23 February 2011

Run & Hide

Chapter 6
The Locket of Two Sides

"I better get the door," Javier said gruffly, annoyed at the interruption.

Breathlessly and if not a little aroused, he noticed Ruby nod, her cheeks were rose- pink and she looked shyly to the floor.  He touched her face, raising her gaze to him with the tip of his finger.

"Don't go anywhere, I'll get rid of them," he said, sneaking a quick kiss on her lips and making his way to the front door.  He could marginally tell, it was a guy at the door, clutching a bouquet of flowers, must be a delivery guy.  He opened the door a centimetre, "Can I help you?"

Instantly, Javier had assessed this non-uniformed guy standing on the stoop below him. He clutched a bouquet of expensive flowers, lillies, roses and tulips in every shade, he was about Ruby's height, balding and Javier noticed a couple of random cuts on his hands.

"I'm here to see Ruby Lee," the shrill voice emanated from the balding man as he tried to peer through the windows, "I'm sure she lives here but maybe, I have the wrong house."
"Who's asking?" Javier said, cutting to the chase.

"Felix Stowe, is she in?" balding man scratched his head.

"She's not open to visitors right now..."

"Felix is that you?" Ruby appeared behind Javier, "Oh wow, are those flowers for me?" Taking the flowers from him and admiring the colours and the smell, "Thank you."

"Can I come in? I really missed you and want to see you're okay." Felix asked.

"No," Javier said, not liking this guy at all. He earned a look of disgust from balding guy.

"You've come at a bad time Felix, I'm sorry.  I'm working on a project for fashion week and I really ought to get back to it, sorry," taking a cue from Javier.

"Can't spare me five minutes?" Felix tried his luck, "I've missed you and prayed for your safe return since we found out you were abducted."

"I would invite you in but y'see, the place is a tip and err... I have plenty of things to do, maybe, after fashion week, I'll have more free time, then we can have a chat," Ruby said.

Felix moved towards her, "But I've missed you..."

Javier's hand shot out, "Listen mate... "

Ignoring the hand that sprawled across his suit jacket, "I've just missed seeing your face Ruby, your presence at the mansion has been missed. We should make a date to meet up and catch up," he handed her the slim case from inside his jacket, "This is from your dad." 

Javier grabbed the slim case from the guy and slammed the door in his face. When he turned around, the look on Ruby's face said it all, "Rubes, what's the matter?"
"I don't know... I don't really know..."

"For one thing, you are not to see that Felix guy on any circumstance, you hear me? And two, who have you told about your abduction to? As I recall it hadn't been announced, sure there was speculation but that's the media clutching at straws... how in the hell does Felix know about it? And three, he has a major hard-on for you, he couldn't stop telling you how much he, quote on quote, missed you."
"No one knows of my abduction apart from you... and... oh my god, do you think Felix has something to do with this?" Ruby touched her forehead with her hand, "Hard-on or not, he did seem a bit too keen... what if he's my killer?"  

"Let's not jump the gun here, he could be infatuated with you but we have to do some digging first, on whether he would fit the profile of a killer. I don't want you to work yourself up, there might be a small chance, small, that he's just infatuated and just that. Don't worry, I'm here to protect you... no one and nothing is going to get to you."

"You've gone all good cop on me," Ruby exhaled.

"When was I, bad cop?" Javier asked.

"Only when you kissed me." Ruby teased.

"Oh right, I see," Javier laughed, "I can turn bad cop, whenever you want me to, you only have to ask," taking her in his arms and kissing her till she couldn't think any further.

Felix dusted himself off, he didn't approve of the way he had just been kicked off the premises. His concern for Ruby was real and he deeply cared for her, why couldn't she see that? And who the hell was this guy anyway?  From his sources back at the mansion, he definitely knew she wasn't seeing anyone but she didn't waste any time, did she? Back to reality and she shacked up with some muscle.
No, his Ruby wasn't cheap like that, she had morals.  He was going to get to her somehow, without the muscle.


Ruby stared at the faded gold locket in the wooden case, Felix had brought. Just staring at it now, brought back a flood of memories. Memories of her mother. Her father had given it to her mother on one of her birthdays and Ruby remembered how it glinted in the light, in the sunshine on picnics out, with just the three of them. Her mother had shown her one day that the locket was a representation of the two people she loved the most, Ruby and her father and she would always have them, wherever she went.  Ruby had wanted the locket, because her mother loved it so much.  She had thought it had been buried with her mother, but obviously not. 

Her father's handwriting caught her attention and she drew the note out,

My dearest Ruby,

I know how much you treasure this locket and how much your mother loved this too.  And you know, she wore this and brought the both of us, everywhere she went. I didn't want you to have this in the first instance because I was selfish, I wanted what your mother treasured the most with me and I only saw possession and I realise now, I overlooked you... my own flesh and blood. I'm so sorry, deeply... if I'd shown up today, I know, you wouldn't have wanted to see me but please, let's not waste time... you're the only thing that matters to me now.

Love from your father,

Ruby looked at the note, re-read it a couple of times and headed towards her bedroom and put the locket in the drawer beside her bedside table and stashed the note beside it.  She sat on her bed, staring into outer space. Wondering, thinking and wishing, too much to ask for.  If she could have one wish, she wished her mother were still here, nothing had any meaning without her, but could she forgive her father? He was all she had left. That - she would have to think about. There were far more pressing things that needed her attention right now, including Javier.