01 July 2009

Melanie's Worth: Part Two

He didn't sleep around, it wasn't his thing. His mother brought him up the old fashioned way, that relationships was what set the mark, not a one night stand. How was he going to get himself out of this one? He had drunk far too much last night, that he hadn't remembered even coming home to this place, let alone getting intimate with this woman who was more shocked then he was at the situation. He scratched his head, trying to find something to break the awkward silence but he didn't have to wait long because she stammered,
"You're Sam Worthington..?"
He heard himself answer her, "Yeah and you are...?"
"The bathroom's free, if you want to use it... I'm just going to make some breakfast, you want some?" He heard himself force conversation, his mother would be very upset with him, if he were to storm out and leave her on her own after the night they had spent together. He made a beeline towards the kitchen.
Melanie turned around and watched him head to the kitchen. He seemed friendly enough, he had used one of her pink towels to wrap around his lower half, but she didn't mind. She enjoyed admiring the top half, firm abs, she could definitely see herself wrapping around or even doing the ironing on and wow, those biceps, they must have been on either side of her when they had sex last night and she was beginning to get all hot and flustered, how the hell had that all happened? She wasn't going to mull over it too much right now, she was just going to enjoy the fact that the hottest piece of ass, was making her... HER breakfast. Today was going to be a good day, despite her hugely annoying hangover.
"I'm just heading for a shower," she said at the top of her voice. She watched him nod and ran into the bathroom. She waxed her legs, using what she had left of her wax strips, plucked her eyebrows, put a layer of french polish on her fingers, had a shower and washed the grease and yuck from her hair and body. She spritzed on, some of her perfume and headed to the bedroom, where she grabbed her most sexiest outfit for work. A LBD from Dolce, a gift he had given her for her birthday, so what, if it was last season, it gave her bum a good lift. She matched it with strappy Blaniks and she assessed her hair and make-up. She grabbed her bag and worried about tidying up her room when she got in later. She walked out, as if she was on the catwalks of Milan.
Sam looked up, he was flipping eggs and bacon when he saw the brunette emerge from the bedroom. She looked completely different. She looked like a minx, ready to pounce. He just didn't like his woman like that all, he liked them make-up free, laid back, a kind of t-shirt jeans wearing girl, this woman was dressed to kill and somehow, killed off his libido.
Melanie watched the look of surprise on his face disappear, to a look of utter disgust. She wondered what she had done, to make him look like she had put him off. She waited nervously in the hallway and got a hold of herself, walking in seven inch heels, she walked towards him, not noticing a a bit of wiring out of place. She leapt in the air and screamed as saw the floor coming towards her. She fell in Sam's arms without a moment to spare, how did that happen? One minute he was cooking and the next she was in his arms.
"Thanks," Mel said exasperated, "I know now, why I never wear these heels. I look like a complete idiot and a tranny."
Sam laughed and they collapsed to the floor laughing.

Melanie's Worth: Part One

Melanie swept the sleep from her eyes, she didn't want to get up for work. She just wasn't ready to face the world right now, she just wanted to sleep until her throbbing head disappeared, but could she afford to take another day off work yet again? She didn't want to build a reputation for being an all-time-late-nighter and never showed up for work, her life depended on this job. People depended on her. She sat up slowly, feeling the stiffness in her neck and felt a dampness against her cheek, her hand touched the pillow where her face had laid and to her horror, realised she had slept on her very own sick. It was green in colour and had a mosaic of the remnants of Mediterranean food she had consumed last night, she suddenly felt the bile in her throat rise and ran straight for the bathroom, only to collide with a wall of muscle. She looked up to see who she bumped into and her jaw hit the floor.
"No fucking way!" she heard herself say.