15 June 2010

The Best of Me

I look away... afraid to say... what's really on my mind

It's hard to contemplate my life without you but it's ten times harder if you were to stay

I've changed, end of story... I hope you understand

Please don't be mad

I know you love me more then life itself

But if you were true to your word... you'll let go of me and the love we had

I'm so in love with you... this is hard to break

But life is too short

I have to think about what's important and y'know I can't have it both ways

I want to see the world for myself - not through anyone else's eyes but my own

Experience it first hand, soak in the sights... be who I want to be

In that time... for that place

I know you're angry... you can't see straight... the ominous red cloud covering your face

I hope that time will heal the hurt I've caused

Allow you to understand, it hurts the most

I have to leave... have to go

But know... I did it for the best... the best for me... I'll only know.