18 March 2011

Run & Hide

Chapter 8
Getting Close But Then Too Far

Javier had caught her before she hit the floor, swung her into his arms and stomped off, leaving the clearly worried group of two hundred standing in the ballroom agasp.  He didn't have to go far, as he kicked the door open a few doors down and realised it was her father's home office, complete with state of the art technology.  He laid her down on the green couch which obviously fit into her father's office decor, plus mahoghany and green curtains with a green lampshade, too old and too furnished.  He touched her skin, she was warm but the pale palor of her skin said otherwise, she wasn't prepared for that surprise and god dammit, what was her father thinking.

Speaking of her father, he came rushing in with a gentleman, roughly the same age and grace as him.  Javier thought he saw something pass in his eyes, but it was gone in a blink as he came forward,

"I'm a doctor, let me though," nearly knocking Javier out of the way. He lifted her lids and checked for any vital signs.  Javier noticed, he was too thorough, he assessed her arms and legs and pronounced, "She'll be okay, she'll come round." And at that moment, she opened her eyes and her gaze swept over the man who had had his hands on her only moments ago. 

"I want to go home," she said, more to Javier then anyone else. 

"But Ruby, all these people are here for you... you can't just up and leave," her father pleaded. 

"Their your friends, not mine... I told you and always tell you, I hate your parties, so would you think I'd actually want this vestige of people welcoming me back to the living?" Ruby scolded. 

"Now, that's a bit mean Ruby," the man beside her father said. 

"This isn't any of your business Chris, so get your nose and mouth out of my business... maybe you could tell them that I'm not up to socialising tonight," Ruby said sarcastically, getting to her feet and looking at her father, "This was a stupid stunt dad and I can't believe this... you don't know me at all." 

"Ruby, can't you see this was all for you... just to show you that I love you and that this was all for..." 

"Stop it dad, the least you could have done was to invite me to dinner, just the two of us... ever thought about that?"  Ruby said walking away, as Javier followed. 

"Ruby you shouldn't speak to your father..." Christopher said. 

Ruby turned around, eyes like daggers as she threw her gaze towards Christopher, "Letitia is a fine example of extravagance, no amount of money, luxuries or expensive diamond bracelets were going to win Letitia over, she already had all those luxuries before she knew you... no amount of money could measure to love, so why the hell do you think she could succumb to you eventually? Oh she was right in telling me, all she wanted was someone to hold her..." Ruby shook her head, "Just forgot about that, I apologise, I shouldn't have brought that up. Good night dad." 

She walked into the hall and collided with Felix.  He hugged her straight away in a bear hug.

"I've missed you so much Ruby, how are you?" Letting her go and looking at her.

"I'm fine Felix, how are you?" Ruby said taking a few steps back and bumping into something solid behind her, she turned around to see Javier standing there with a not so happy expression.

Felix kept his eyes trained on Ruby, "Will you be staying for the party?"

"No, I'm going home," she simply replied, with no explanation whatsoever.

His face contorted and he looked at her bewildered, "But this party is for you, you can't just go... if it worries you so much, I'll keep you company,"

"Like hell you will," Javier stepped forward and put his arm around Ruby, "You heard her, she's going home."

"Hey hey, who the hell are you chump... you just came on the scene five minutes ago..." Felix said, baring teeth and stepping forward.

"Let's go Ruby, we're wasting our time here," he manuvered her out of Felix's way and she walked towards the door.

Felix clamped his hand on Javier's shoulder, he spun around and saw Felix's fist before it hit him in the face, punched him straight in the ribs and the elbowed him in the face.  His head flew back and Javier tripped him up and Felix landed on his bum.  Javier bent down and whispered to him, "Do that again and I'll rip out your spinal cord and a word of warning, keep away from Ruby."  When Javier stood up and spun around, he noticed a very shocked Ruby standing by the door, he ushered her out to the car and they disappeared down the driveway.


Christopher left the party early, he could hear the words she had spoken with her acidic tongue towards him, after he had tried to help her.  And after all the effort her father had put in to get people together last minute for her, well she was an ungrateful little bitch, indeed.  He was in badly need of sanctuary and a good stiff drink.


"Why did you have to hurt Felix? He's just doing his job," Ruby said, when they arrived back at the house.  She took off her shoes and headed straight for the kitchen.

"I don't like him, he has a hidden agenda," Javier closed the door and bolted it and followed her through.

She paused with her hands on her hips, "You're jealous, aren't you?"

"I'm not jealous, I'm simply trying to protect you..." Javier said.

"Really? Because all he did was hug me..."

"He could have done something much more serious then that," Javier replied.

Ruby looked at him, "What have you found out about him?"

"We've been monitoring him Ruby, just as a precaution..." Javier responded.

"But there must be something that has given him away... oh yes, his fondness for me," she laughed as she poked him, "Don't look so serious."

"I'm serious when it comes to you Ruby," and he pulled her towards him and kissed her until her knees went weak.