07 July 2010

Principessa: Calling Card

The Italian sunshine shone all over the furnishings of Benito's bedroom, filling the room with light and making Lenny's hair appear a rich mahogany. She lifted her head from the pillow and her eyes skimmed the vastness of his bedroom, he was no where in sight. She reached down for her dress that was draped on the head board of the bed and tugged it on. She could feel the soreness between her thighs. They had made love twice after and each time, both climaxed and now, he wasn't here which brought her spirits down a few notches. She opened the door and retreated back to her bedroom, only to realise that her bedroom window had been boarded up and the glass had been swept away.

She strode purposely towards the bathroom and had a shower, she pulled on some jeans and a jumper with her much loved converses and put her wet hair up in a chignon and made her way out of the palace and into the town.


Benito had woken up early, he glanced at Lenny as she's slept on the pillow beside him in his bed. Her luscious hair displayed all over the pillow and the sheet barely covered her exposed breasts but he loved looking at her, loved the feel of her when he was inside of her. He really ought to get his head back to reality and away from this dream like phase, he was obviously in. He didn't want to wake her up, as they'd made love three times that night and he just couldn't explain the wonder of being with her, he just didn't want to get too heavy. He had got up and changed, made his way down the stairs and met up with the head of security regarding the threat posed last night on Lenny. He was going to do his damn best to make sure the Royal family stayed alive and out of harm's way.

As he sat down, his colleague and chief of security Luca Arturo informed him on the progress of their investigation into who, why and what and so far they hadn't found anything. There was a brief silence, when Luca spoke again, "There is something a bit more distressing, that I'd like to make you well aware of Ben. Whilst help was packing up some of Lenny's belongings back in London, they came across these," Luca dropped some letters on the table.

Benito only had to stare at them to know that these were written by a mad man, a stalker or some sort.

"It seems the Princess is being stalked," Luca said.

"Then why was someone trying to kill her last night... it makes no sense," he replied.

"That's what we're trying to figure out... but I was thinking, maybe they aren't connected..." Luca said thinking out loud, "I know you hate waiting but maybe we need to wait for another calling card...."

"Have you seen Princess Lenora?" Isabella said as she stormed into the meeting, "I'm sorry to interrupt but she was due to meet with the stylist but I cannot find her anywhere!"

"Calm down Isabella," was all Benito said as he stood up and marched upstairs to his bedroom, where he had left Lenny. Upon arriving at his bedroom, he noticed that the bed was empty and he grimaced. Of course, her clothes were no longer there. He ran towards her bedroom and found last nights clothes in the hamper, she must have gone somewhere, but where? As he turned around abruptly, he came face to face with Luca, who announced that two security guards guarding the driveway had noticed what resembled Princess Lenora leave about an hour and a half ago towards the city centre. Benito headed down to the garage and slid into a Ferrari and started the engine.


Lenora always enjoyed walks especially ones where she had no idea where she was going, nor who she was going to meet. The confines of the Palace were somewhat getting to her and she needed to be free of her gilded cage and so, what better way to get away from it all then a walk to the city centre. She loved the scenery, swamped with architecture and numerous faces of her people. It didn't take her very long to reach the city centre, after about half an hour's walk. She wanted to soak up Italy, learn about the place she would eventually take on. There were crowds of people milling around and she chose to take the more intimate route around Rome. She stepped down the cobbled streets and passed various vintage shops and found a bookstore- as she only had British currency on her, she decided to surpass it and move on. She eventually found herself somewhere else and there were far less people about, so there was no one to ask for directions.

She looked around and decided to go back the way she came, only to bump head first into something hard. She looked up and apologised to the bearded man before her. She was about to move out the way, when he grabbed a hold of her arm and she winced in pain. He held her captive, as she tried to shake him off but there was no way to prise his hold off of her.

"Let go of me!" she said in her British accent.

He still refused to and that left her with no choice but to hoist her knee up and hit that target. He managed to avoid it by moving to the side, his other arm taking a hold of her and dragging her down an alley way. Lenny was panicking, he had a hold of both her arms and she couldn't get away. She started screaming to attract more attention but his other hand clamped down on her mouth. She bit hard on his fingers, until he yelped in pain and his hold of her relaxed a little. She punched him and screamed at the pain shooting down her arm, from the pain of hitting him square in the face. She started running the opposite direction but could hear him running after her, "Come back here you bitch!" he shouted at her.

Lenny ran as fast as she could but her legs felt like jelly from the situation she had brought upon herself. She ran up the cobbled steps two at a time and went straight for the trickle of people appearing on the other side. Suddenly she was jolted back and when she turned around, she saw he had once again glued himself to her with a deathly grip. She tried punching him again but instead, he slapped her squarely on the face. She could see stars on the horizon but told herself not to go down.

"You fucking bitch... just like your mother, she was just like you when I got my hands on her... she deserved to die..." he said with such evilness, it made Lenny sink down.

She raised her foot and kicked him in the balls and he released her to cup his genitals as he scowled in pain. She continued running towards the trickle of people and found herself back to the square with the milling crowds. She looked around panicked.

Benito slowed down when he got to the square and jumped out and looked around, something was definitely wrong and he could feel it. He scoured the place, looking for her and suddenly she ran out of no where and he found himself running towards her. When he reached her, something definitely had happened. She knelt down for air and then stood up, "He tried to kill me."