13 June 2012

Amber's Advocate

Chapter Thirteen


Amber plodded into the vast living room to see Cade behind the stove in the kitchen.  In the light she could take in the vastness of his place.  Something she didn't give a moment's thought when she arrived here last night.  The kitchen was small but not tiny, there was enough room for two people to maneuver without touching elbows, with all the basic amenities; an oven, a stove, a sink and a small fridge.  Through the sliding windows,  she could see a portion of decking and beyond that a footpath straight to the beach. 

"You can take a look around if you like?" he offered as he skillfully fried the eggs and the bacon. 

Amber nodded and walked towards the fire place, there were at least twenty or so picture frames.  She picked one up to see a young Cade struggling with a surf board on the sand. Smiling she put it back down.  There were a collection of photos ranging from family snaps, surfing pics, Sandy as a puppy, candid photographs and stolen moments.  It was a collection that brought out a longing in Amber, a longing she blinked away because wanting that and getting it were two different things.  She passed a small glass cabinet and saw a couple of awards, peering down she looked at each of them.  Awards for surfing, writing and journalism.  She turned back to look at him and caught him staring at her. 

"You caught me," he quipped, his hands in surrender before he turned his attention back to the cooking.

Amber smiled, opened up the sliding door and stepped out.  Taking a deep breathe she looked around, a stretch of beach before her.  It was a beautiful morning and the sun was out.  She could really get used to this, this easy way of life.  What on earth was she thinking?  Could she really be thinking this?  She couldn't afford to put all her eggs in one basket but in truth, she liked spending time with him.  It was easy, unforced and there was a gentle way about him, she hadn't had before in any relationship.

Cade zipped past her, heading towards the garden table and setting down two plates of cooked food and quickly disappeared inside and reappeared with hot chocolate, juice and some bread, butter and jam, "Come on, let's eat, I'm sure you're starving.  I am."  He pulled the chair out for her and then sat down and they tucked in.   

They ate in silence for a while, it wasn't an uncomfortable silence, it was Cade who spoke up first, "Don't do it Amber."

"Do what?" she looked up from her eggs and bacon into his eyes. 

"Think too much," Cade smiled, picking up his coffee and drinking it. 

"How did... you know?" she asked bewildered.  Was she that transparent.

"I just have to look at you to know, that's all," Cade grinned.

"Yes, you've been looking a lot haven't you?" Amber smiled secretly.

"I can't help it, I'm drawn to you.  You're a beautiful woman Amber," Cade replied.

Amber rolled her eyes.

"It's true, I wouldn't say otherwise.  Don't you think you're beautiful?" Cade leaned forward on his elbows.

"Not especially... I feel more broken then beautiful.  What you see is on the surface, beneath it, I'm nothing," Amber said sadly.

"What a bastard!" Cade said through clenched teeth.

Amber raised her eyebrows up to him, "Why'd you say that?"

"That prick who's done this to you, he's broken your soul... if I ever meet the bastard, I'm going to give him a taste of his own medicine,"  Cade bit back, "You deserve the world Amber."

Amber closed her eyes and then opened them, "So, what's the agenda for today?"

Cade looked at Amber and then shook his head, he would let it slide for now, "As it's a beautifully warm day, I was thinking of showing you how to surf."

"Surf? You're kidding right?" Amber said. 

"Trust me, you'll have fun!" Cade smiled thoughtfully, he couldn't wait to teach her how to surf.  The day, could only get better.


Cade was a perv!  He had been stealing glances at the woman who was wearing a wet suit, he didn't care for colour but the stream line effect she was having on his groin only certified to say that she was hot, rocking it.  They'd been in the water for four hours now, though it felt more like fifteen minutes.  He'd taught her how to spot a good wave and how to steer towards it and high tail out of there before jumping onto the board and riding the wave.  She was a natural and picked it up, like she was an old adage at it.  Her infectious laugh made him join in, especially when she fell into the water countless times.  He appreciated a woman who laughed at herself. 

They were both floating in the water, a few metres away from the shore, just hanging out. 

"What do you think about when it's just you, here?" Amber asked curiously, "I can't really think here, the view is too beautiful to think about anything but."

"A lot of things," Cade was vague, but he didn't want to say too much.

"Like what things?"  Amber asked.

"Y'know things... life,"  Cade replied, seeing a wave and decided to conquer it.

Amber followed suit.  Amber pretty much washed out before she could actually mount the surf board. She dragged the surf board behind her,  dumping it on the sand, she grabbed her towel and watched Cade who was still out in the water.  She was about to sit down when she saw two men in wet suits approach.  Both quite tall but not as tall as Cade, one had a reckless untidy beard that needed shaving and the other was a typical looking surfer - they both wolf whistled when they approached her.

"You're pretty good on the board, haven't seen you around here before," the bearded surfer commented.

"Because I'm not from around here," Amber replied blandly. Picking up the surf board and stabbing it into the sand like Cade had shown her earlier.

"Ah, an American.  How long have you surfed?" the blue eyed blonde surfer asked. 

"About four hours," Amber said, clutching her towel.  She saw their eyes dipping low.

"Shit, no way! You're awesome and that wet suit..." the blonde whistled as he cupped imaginary bosoms in his hands, "Shame you have to take it off, I'd like to know what you look like underneath."

"Trust me, there won't be an opportunity in this lifetime for that!" Amber bit back. 

The other surfer punched his mate and howled, "You got told!"

"I like a feisty woman," ignoring his mate and centring his gaze on her, "Hard to find a woman who can use her mouth for other then giving a man..."

Amber wanted to slam her fist against his jaw but she heard Cade approaching from behind her, "A Toad and the Ass hole."

Amber looked up at him confused.

"Why don't you piss off Braiden... we saw her first!" the blond surfer exclaimed.

"I'm not some piece of property," Amber wanted to yell, but she settled for civilised.

"Your maturity levels still haven't fluctuated from the last time, eh Cormack?" Cade said not bothering with the two, he turned towards Amber, "You ready to go sweetheart?" 

Amber nodded, picking up her surf board and towel she followed Cade. 

"So, who is she to you?" Cormack yelled to them. 

Before Cade could respond, Amber yelled back, "His girlfriend... you ass hole." 

They reached the truck in silence, Cade put Amber's loaned surf board in the truck, followed by his.  He lent her his prized board, one he used to win a multitude of competitions back in his hey-day of surfing competitions.  And he turned to her,  "So you're my girlfriend are you?" He said, leaning against the truck, unzipping his wet suit to reveal a hairless chest and an emerging six pack.  Amber had to steer her gaze from him.

"I said it, didn't I?" Amber smiled. 

"You did, yes... may I have your permission then?" Cade held her gaze with his.

"Permission for what?" Amber looked at him,

He stepped forward and tucked a loose strand of damp hair behind her ear, "To kiss you."

"I'm not stopping you," Amber stood motionless.

Cade touched his lips to hers and coaxing them apart slowly, he kissed her.