He gave her what she wanted, the house and all the other necessities to fuel her lifestyle. And from then, he was moving from script to script, set to set and he hadn't actually found a place to settle yet. Seeing Mel in such a long time, did funny things to him, made him think profusely about finding a place for himself and as he was thinking, he realised that both Clive and Dawn were eyeing him speculatively.
"So, how do you know Mel?" Dawn asked inquisitively.
"We knew each a long time ago," Sam said.
"What are you doing tomorrow evening? Or does that depend on filming?" Dawn asked to no one.
"It depends on filming but I think they're going with the location manager to the Canyon to do some filming of opening shots or something," Sam replied, "If you excuse me, I think the make-up guys want to prim and prop me."
"There's definitely something there... I don't necessarily want to know what it is but it would be interesting to see what they're like just the two of them together..." Dawn said.
"You're not thinking of Matchmaking the two of them, are you?"Clive said, hugging his wife.
"Yeah, didn't you feel the sparks fly?" Dawn said.
"Not really, but then again... I really wasn't paying attention." he said mischievously.
"Don't tell me, you were staring at my boobs again!" and with that Dawn poked him in the shoulder.

Melanie's Worth: Part Ten

Melanie put the key into the large oak door and pushed forward. They both walked into a beautiful marble hallway with a simple chandelier hanging above.
"Who did you say this belonged to?" Sam asked, his holdall flung around his shoulder as he surveyed his surroundings.
"My boss's," Melanie replied, "I knew she was rich, but I didn't know she was loaded."
"Yeah, it's a nice place... what's to eat?" Sam said.
"Hungry already?" Melanie asked, stupid question to ask considering he just asked for food, she really must get it together. She dumped her luggage near the ornate table and walked towards the living room, outside was a nine metre pool, "Wow, this is some place... the pool even looks over the cliff, it's one of those miragey type places, if you swim towards the end, it's like you're bound to fall off." Mel said to the air. She turned around and noticed that Sam had disappeared. She made her way out of the living room and into the kitchen where he was playing with a black cat. He looked all lovable.
"What you got there?" Melanie said, then realising she sounded stupid, "Besides a cat, how did it get here?"
"Cat flap... I presume. The fridge is fully stocked... and you never guess what I found out..." as he pointed downwards, "Those steps lead to the wine cellar, they have everything done there, not that I know what everything is but if your boss will let us, we can open a bottle of her finest Champagne and sit by the pool. I could do with a beer though, not a champagne person."
"Alcohol, it'll pass. Charice did say, to make ourselves at home. I'm sure it's not a problem."
"What did you want to do today?" Sam asked Melanie.
"We can do exactly that, just sit by the pool."
A few hours later, Melanie sat by the pool in her bikini and sarong on one of the sun loungers with a smile on her face and a champagne flute in her hand. Sam was smiling back at her, with a bottle of San Miguel in his hand. He had chosen to wear his khaki beige slacks and no shirt, which was fine for Mel, because he was hot and there wasn't anything sexier then a man with a pack of abs.
"What are you thinking about Mel?" Sam said mischievously as he gazed at her.
"Nothin'," she said laughing.
"I bet you were thinking about getting me naked," Sam said.
"Uh... no... not at all," Melanie denied, but she was such a bad liar, he would see right through her.
"Come on, the temptation is far too great to just be thinking potted plants and err swimming pools... I know in the last twenty minutes, I have thought about you half a dozen times minus the swimsuit and sarong," Sam said devilishly.
Melanie blushed, "Sam, I feign ignorance... that is just the beer talking."
"Well I feign the beer, because it really is your body doing the talking," Sam said back, "Don't get the wrong idea, I didn't come with you to have mad passionate fling... I..."
"I know, I'll probably sell myself short here... but let's just throw caution to the wind and see how it's goes." Melanie interrupted, "I'm not really one for, planning ahead... it never really materialises... I haven't really been lucky in anything but my job... without it... I'm nothing."
"I don't believe that... the person you are isn't all in the making of other people, I think, it really is you who makes you... despite the past and all that shit..."
"Can I ask you a question?" Melanie asked and Sam nodded, "How did you meet her?"
Sam took a deep breathe, "We had mutual friends, she was very popular but I never really took it into account... because I guess love is blind when it comes to a beautiful woman... your eyes want to see all the good pleasing things but it's the heart that takes a back seat when you know things are off. Thinking back now, I realise she was off from the get go, but I believed she was a good person because she was ludicrously beautiful but where has it got me?" Sam shrugged, "I don't want to talk about her, I came here with you, not to talk about her."
"I have to know this, before anything can go ahead but do you still love her?" Melanie asked, "Is your heart still with her?"
Sam paused, "Yes,"
That was all Melanie needed to know and God, she was stupid. She was so stupid! She wished she could click her fingers and she was back home, curled up in a duvet away from it all. It seemed as if her luck hadn't changed either and deep inside, she felt ten times as worse. Oh, she hated karma, it always took a bloody long time and now, as she sat alone with her head in her hands a few hours later, she knew this trip had been a mistake. She had, had such high hopes for a relationship, for someone to care for her, for something, anything, even if it includes a few workouts with the unobtainable Sam, she was there... so what if she was selling herself short. She always sold herself short. This hope of something to come, was fantasy.
Sam had left an hour ago, after the earlier revelation, it had been awkward between them and they just couldn't afford to spend the rest of their time together with that tidbit of information separating them. So, he had thanked her for the time that they did spend and he said his goodbyes. Melanie broke down in tears and as she uncorked the bottle of Dom Perignon, continued to drown out her sorrows.
As several seasons changed and the weather became warmer then cooler, then cold. Melanie had decided, enough was enough. She handed in her notice of resignation to the horror and bewilderment of Charice, who had hoped that she and Sam would have sorted out their feelings and when she had spoken to Charice and confirmed that Sam was still in love with his ex-wife. Charice was horrified, she had a distinct feeling that Sam was for her and unfortunately he wasn't. Which kicked karma in the butt. With Melanie's resignation, she opted to move out of her apartment and move abroad to Los Angeles into a rented apartment in Burbank, California. She wasn't totally alone, but loneliness she craved.
Her apartment was cosy, but she couldn't afford to splash out on furnishings because she had to find a new job, a new career before she could settle. As she popped on her shades and read the LA Times paper, scanning for any prospective job roles, she took a sip of her frappacino and stepped out onto the curb. There were definitely roles advertising for extras, coffee machine technicians and chefs, but nothing like that appealed to her. She crossed the road and walked down Hollywood Boulevard, she was determined to make things work out for her, she wasn't going to take another battering if her life depended on it.
She looked up, just in time to see someone careen towards her. She side stepped, only to bump into someone coming out of the coffee shop. Their coffee spilling across the pavement.
"Oh my God! I'm sorry!" she said looking at the mess on the floor and then looked up.
"Melanie, is that you?" the female squeaked.
"Dawn! Oh my God! What are you doing here?" Melanie screamed, the coffees forgotten.
"I'm here with my husband... he's doing a film, so I'll be here for the next month. More to say, what the bloody hell are you doing here?" Dawn asked.
"I made the big leap! I quit my job and moved over here," Melanie said.
"Sounds drastic, what prompted that?" Dawn not wasting time with chitchat.
"Long story, where are you headed now?" Melanie asked.
"I was bringing Clive some coffee but I guess it wasn't meant to be," she smiled, "Never mind, why don't you come along to the set, only if you haven't got anything planned. It's only down the road but it's a closed set."
Melanie smiled, "I would love that."

13 July 2009

Melanie's Worth: Part Nine

Sam grabbed his holdall and made his way to the Virgin Atlantic check-in desk. He surveyed the terminal, watching out for Melanie. The people around him, seemed to mesh into a blur of colour, much like an artist's palette and he so desperately wanted to see her. It had been two long weeks without word from her and out of the blue she had called and asked him to meet her at Terminal Three, Heathrow airport. He had told his agent what he knew, that he was meeting a woman and they were flying out and under no circumstances to let anyone else know of his whereabouts, nor tell Gloria that he was taking a trip with a woman he hardly knew. What in god's mind was he thinking? He didn't know, but somehow deep inside, he knew this was the right thing to do.
Melanie grabbed her wheelie luggage and made her way to the check-in desk. She saw him scan the airport, hoping he was looking for her. He was dressed casually in low waist jeans and a loose green khaki short sleeve top and a white t-shirt underneath. He looked like every inch, the dream man, she hoped he was. She didn't know anything about him, just that she had seen him in Terminator Salvation, that they knew what a pash was and was hoping they would. Err, she must be a complete lunatic for doing this but could she resist? Highly unlikely. She walked her way towards him and saw the twinkle in his eyes when he saw her.
Amidst the blur of people, she came. She was dressed in summer white linen trousers and a bright vibrant blue top and a lose gold chain. Her hair looked messy, but a sexy messy, as if she had just rolled out of bed and it did something to his loins as he thought about rolling in bed. She came at a stop towards him and smiled and he was surprised when she hugged him and they made their way towards the check-in desk.

10 July 2009

Melanie's Worth: Part Eight

Melanie couldn't sleep that night and when she woke up in the morning, she was knackered. Thankfully it was Saturday morning, she could stay in bed and feel sorry for herself or she could do a few errands like stocking up the fridge and going shopping. She slowly got out of bed and made her way to the kitchen where she drank what was left of the juice in the carton and plumped herself on the sofa and put on the TV. She should really hit the gym or something, she thought, she hated feeling like an absolute slob. She started comparing herself to Gloria. Gloria was tall, leggy and blonde and she was, well she was Melanie. She was a petite five foot five and she held a good job and she was above the average earning bracket, but was it enough? She had been questioning her position for a while now, was she getting the job satisfaction that she was owed and deep down, she knew she wasn't. Fighting people's battles for them with the media circus was a thrill to begin with but now it was tiresome... boring and she wanted something else to do, something more exciting, something that would benefit the community... she sounded like bloody Mother Teresa, but she wanted more out of life.
She got up from the sofa and had a quick shower and decided to go for a jog to combat the blues that seemed to be attached to the hip, grabbing her Ipod and slipping into her trainers, she made her way out only to stumble into flashing light bulbs and a crowd of milling journalists left right and centre. She held her hand before her and retreated back inside. Securing the door and leaning against it. Shit! She was used to dealing with this junket for other people, the attention away from her but they were on her doorstep, what the fuck was going on. She ran into the living room and grabbed the phone, only to have it ring in her hands. She picked it up and spoke into the voice piece, "It's Mel,"
"You fucking bitch... you fucking liar, how could you do this to me... how could you screw with me..." Gloria said angry and frantic.
"What are you talking about?" Melanie said, hoping the lie would hold.
"Don't continue lying to me, I have proof you slept with Sam... I have pictures... you don't think I'm smart do you, some peroxide blonde, only after getting a leg over but no... no... I had you followed and I had Sam followed and you know what... kill two birds with one stone and you know where they end up? At your apartment..." Gloria poison tongue hissed down the phone.
"Gloria, we really mustn't be speaking on the phone... we really ought to talk in person." Melanie said.
"Do you think I want to be near dirt..." Gloria began and Melanie intervened.

"Now hang on a minute... that is no way to talk to me..."

"Nooo but you are the dirty bitch who slept with my husband..." Gloria said.

"Ex-husband!" Melanie hissed back.

"Don't get sarcastic with me bitch, I know people who can make your life a living hell," Gloria threatened.

"And I have a media circus outside who are happy to lap up a story about the whore I'm speaking to," Melanie bit back, "So before you start threatening me, maybe someone needs to take a look in the mirror and make a change... na na na nanan na na na."

"You humorous cow, you think this is funny, well you wait and see," and with that comment, she hung up.

Melanie put the phone down, her hands shaking ever so slightly and she took a breathe and the shrill of the land line shook her. She picked it up, only to hear Charice's voice on the other end, she was coming over. Melanie hung up and decided to put on something more appropriate and wait on Charice.

When Charice came over, she had security to separate the hordes of paparazzi to get into Melanie's flat. As she entered the room, Charice wiped a hair that had gotten out of place from her face and set her bag on the side.

"I had a very threatening call from Gloria Worthington this morning accusing us and you of malpractice, she is planning to sue us," Charice said and sat down opposite Melanie, "Perhaps you can enlighten me with what's going on hmm?"

It took Melanie three quarters of an hour to explain to Charice everything and with that new information, Charice exhaled and took a breath. "This is not the first time, something like this has happened. It happens all the time, but sometimes we turn a blind eye on love, of the perfect man..." Charice began.
"I'm not in love with Sam," Melanie interrupted and shut up with the expression on Charice's face.
"Love doesn't come around very often and when it does, we ought to grab it with both hands and not let it go... don't make the same mistake I did," Charice exhaled, "When I started this company, I had two choices, a career or the love of my life... and I chose a career because what could love possibly bring without money and now, in my fifties, I realise I've missed out so much... I come home to an empty house, all my mess and my own problems and no one to talk to..."
"What are you trying to say Charice? I thought we were trying to work out how to deal with this?" Melanie said a little nerved.
Charice walked to her bag and withdrew an envelope and handed it to Mel, "I would like you to take a break, you have been working far too much for far too long and I think you deserve a break."
Melanie opened the white envelope and there were two tickets to Italy, "Two tickets?"
Charice closed her bag and stood up, "Yes. The other one is for Sam, but of course he doesn't know that just yet, it's up to you, whether you choose to ask him or not. Leave Gloria to me."
"Is this reasonable? Asking Sam to come with me?" Melanie asked unsure, "I mean, I hardly know him."

09 July 2009

Melanie's Worth: Part Seven

Melanie was introduced to Alex Donovan the well renown night spot genius, there were whispers that he was the Bill Gates of night clubs and bars and had names to many outrageously, ridiculously prices clubs and bars around the globe and Melanie had an inkling that he had a thing for Gloria. She watched the way he looked at her and the way his hand settled on the small of her back and the way, he would always look at other guys to warn them off and Melanie could definitely see a man who was a possessive lover, or perhaps a man who was in love with a woman who didn't know it. Melanie excused herself, tired of being the third wheel in the party and went in search of the ladies toilets, once inside, she gasped at the grandeur of it. Large ornate gold plated mirrors and crystal sinks, fit for a queen and what looked like a king too as the toilets were adjoined. Unisex toilets, always keen to be modern, the guy didn't miss a thing. She washed her hands and fixed her hair and make-up and walked slowly out of the toilets.

"Look here, I've broken the ice,"came the line and Melanie spun around to the voice and laughed, seeing the lanky man's hands turn white with ice cubes in his hand.

She laughed so hard, the man didn't know what to say next, "Not heard that one before... that's hilarious, where did you pick that up?"

"I thought of it," the man said, edging slowly away.

"Yeah, original!" Melanie said laughing continuously until the man was running away to pounce on another woman.

"That's a fine trick you just performed there, perhaps you should go into acting," came the voice and Melanie instantly stood upright. It was Sam, Sam in the flesh standing in front of her.

"Yeah, I think I most likely will... Give you a run for your money," Melanie replied, "If you'll excuse me, I can't talk to you."

"And why not?" Sam said a little perturbed, as he tugged her arm and made her look up at him.

"That's none of your business," Melanie said, shrugging her grip from his. She stormed off into the VIP section.

"You look flustered," Gloria said when Melanie appeared.

Melanie grabbed her pashmina and her purse, "Unfortunately, I am feeling a little unwell. Thank you for the invite, I think I might just go home," Melanie lied, as she touched her head.

Alex stood up, "Let me get one of my driver's to drive you." He nodded to the man at the door and as if from no where, another man appeared and was steering Melanie into a secret doorway.

The cold air hit Melanie as soon as she stepped outside, she was ushered into a black limo, not conspicuous at all and was comforted by the smell and the interiors. It didn't take very long to get home and with relief into her apartment, she took off her shoes and into comfy Alexander Smith pajamas and went to the phone and ordered some Chinese take away. She set herself down on the sofa with a bottle of beer and switched on the TV. Twenty minutes later, the doorbell went and she happily answered the door and before her was the Chinese delivery man with a bag of her food, she paid the man and kicked the door closed and walked to the living room surveyed the contents inside the bag. Her stomach grumbled and she set the food down and put her feet up on the table and as she opened her spicy chili beef to take a bite, her jaw hit the floor, at the doorway, Sam Worthington was standing and his expression was fierce. She set the food down and stood up slowly saying nothing.

He was the first to break the silence, "So you're representing my wife then?"

"I think you should leave, this is a conversation I am not willing to have right now." Melanie said, moving towards the door.

"I'm not leaving until you explain to me what the hell is going on here!" he pushed.

"And the fact you neglected to tell me that you had a wife when you slept with me!" Melanie said back.

Sam paused, "I did not sleep with you."

"Then what were you doing in my flat then, if not to sleep with me?" Melanie's voice started to increase.

"It was my intention at first because we were so out of it, but then you threw up and then you slept and I spent the entire night with you, watching you and... look, that's not the point, why are you representing my wife? You don't know the sort of person you're representing, she is a spineless bitch, she's not to be trusted."

"And this is coming from an angry pissed off husband? Yeah, right... like you really care. You hate her as much as the next person and I'm sure you're just here to demoralise her. She has told me everything about the man that you are..." Melanie spat back.

"Marriages aren't perfect, they need work, I admit that... but you know nothing about me nor about my marriage and if you had any common sense you would stay well away from it. She's not to be messed with Mel, trust me I had four years of it," said Sam, his fingers going through his hair.
"Thanks for the heads up Sam, but this is my job," Melanie said, "And if you'd excuse..."
Sam interrupted her, "What is it worth Melanie, you're representing a narcissistic bitch, she will do absolutely everything to get back at me because I'm not bending over backwards for her anymore, I'm not allowing her to get away with it... this time."
"Answer this one question then? What did she ever do to you that was so bad?" Melanie asked.
Sam paused and Melanie watched as she saw sadness on his face, "She had an affair, one after an another and with each affair a new pack of lies, it's as if the world knew one person and I knew another, it was a juggle between Jekyll and Hyde but the penultimate thing was I loved her despite all that but it was always me giving and giving and her taking and not giving a damn and there's just so much you can do, so much you can take... I don't know what to say to you, how do I know that you're not her..."
"What are you talking about?" Melanie's voice softened.
"How do I know you're not another Gloria? That's you're not made from the same mold?" Sam questioned.
"I think you're getting a little ahead of yourself Sam, I think you need to sort yourself out..." Melanie said, "Take some time out and sort your marriage out, if not with Gloria but with some guidance from the law or something..."
"You don't see the point, I have sorted out my marriage, I want a divorce but I'm just warning you off Gloria... she has a very jealous streak about her, if she ever finds out..."
"That's not going to happen because, I won't let her!" Melanie confirmed, "Now, would you please just leave."
Sam was about to say something but he paused and closed the front door quietly on his way out.

Melanie's Worth: Part Six

Melanie got home from what could only be summed up as the strangest day. She collapsed on her cream sofa and grabbed the remote control for the TV only to see Sam Worthington's face across it.
"Of all the bloody bastards," she screeched as she flicked the channel, only to see him on every channel. She got up and switched the screen off and headed to the bedroom, but before she could get to the bedroom, her mobile phone rung. She picked the call up, not knowing the number and answered it in her professional tone, "Melanie speaking," and she heard the purr on the other end.
"Mel, darling it's Gloria here. I was wondering what you were doing this Friday night? I was hoping you would join me at an opening my friend Alex Donovan is organising... well it's one of his new clubs... and I'd love you to be there."
Melanie never mixed business with pleasure but maybe a bit of networking she could make a whole new business for herself, she was tired of having to follow orders and be told to do this and that and her salary, she could be earning more. She had been with Charice for eleven years and she knew every PR stunt, press release and what to say to the demanding interrogative press. She could really do better branching out by herself and so she accepted. Now, all she needed was a stunning dress.
The black cab arrived pronto to Melanie slipping into a pair of gorgeous Louboutin shoes. She grabbed her matching gold clutch purse and a pashmina and headed outside. Once in the cab her mobile started ringing.
" Melanie speaking!"
"Darling, it's Gloria here... I've spoken to the bouncers on the door, to let you straight in. There is a massive queue outside of commoners wanting to get in, just say you're name and they'll let you in, see you there darling."
Melanie hung up, she didn't like Gloria's turn of phrase. She expected this from people, as she'd come across a lot of them all the time but somehow Gloria's phrase really bothered her, was it due to fact that she was Sam's wife and what did that spell for Sam that he wouldn't go for such commoners, did he even think like that? Was he like that? Was she just a test, an experiment? It was one night, a night she couldn't remember and she had been racking her brains out trying to figure it out but nothing came through.
After paying the cab driver, she got out and slammed the door. The street was packed with street revellers and party goers and barely there dresses. She could see the new club a few metres away and walked towards it and realised that the queue wrapped around two blocks, she walked towards the bouncers and gave her name and they unhooked the red carpet rope and let her in. She walked into a massive ballroom and realised she had the entire view of the club, she was told to take the stairs to go down.
He looked up from a conversation he was having with the fellas, a shot of Jack Daniels in his hand and followed the gaze of his two close friends. They were staring at something in the distance and as he looked up himself, his heart shot out of his chest, well it felt like it did. She was wearing a red dress and a rather large gold belt, but that belt made her womanly curves more pronounced and he was thinking about that night he had spent with her. He had watched her sleep, after she had thrown up on her pillow and he'd wanted to clean it up but she had fallen asleep on it. He smiled to himself and his smile became broader when they had fallen to the floor laughing. His gaze never left hers as he watched her descend the stairs and into the arms of... Gloria.
Something within him, burst. What the hell did Mel have to do with his soon to be ex-wife? He wasn't going to wait, he was going to demand an answer. He was about to stomp forward when he felt a hand slam his shoulder.
"Where'd you think you're going mate?" Sam looked behind him to a furrowed Christian, whose hand was on his shoulder, "Don't you think it's best to leave it." It wasn't a question, but it was a command. Sam had worked with Christian on his last film, Terminator Salvation and Christian was a friend and a big brother and somewhere deep down inside, Sam knew he was right but he couldn't shake off the feeling that Melanie was floating in the same circles as Gloria. He was gonna find out, without Gloria's knowledge.

08 July 2009

Melanie's Worth: Part Five

"So, you don't know if you slept with him but that he definitely was there at your flat all night, how out where you?" Thara pointed out.
"Well, I woke up in my own sick... I think it's my own sick," pondered Melanie.
"Well, if you threw up surely then you would have remembered if you had more then a tussle... so what does he look like with no clothes on?" Thara asked.
"Well, all I can remember is him coming out of the shower in just my towel but it's like every woman for herself because he is absolutely gorgeous, I just wanted to run my fingers down his chest..."
"I'm sure you want to do more then that Mel... I still can't believe you don't remember, how can you forget hotness like that!" Thara said giggling.
"I know... it was awkward saying goodbye, I doubt I'd see him again... errrrr... I'm so annoyed." Melanie said.
"Maybe you didn't have sex with him because you're a grumpy cow," Thara giggled again.
"Gee thanks Thara, I knew I could count on your support," Melanie said sarcastically and took a sip of her warm Cappacino.
Melanie strolled into the office, it was a sunny Wednesday morning and she decided to wear a floral dress for the occasion. She had nicked it from Thara because she loved the flower design and it clung to her every curve and went out at the bottom which gave her a sexy yet serene image. She had put on a canvas jacket over it and matched it with simple flat sandals. As she approached her desk and dumped her bag down, she noticed that Gemma was not at her desk where she should usually be. Melanie looked out and noticed for the first time that the office was too quiet and that something was definitely wrong. She decided to go for a walk and that at the far side of the floor, noticed a crowd of women and a few men were congregating outside a boardroom. She approached closer and saw Gemma stealing a look inside.
"What is going on?" Mel asked.
"It's Gloria Worthington, she's come here looking for a representative..." Gemma volunteered.
"Why?" Melanie dumbfounded.
"Because her husband is tarnishing her reputation, they're going through a divorce and she wants the best PR agent to do some damage control," Gemma said biting her lower lip, "I wonder who it'll be."
"Well, it better not be me... I have too much going on at the moment to be dealing with yet another feuding couple. Anyway Gemma, I'm sure we'll get a memo about this, can you get back to work... I need you to do a few things for me."
A few minutes later as Melanie got settled into work and was writing up an email, the red intercom button flashed on her phone console. It was the big Boss. She finished her call and hung up and pressed the red button.
"Hi Clarice, yes, of course, I will be there." She hung up and straightened up her dress and made her way towards Clarice's office, she sort of knew first hand what this was about and she wasn't looking forward to it.
She sat down at the offered seat and came face to face with Gloria Worthington.
"Ms Worthington, would like you to represent her," Clarice said, "She is been portrayed in the media in an unsightly way and she asked for the best when she came here and I'm giving her the best, you, naturally."
"Okay. What exactly is going wrong?" Melanie asked, a little perplexed.
Gloria didn't even wait for Clarice's explanation, she dived right in, "My ex-husband to be is being a right bastard, I hate him but I love him but at the same time, I want to give him nothing... I'm just angry, I need someone to salvage my reputation because that's all I've got!"
Melanie kept a straight face but she didn't feel any sympathy for her at all, she recognised a drama queen when she saw one and this one could join the long list.
"And whom is your ex husband?" Melanie asked.
"Sam Worthington!" Gloria said bitterly.
Melanie's eyes shot up and she stared at Gloria and realised now, why she hadn't latched on. This just couldn't get any worse, could it?
"Do you know him?" Gloria asked.
"Only in magazines," Melanie replied.

06 July 2009

Melanie's Worth: Part Four

She blew her nose into a tissue and flung it over her shoulder, it fell inches away from another table having dinner.
"I can't believe he would just throw me out, I'm his wife for gods sake. I said I was sorry," Gloria said sulking into another tissue. She was seated at a table in The Dorchester Hotel talking to her long time friend and confidant Alex Donovan. Alex Donovan owned all the hottest night spots in London, you could say he was loaded. He was tall and debonair, his black hair was slicked back far from his face and he always wore tailor fitted Saville Row suits and he had been pining for Gloria for as long as he could remember. He had sated himself with a bevy of beauties but they had just been a substitute for her. Gloria was beautiful, she was tall and she was successful but the only bad point about her, that she was married to Sam Worthington the commoner. She deserved to be with someone who knew how to treat a woman and Sam did not. So what if he was an up and coming movie star, he was still common as muck. Alex paused and leaned forward,
"You had meaningless sex, with whom?" he asked, suddenly alert.
"Just this guy I met in a club, it's no big deal... I don't even know his name... he said he was some entrepreneur, he was investing in shipping... as if that line works anymore..." Gloria wiped at her eyes, they were now seriously swollen and bloodshot.
Alex eyebrows narrowed in, "Is this man balding and has a faint scar just below his right eye?"
He saw her eyes widen and knew he had been correct.
"Yeah, do you know him?" she queried.
Alex didn't hesitate to tell her that he was not what he says he is, but that he owns several pawnshops in some of the roughest neighbour hoods in London and to stay well away from him. He saw her feign terror and said he would take care of it.
"Gloria, have you anywhere to stay?"
She nodded sideways, "No, but I'll check in here."
"Don't be silly Gloria, you can stay with me..."
"But... but I..." she stammered, "That would... would be great, thanks Alex." She leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek.
A few metres from where they were sitting, sat a journalist, she was writing everything that she could hear of them and took a picture as Gloria's lips fell upon Alex's cheek.
Melanie was sitting in a quiet cafe on the Kings Road in Chelsea, her nose was stuck in a good book and she was sipping a Cappuccino. Thara her friend would be meeting her in a couple of minutes for lunch and she was looking forward to a major chinwag, she couldn't wait to see her and tell her that Sam Worthington happened to be at her apartment at all hours of the early morning. She wondered what her friend would think of her, she didn't make a habit of inviting guys home but then can she tell her friend, she didn't know whether she slept with him or not. She had been so out of it, that she can hardly remember the act. She felt so ashamed and now she was contemplating whether to speak about it or not.
Thara came bounding down the road in a new outfit and handbag to go, she leaned forward and gave Melanie a hug and sat down on the chair beside her.
"What you reading darl?" Thara said, moving to see the cover, "What's this romance malarkey, got any good sex bits in it?"
Maybe Melanie, should say something... "I think I slept with Sam Worthington!"
"Shut up! What? When? And what do you mean, you think?" Thara never ran out of questions to ask, "Let me order a drink and you have to tell me everything... EVERYTHING!"

Melanie's Worth: Part Three

Mel sat up, her head dizzy from laughter. She felt almost light headed. Sam stood up and helped her up.
"I really ought to change, I'm going to be late for work..." Mel said, composing herself.
"Yeah, I have to head off too."
"This is the awkward bit, right? We have to say our goodbyes and make a swift exit," Mel said staring at a point past his shoulder.
Sam peered down at her, she was avoiding his gaze and something inside him tugged. He didn't know quite what it was, but was he willing to find out? He watched Mel become uneasy, she hugged him and smiled weakly, heading towards the bedroom door.
"I'll see you around, I'm sure."
Sam wanted to say something, but he simply nodded. She had disappeared into her bedroom and he grabbed his things and left the place.
Melanie sat on her bed, furious with herself for not hinting at more and furious at him for not at least saying thank you for a great shag, what did she expect. A knight in shining armour express, this wasn't a fairytale where he would fall madly in love with her for what, one night, it just didn't happen that way. She was so surprised that she even went home with an hot up and coming movie star, let alone had something with him. She wasn't one for one night stands, you could never trust the other person, they could always turn into axe murderers for all she knew. She started to take off her heels and climb into her jeans for work when the phone started ringing. She skipped to the point, jeans past her knees and made a grab. It was her assistant Gemma telling her that there had been a power cut at the office and that the engineers were working on the problem and not to bother coming in. Melanie collapsed on the bed, her face making contact with the pool of sick on her pillow, she cringed and decided she would clean up the mess before any more surprises cropped up.
Sam pushed the key through the lock and paused at the door.
"What are you doing here?" he said annoyed, he dropped his bag at the door and shut it.
"I came here because we should talk," the tall blonde semi naked woman said.
"I'm done talking," Sam said, grabbing her clothes and flinging it at her, "Do yourself a favor, get dressed and get out of here."
"Sam, how many times do I have to tell you... I'm sorry about that... it won't happen again..."
Sam opened the fridge and closed it again, leaning against the kitchen work top he exhaled, "I want a divorce... you'll be hearing from my lawyer soon."
"Sam, you can't be serious..."
He walked towards her, he was angry now, more then he wanted to show, he grabbed her right arms and her clothes and walked her towards the door. He flung her into the hallway, discarding her as if she was a piece of trash which she was considering what she had done to him, "Don't you ever try to come back here... I'll have your stuff delivered to your agents..."
"Sam, you'll pay for this!" the threat came.
He slammed the door and sighed, he was already paying for it. He marched towards the phone and dialled a number.

01 July 2009

Melanie's Worth: Part Two

He didn't sleep around, it wasn't his thing. His mother brought him up the old fashioned way, that relationships was what set the mark, not a one night stand. How was he going to get himself out of this one? He had drunk far too much last night, that he hadn't remembered even coming home to this place, let alone getting intimate with this woman who was more shocked then he was at the situation. He scratched his head, trying to find something to break the awkward silence but he didn't have to wait long because she stammered,
"You're Sam Worthington..?"
He heard himself answer her, "Yeah and you are...?"
"The bathroom's free, if you want to use it... I'm just going to make some breakfast, you want some?" He heard himself force conversation, his mother would be very upset with him, if he were to storm out and leave her on her own after the night they had spent together. He made a beeline towards the kitchen.
Melanie turned around and watched him head to the kitchen. He seemed friendly enough, he had used one of her pink towels to wrap around his lower half, but she didn't mind. She enjoyed admiring the top half, firm abs, she could definitely see herself wrapping around or even doing the ironing on and wow, those biceps, they must have been on either side of her when they had sex last night and she was beginning to get all hot and flustered, how the hell had that all happened? She wasn't going to mull over it too much right now, she was just going to enjoy the fact that the hottest piece of ass, was making her... HER breakfast. Today was going to be a good day, despite her hugely annoying hangover.
"I'm just heading for a shower," she said at the top of her voice. She watched him nod and ran into the bathroom. She waxed her legs, using what she had left of her wax strips, plucked her eyebrows, put a layer of french polish on her fingers, had a shower and washed the grease and yuck from her hair and body. She spritzed on, some of her perfume and headed to the bedroom, where she grabbed her most sexiest outfit for work. A LBD from Dolce, a gift he had given her for her birthday, so what, if it was last season, it gave her bum a good lift. She matched it with strappy Blaniks and she assessed her hair and make-up. She grabbed her bag and worried about tidying up her room when she got in later. She walked out, as if she was on the catwalks of Milan.
Sam looked up, he was flipping eggs and bacon when he saw the brunette emerge from the bedroom. She looked completely different. She looked like a minx, ready to pounce. He just didn't like his woman like that all, he liked them make-up free, laid back, a kind of t-shirt jeans wearing girl, this woman was dressed to kill and somehow, killed off his libido.
Melanie watched the look of surprise on his face disappear, to a look of utter disgust. She wondered what she had done, to make him look like she had put him off. She waited nervously in the hallway and got a hold of herself, walking in seven inch heels, she walked towards him, not noticing a a bit of wiring out of place. She leapt in the air and screamed as saw the floor coming towards her. She fell in Sam's arms without a moment to spare, how did that happen? One minute he was cooking and the next she was in his arms.
"Thanks," Mel said exasperated, "I know now, why I never wear these heels. I look like a complete idiot and a tranny."
Sam laughed and they collapsed to the floor laughing.

Melanie's Worth: Part One

Melanie swept the sleep from her eyes, she didn't want to get up for work. She just wasn't ready to face the world right now, she just wanted to sleep until her throbbing head disappeared, but could she afford to take another day off work yet again? She didn't want to build a reputation for being an all-time-late-nighter and never showed up for work, her life depended on this job. People depended on her. She sat up slowly, feeling the stiffness in her neck and felt a dampness against her cheek, her hand touched the pillow where her face had laid and to her horror, realised she had slept on her very own sick. It was green in colour and had a mosaic of the remnants of Mediterranean food she had consumed last night, she suddenly felt the bile in her throat rise and ran straight for the bathroom, only to collide with a wall of muscle. She looked up to see who she bumped into and her jaw hit the floor.
"No fucking way!" she heard herself say.