30 March 2012

Amber's Advocate

Chapter Five


He was woken by the repetitive noise from the cell next door, every day he spent here he grew with his anger but they didn't know, because he chose to conceal it.  He was supreme in keeping his anger locked up elsewhere, away from educated know-it-alls who'd asked him plenty of questions about his past, his mother, his father and why he was the way he was but he fooled and schooled them all.  He exuded a quiet confidence and he tricked them with his foolery.  That little bitch was going to pay and when he found her, he would do more then just make her bleed... he was going to make her pay for shutting him in.  Of course, he had to devise a plan and with plans they needed time and management.  He could wait, he'd been here coming to three months and each day was the same; the same routine, the same miserable faces but faces he knew, were hungry... hungry for revenge and in that respect, he knew he wasn't alone. 


Amber clutched the mug for dear life, as if it were her safety net, her barrier against the man sitting in front of her.  They'd been sitting here for half an hour and she had expected it to be unpleasant but it was the complete opposite.  She had to admit to herself that he was a beautiful specimen of a man- but she told herself she wasn't ready to go down that road, not now and not in the foreseeable future.  He had been doing most of the talking and she knew he'd done it to make her feel comfortable that there wasn't pressure for her to speak but of course, she always felt pressure.  She felt pressure every waking day, for once she just wanted to forget.

"Hey!  Enough about me... tell me something about yourself?" he asked, his hazel eyes taking on a darker hue as they probed hers gently. 

"I'm not all that exciting."  Yes, keep your sentences to a minimum- don't let him get too close. 

"Why don't you let me be the judge of that," he smiled.


"Okay, if you don't want to talk about yourself right now, how about you tell me how you know Millie?"  Cade asked, taking a sip of his coffee.

"She's my friend," Amber replied.

"Yes, I know that... but how did you two meet?"  Cade asked.

"We have mutual friends," Amber replied, she looked out the window. 

"Are you trying to be evasive on purpose?"  Cade quipped, there was 'mysterious' and then there was down right 'secretive' and Amber was both and then some.  There was also a look of vulnerability about her too but he wasn't going to pry and he wasn't going to beg.  So, he fell into silence, appreciating the quietness.  They had been sitting there for ten minutes before she spoke. 

"I better go,"  she got up. 

"Let me walk you,"  Cade said, putting some change on the table and following her as she made her way out. 

Amber wrapped her cardigan closer to herself, feeling the slight chill.  It was warm but she always felt the cold no matter where she was.  Suddenly she felt something settle on her shoulders and she flinched.

"I thought you might be cold," Cade whispered, as he walked with her.

"I am... thanks," Amber replied, tugging the material closer.  She walked the remainder of the way home in silence with him walking beside her.  Strange, but she felt safer when he was around but she didn't want to depend on him, especially as this was the first time she'd properly spoken to him, who knows what kind of person he could be and what secrets he could be carrying.  It brought her back to when she first met Rick.  He'd been rowdy with a couple of his friends at a bar in Tribeca, New York and Rick had hitted on anything that could justify a skirt.  She had entered the bar with Millie at the time, brought her to one of her favourite haunts- only to have a bunch of rowdy men acting like pubescent teenagers.  Amber had gotten right up in Rick's face and demolished him with her feistiness.  Somehow he took thrill out of being told what do by a woman and charmed the socks off her and lest be known, he'd persuaded her to go on a date with her. 

The sound of Cade's voice broke her out of her reverie, if you could call it that.  Most days when she revisited the past, she did it with a heavy heart.  She couldn't seem to surpass it.  Millie had said it would take time, so did her therapist. 

"Sorry, what did you say?"  Amber asked.  She saw his lips moving but she didn't catch what he'd said the first time.

"You stopped, I presumed this is where you lived," Cade said looking at the Town House, "Nice building though."

Amber was about to reply when someones voice cut through the conversation.

"Hey Amber!"

Amber looked straight ahead and saw Sam stepping out of a big black SUV, "Hi Sam!"  The petite yet curvaceous woman walked towards them.  She was dressed casually in jeans and trainers and wore a T-shirt, "Where've you come from?"

"Oh, just returned from a weekend with the girls, who's...?" Sam looked up at the man standing beside Amber.

"Oh sorry, Sam this is Cade... a friend... Cade this is Sam, our next door neighbour,"  Amber said.

They both shook hands and Sam said goodnight and disappeared up the steps. 

Cade turned back towards Amber and stood there quietly.

Amber shrugged and peeled off his jacket, "Thank you for this."

"No problem," Cade smiled.

"Thanks for the company, I'll see you around. Good night,"  and Amber disappeared up the stairs. 

Cade waited until she was inside before he walked home- a sudden spring in his step. 

22 March 2012

Amber's Advocate

Chapter Four


Insomnia was a bitch!  Especially when the prescribed drugs didn't do anything to help you sleep, she'd long stopped taking them because what was the point?  She hadn't been able to transition properly to British Summer Time and even if she did manage forty winks, she'd suddenly wake up screaming for her life.  Dan was no longer in the picture but every time she closed her eyes she would see his black devil eyes and his clump of a fist nearing towards her and the blood spurting out everywhere, like some Hitchcock movie.  The thought of it now, as her eyes focused on walking brought shivers down her back.  She willed those images away.  They would always be there but in time, they would fade... much like the scars on her body. 

It was a beautiful night in this part of town, where droves of men and women were making their way home from a night out.  The women in short vibrant dresses and the shortest of hemlines; their platform heels making their dainty legs look endless -struggled to remain upright as they walked down the street past Amber, probably intoxicated, having drunk the bar dry.  The whiff of alcohol confirmed that, making Amber nauseous and wrap her jumper closer around her as she watched them walk away.  She turned back to the objective at hand and started making her way towards the coffee shop a few blocks out.


Cade sat at the back of the black cab, stuck in traffic.  The red numbers on the meter read ten pounds twenty five pence and they'd only moved a meter in the last fifteen meters.  He was heading home, home to his flat in Camden.  He'd been annoyed at himself for not moving faster, an opportunity to talk to Millie Bright Blake and Liam Blake -  but maybe it was a good idea that he hadn't.  What the hell would he have said to them? 

'Remember me?  I was the bastard who put your friend in her place-'

No, it wasn't a great way to make friends.  He put his hand through his hair, grimacing at the combination of gel and wax in his hand.  He wasn't used to putting that crap in his hair but he had to make an effort.  He managed to get some gossip amidst eavesdropping on a few celebrities, enough to fill a column and justify the content.  If he got stuck, he could always trail Perez Hilton and was alarmed to find out, he knew of Perez Hilton.  He shook his head, to think that he would steep that low.  At least now, he could go home, take off the bloody tux and hit the sack.  The black cab still hadn't moved and he was getting impatient.  Outside his window he stared at a woman who was giggling amongst her friends, she was on the floor trying to be helped up.  Probably having fallen flat on her face by those ridiculous shoes that they wore.  They'd obviously lost all decorum as they bent down and was rewarded by honking and wolf whistles.  Cade looked at the meter, it had shifted to fifteen pounds, bloody hell.  He looked out the window, the girls were up off the floor making their way down the street and then that's when he saw her.  First it was the flicker of red and then he saw her face and her disappearing figure going in the opposite direction.  He delved into his pocket, withdrew a twenty pound note, handed it to the cab driver, told him to keep the change and ran in that direction. 

Her retreating figure was hugged in hip hugging denims and a cable knit jumper and her hair was loose, like flickering fire down her back.  He bypassed party goers and random pedestrians, all fading into the background.  He ran past her and stopped to take a breathe and managed to say her name in between gulps of breathe, "Amber." 

She stopped mid step and looked at him, the expression on her face unreadable.  They stood in silence for almost three minutes until she broke the silence with, "Are you following me?"

"I saw... you... an...and... I thought I'd see how you were," Cade said.

"That's an awful long way... just to see how I am?" she said looking behind her, trying to figure out where he'd run from.  She turned back towards him, hugging her jumper to her.

"Are you okay?"  Cade caught his breathe back, undoing his tux jacket

"Did you rub up against a penguin tonight or what?" Amber quipped, though her face was blank.

"No, I was at a Charity Gala," Cade replied, "It doesn't matter... stop avoiding my question."

"You must have been to the same charity gala that Millie and Liam were at," Amber commented.

"If you won't answer my question, tell me this... where are you going to at this time of the night?"

"That's none of your business, so if you'll excuse me," Amber dismissed him and walked away.

Cade followed, hands in pocket as he strode alongside her, "Then you won't mind if I keep you company."

Amber didn't know whether to be angry or feel less alone but she wasn't going to think about it.  Thinking would only resort to being stressed and she didn't want to be.  She'd blank out the image of the tall broad shouldered man dressed in a tux walking beside her.  She felt inferior with this man, it wasn't the same inferior she felt when she was with Dan but she felt small besides him.  His great encompassing stature to her lilith one- she had to admit he looked good in a tux. 

"I'm not going to pretend with you; I'm curious about you, about your life... but whether you choose to disclose that part of you to me is up to you, no pressure.  I just thought I'd put it out there, so there isn't this uneasy feeling between us, okay?"

Amber nodded.

"So, where is it that you're heading off to?" Cade asked.

"Coffee... I'm going for coffee, would you like to join me?" Amber asked.

"Why not," Cade smiled back and they walked the remainder of the way in peaceful silence.

12 March 2012

Amber's Advocate

Chapter Three

Worry & Boredom

Cade stared outside the window of his office, the rain was beating down against the glass, reflecting much of his mood.  He'd been staring at the computer screen trying to write an article for next month's issue but the words weren't flowing as well as he'd like.  Three weeks had flown by since that incident outside Nomad, which seemed to have been chronicled in every tabloid and gossip magazine; not that Cade would be the first to admit he read those stories but he was curious.  At that time, he hadn't even noticed the paps but then again, anyone could be the paparazzi with the technology on mobile phones these days.  Thankfully in the photographs, his identity hadn't been shown, however he had been labelled in the papers as 'A Knight in Shining Armour' and 'Civilian Saves The Day'.  No one knew he had been there, not even Bryan and there was no way in hell he was going to admit it.

His telephone rang interrupting him of his wavering thoughts, he picked it up to hear the sound of his editor on the other end, requesting him to go to his office.  Cade picked himself up from his desk and walked over to James' office.

"What's up?" Cade asked, peering into James' office.

"Take a seat," the forty-something year old said.  He waited for Cade to take a seat before he proceeded.  James was a straight forward bloke, like most editors he didn't really have time to beat around the bush.  If he wanted something, he came out with it... or in other instances, got someone else to do it for him.  He was going grey of course and he'd put on a considerable amount more weight since joining the magazine two years ago, "I've overlooked you somehow Cade and have been reading your articles and am impressed... so this is what I'm proposing... Carl is off on paternity for two weeks, I want you to cover his slot whilst he's away."

"But Carl covers the social scene... I do worthy informative news..." Cade said.

"I know... but sometimes it's nice to change scene once in a while, keep your writing style fresh," James intervened.

"Look James, I really appreciate this opportunity but I really... don't... I'm just not a social..." Cade couldn't quite spit it out.

"It's only for two weeks and besides, whilst you do Carl's column you can still do your worthy informative news - that way you still get a bit of both worlds,"  James said, "Tonight is a Charity auction and you're going and all the A-listers are going to be there..."  James said pushing an envelope towards Cade.

"What if I don't go?" Cade asked.

"Then that's the stupidest thing I've heard today," James leaned back in his chair, "If you don't- then you will have to contemplate your future here at STANCE."

Cade took the envelope from the desk and headed out, "Better get ready then."

"Yes, don't disappoint me," James said, having the last word.

Cade returned to his desk and dumped the envelope on his desk.  A 1st in Journalism and he was resounded to writing a gossip column.  This was a kick in the teeth from everything that he had learned.  He looked at his watch and hoped that the Tuxedo hanging in his closet was clean and pressed, otherwise he'd have to turn up to Saville Row and hire one.


"Mills, she's a big girl and she's a lot more stronger then you take her for.  She's come out of it better then most women.  You really ought to stop worrying about her," Liam whispered into his wife's ear.

"Most women?  Do you even know most women who've come out of an abusive relationship Liam?" Mills whispered.

"I don't but from what I've seen and heard, Amber is fighting strong," Liam exhaled as he steered his wife to the table, "Let's just enjoy the evening okay?"

Millie picked up her skirts and sat down at the offered seat, "I'm sorry... I'm sorry... I'm just..."

"A good friend and a protective one at that, there's nothing wrong with that... it's one of the qualities I love about you," Liam smiled, "Have I told you how beautiful you look tonight?"

"No but tell me again," Millie smiled.

"You look beautiful,"  Liam was about to lean forward to kiss his wife when someone tapped him on the shoulder.

"Sorry to interrupt the interlude folks but we swapped two place settings to sit with you," Liam looked up, smiled and hugged Artie.

"How you doing Artie?  When did you get back?" Liam said.

Millie rose from her seat to greet Artie's wife, Frieda Armstrong. 

"Got back a few hours ago- location was deep in the jungle and damn, I missed a good bath," Artie smiled and turned his attention to Millie, "Hi Mills, how are you?" He kissed her on the cheek.

"Good and you?" Millie asked back.

"Oh, can't wait to get back to normalcy.  We can catch up once we get seated,"  Artie said as he steered his wife to the designated empty seats beside Millie and Liam.

The evening wore on, food was consumed as was large amounts of alcohol.  Bids were taken and prizes were auctioned.  The aim of the game was to collect as much money as possible. 

Cade watched from the bar on the far side.  He'd especially paid attention to the brunette seated with the actor on one of the tables nearer to the stage.  He'd watched them laugh, bid and converse with another familiar A- List couple.  He was itching to speak to the brunette for reasons he didn't want to acknowledge, but it had been stone cold quiet since the last time he'd seen her and the woman and all he wanted to know, was that the woman was okay.  They were making their way to the exit and his opportunity to talk to her was slipping away.  So he smacked his glass back on the bar and made a bee line for them.  They slipped out and the door closed behind them, damn! He tried to move towards them but came to a block of people mingling.  He cursed, trying to move around them and not succeeding.  He looked for another exit and couldn't find one.  There was no way in hell, he was going to catch up with them now.


Amber heard the key in the lock and the front door open.  She had been lounging on the sofa watching pointless brainless TV, going out of her mind with boredom.  She perked up when Millie appeared in her beautiful Oscar de la Renta dress.

"How was it?" Amber asked.

"It was fun, caught up with Frieda and Artie... they definitely raised some... how was your day?" Millie took off her earrings and deposited them in the bowl by the mantel piece. 

"Boring as hell... I really need to do something with my time... but I'm such an invalid," Amber exhaled.

"You're not an invalid Amber... you've got a sprained wrist- there's a difference,"  Millie said, plonking down beside her, "So how you feeling?"

"Apart from bored, great," came the sarcasm.  Amber got up, "Do you know what... I'm going for a walk."

"A walk but it's late," Mills reasoned.

"Mills you really ought to let me breathe a little... I'm fine, I won't go too far and besides I've been couped up here like a fire fly in a jar, I want to be set free... I just need some air.  I'll be fine," Amber said, striding out of the living room.

"Let me come with you," Millie asked.

"No... I really want to be on my own, it's fine,"  Amber said, as she grabbed a jumper and slipped into her ballet pumps and walked out the door.

Liam appeared from the bedroom dressed in sweats, "Was that Amber leaving?"

"Yeah, she's gone for a walk," Mills said, eyeing the door.

"Good," Liam smiled, "Now Mrs Blake... I'm going to get rid of that dress..."

"It's an Oscar de la Renta dress..." Millie said sheepishly.

"A dress is a dress Mills no matter who designed it or however much it costs... and we might as well take advantage of it just being us here," Liam smiled teasingly.

Millie laughed and followed her husband up the stairs.

05 March 2012

Amber's Advocate

Chapter Two


Amber was afraid.

She may have come across as strong-willed and feisty but deep down, she was broken.  And it was only now, after moving continents that she was finally able to put the pieces back together.  She was mighty glad that Millie had taken her in and given her a room where she could lick her wounds and build the confidence to start out fresh.  Millie was a big part of her new life now, a sister she always wanted and a best friend she didn't know she needed until now.  Since arriving in London, Millie and her had become inseperable.   They had been frequenting Nomad on and off for the last couple of weeks now.   

Millie, bless her soul,  knew about the situation Amber had been in.  But like a commanding officer she refused to treat Amber any differently and so they etched their way into the social scene.  It was the third outing at Nomad when Amber had first spotted, Abercombie and Fitch.  The nicknames she'd given to the sexiest bunch of guys she'd seen in a very long time.
Abercombie was a few centimetres taller then Fitch, gaging at six foot two, with his dark caramel floppy hair and striking hazel eyes, well, what Amber thought were hazel eyes but up until a few minutes ago had a golden hue around the outter iris. His friend Fitch was of similar built, wore dorky black glasses and had jet black crew cut hair. He looked like a techy person and Amber noticed, he fidgeted a lot. His eyes were the colour of the Bluelagoon, the one she vacationed as a child in Malta.  So blue, she missed the old times.  Amber had noticed the way they dressed, completely two contradicting styles.  Abercombie was self assured in the black leather jacket he wore, merino wool jumpers and ultra smart shoes whilst his friend Fitch, seem to sport cord trousers and plaid shirts that were rolled up to his elbows to expose tanned arms with a sprinkling of hair. Amber had both been admiring them from a far until only a few minutes ago when she had been visited by them each individually.

Fitch was a walking-talking cliche book with his chat up lines, which left Amber with no choice but to send him off with marching orders.  Abercombie being some advocate to his friend stunned her with what he had to say about her behaviour towards his friend.  Which only left the questions; where all men the same?  Were they all after one thing?  Could any man love unconditionally?  Amber sometimes wished, she could shut down the questions.  Put a stop to them.  It was the questions that got to her the most.  Too many questions, not enough answers.  Abercombie's words were strangling her, should she take that step and trust again?  

She saw Bryan Peerson leave and she followed, maybe if she apologised- she could somehow take it from there.  Maybe they could start off as friends?  She had to think positively- it was the only way she could move forward from this.  He was a few metres down the road when she called his name.  He turned around and was surprised to see her standing there.  She walked the rest of the way up to him and took a breathe.

"Hi Bryan, I'm Amber... we met earlier..."  she said.

"Yes, I know... you're the red head who's too good for just the Average Joe," he said angrily, "Just because you're beautiful on the outside, gives you no right whatsoever to treat us guys like shit."

"I'm sorry... I didn't..."  she began before she was interrupted again.

"Right... like I haven't heard the word 'sorry' before.  Let me just save you the energy... I'm not interested! Well I was before, but it turns out, you're much more uglier then I had imagined.  Let someone screw you over and see how that feels.  Look at yourself in the mirror and tell me what you see then?" and with that, Bryan walked off leaving Amber standing there with tears streaming down her face.

She walked the rest of the way back back, wiping the tears from her face.  She probably looked like a panda by now.  And just when she thought her heart was getting into shape.  Why did everything bad happen to her?  Yes, she'd looked in the mirror but she didn't see beautiful at all, instead she saw the opposite... ugly.  Ugly and broken.  Hugging herself, as the onslaught of a panic attack reared it's ugly head- she had to remember to breathe in and out and control it, just like the doctor had ordered.  
As she turned the corner she slammed straight into something solid, the impact forcing gravity to work against her as she fell to the floor - and the flash back of Dan's fist hurtling towards her made her panic attack ten times worse.  She hit the pavement, her hands catching her fall and the pain from her wrist shooting up her shoulder as she cried out in pain.  She was having an episode, an episode which she tried and willed herself to blink back but it was too late.  Everything went blank in her mind, all she could see was the repeated punches, the kicks she received from the man she thought had loved her. 

How had she made progress when she still carried it everywhere she went.  Her body started to convulse in terror, it had always been that way. Especially after he had left her for dead so many times and then, like a flip of a switch- tried to help her, make excuses for his behaviour and tell her he wouldn't do it again.  But he always went back on his promises.


Cade was by her side trying to help her up but she had curled up into a ball, her face covered as she rocked back and forth.  He was about to say something when Millie ran out and immediately saw her.

"What the hell happened?" worry etched in her face.

"We accidentally collided, is she okay?"  Cade asked.  This was a far cry from what she had been in the bar earlier in the evening.  Something wasn't right at all. 

Millie didn't respond, she looked around and then delved into her phone, "Liam, I need you to come and pick us up... it's Amber... yes, we're outside, please come as soon as you can."  She put her phone back into her bag and focused her attention back to Amber, "Amber, it's Millie... honey, it's okay."

Amber slowly looked up and at Millie.  She exhaled. 

Cade caught the sight of her face, she had been crying.  Her eyes were red and her face blotchy. 

"Stand up from the floor and we can walk to the corner, Liam's coming to pick us up," Millie said, helping her to stand. Amber cried out in pain and it pained Cade to hear it, he scooped her up in his arms and followed Millie. 

A few minutes later, a black range rover pulled up and Liam Blake got out of the car. 

"Where do you want her?" Cade asked.

"In the back please," Millie and Liam said in unison. 

Cade gently put her in the back and Millie climbed in, she smiled and mouthed a 'thank you' as Liam climbed in the front and started the car.  They disappeared before Cade had a chance to blink.  He stood there, completely bewildered by what just happened.  What exactly did just happen?  Amber, that was her name.  Somehow he couldn't shake off the image of her, a complete contrast to what she was like in the bar earlier.  As the events rolled around in his head, he suddenly felt guilty to a point where he wondered how he could make it up to her? 


02 March 2012

Amber's Advocate

Chapter One

Abercombie + Fitch

"You better pick your tongue up off the floor before it gets trampled on,"  Cade eyed the woman that had caught his best mate's attention... again.  It was the same woman who had been in the bar on and off the past couple of weeks.  The same time they'd been frequenting the place too.  

Cade took a look at the woman, she was pretty in an unconventional way.  She wore her signature leather trousers, like a second skin as they clung to the curves of her shapely bottom and her endless legs.  Her eyes were the colour of malt whiskey and her hair, a wild mane of red fiery hair cascading down her shoulders.  Of course, everyone knew who her friend was.  Who didn't know Millie Bright Blake? The woman who had married and reformed the world famous actor Liam Blake, from being a recluse and an alcoholic into one of the most watched and desired actors in the world today.

"I'm going to talk to her," Bryan said, trying to assimilate the courage to speak to her. 

"And what is it you're gonna say exactly?" Cade asked casually, taking a swig from his beer.

"I don't know, I'll think of something," Bryan said smoothing down his hair and smartening his collar.

"I don't think she's the chat up line kind of girl," Cade assumed.

"Well we'll see about that,"  Bryan strode towards the two women who were standing by the bar.


"Don't look now but Fitch is headed our way," Millie whispered to Amber.

Amber rolled her eyes and took a sip of her Moquito. 

"Hi there, I'm Bryan and..."  Bryan began clutching the ice between his hands.

"What on earth have you got there?"  Amber said looking surprised as well as confused.  She could feel Millie obviously trying to stifle her laugh.

"I wanted to come over and break the ice," Bryan said, clutching at the ice and trying to break it with his bare hands.

How cheesy.  Amber thought as she watched Bryan attempt to break the ice again, "You really ought to stop doing that.  I get it.  Besides, you don't want to incur frostbite."

"What are you doing here, you look lost?" Bryan asked, "When you should be with the angels in heaven."

Amber held her hands up towards him, she had had enough of the chat up lines, "Look, I'm sure you're a nice guy but really, chat up lines?  Do you actually think chat up lines will actually get you some where?  It repels me, it makes me think you're a sad and pathetic man.  I'm really not interested, okay? If you'll excuse us, we were having a drink."  Amber turned around and spoke to Millie. 

"That was really mean Amber, I think you could have really hurt his feelings with that one," Millie said seriously.

"Are you kidding me?" Amber exclaimed, "With a chat up line like that? Please."

Millie looked at her friend, "You really need to open up your mind to the possibilities Amber, not every man you meet is going to turn out to be Dan.  You might have walked away from a really sweet guy."

"Sweet?  You may see sweet but I see sickly.  What is it that I'm putting out there? Maybe I have 'Mug' written on my forehead or something," Amber said.

"I said all that and all you got was 'the sweet bit'?" Millie offered, "You need to open your mind to the bigger picture hun."

"Yeah, thanks!"  Amber said, rolling her eyes, "Coming from the woman who's married to sex symbol Liam Blake? God, life is so unfair!" Amber stamped her feet.

"Actually not only is Liam a sex symbol, much to my disdain, he is also an Oscar nominated actor and ohmigod Abercombie is headed our way!"  Millie exclaimed.

Amber turned around and Abercombie was standing in front of her.

"You obviously make it a habit by stomping on people's hearts, I gather?  So, why don't you listen and I'll speak," Amber heard Abercombie say, "My friend with the ice, his name's Bryan and he's liked you as much as the next girl.  He has passed up on women who have better manners and bigger personalities,  in favor of you.  He obviously sees something in you, that none of us see.  He's gone to wash his hands of you but I don't think it'll stay, he's pretty adamant about you.  He's a great guy - minus the chat up lines and he'll treat you like a princess.  Here's his number, it's up to you what you do with it."

Cade put the scrawny piece of paper on the bar's counter in front of Amber and made his way back.  The sound of Amber's voice stopped him. 

"Why are you doing this?"  Amber asked.

"Simple... Bryan's a good guy and sometimes the good guys need to finish first,"  Cade said and walked away.

Amber looked at his fleeting figure and then down at the paper in her hands.  So, Fitch's name was Bryan Peerson. 

"So, what you gonna do?"  Millie asked.

Amber looked at the paper in her hands and then at her good friend Millie, "I don't know... I really don't know."

"Seems like an honourable gent, especially coming to the defence of his mate... says a lot about a guy," Millie said.

Amber nodded. 

"What you thinking?"  Millie asked.

"I'm thinking... well, I'm deciding... whether I go talk to Bryan or I go talk to his mate instead,"  Amber said.

"Uh-oh, tell me you didn't just say that?"  Millie urged.

"I think I like Abercombie over Fitch - but what does that say about me?"  Amber said, turning around to look in the direction that he left.


"Why does she keep looking over here for? She made herself clear she wasn't interested, so why the hell does she keep staring at me?" Bryan said, onto his fourth beer. 

Both him and Cade had gotten a table and were milling away the night.  They'd been approached by several women who'd stayed and gone, mostly gone out of sheer boredom. Conversation wasn't exactly tittilating.  Cade wasn't in the mood and neither was Bryan, if you could call him being in any mood.  All he seemed to be talking about was 'that woman'.   Even Cade hadn't gotten the name of 'that woman'. 

"I'm getting out of here, I've had enough,"  Bryan said, picking up his beer and rinsing the last of it. 

"I'll come with," Cade said as he got up.

"No, you stay here... I'll see myself home,"  Bryan said, flapping away Cade's request, "I'll see you Saturday."

"Yeah, Saturday,"  Cade said watching Bryan go.  Cade turned his attention to the surroundings, the bar was just warming up but he didn't exactly want to stay in a bar by himself, so after ten minutes of looking at the label of his beer bottle, he decided to head out.  It was Summer in London, London was London to him but he liked it especially in Summer.  Everyone was a little more care free and less guarded.  He opened the door and stepped out into the warm Thursday night and smacked into the 'heart breaker'.  He hadn't spotted her as she appeared out of no where and he was too late in catching her as she fell backwards on to the pavement.