19 April 2011

Run & Hide


In the aftermath of Ruby's ordeal, Felix Stowe was sentenced to twenty years imprisonment for participating and being an accomplice to Christopher Lewis and would not be allowed parole.  Christopher Lewis received a far severe sentence, as the police had uncovered, he had killed other missing heiress to other fortunes and that Ruby had been luckier then them all.  Christopher, with no hope of getting out, eventually confessed to his crimes of sadistic torture, use of illegal drugs and murder and other degrees. He would be serving life in jail for the rest of his life. 
Don Lee Carlton made sure, he never came out again and processed all of Christopher Lewis' wealth to those families who had not been so lucky.

Romano's Restaurante rose from the ashes, was renovated in plush terracotta red with imported Italian interiors.  It was also the place where Javier went down on one knee and proposed to Ruby, where she had burst into tears and finally through her hiccups accepted, to a bounteous applause of the whole restaurant.

A Couple of Months Later...

Ruby looked at the glittering diamond on her left hand and the white gold band that nestled beneath it.  She couldn't contain her happiness on such a monumental day.  Together with her father and her extended family, the Romano's, she finally belonged somewhere.  She looked up at her husband Javier Romano and caught him staring at her.  He was dressed solely in a black suit, a pristine white shirt and tie and her heart skipped a beat, he was the most attractive man she had ever seen and he was her husband.

He drew her in his arms and kissed her affectionately with erupting applause from their families, they turned to walk down the aisle as Mr and Mrs Romano. It was a beautiful day and they had chosen to get married in Lake Como in the Villa Carlotta and it they couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day.

"You are absolutely beautiful Mrs Romano," Javier said, not letting her go and grinning from ear to ear.

"Why, thank you Mr Romano," Ruby replied with a smile.

"I have a little gift you, Rubes... just stay there, I'll be back," Javier said disappearing and then coming back with a long blue velvet case, "This is for you, my love... open it."

Javier watched his wife as she opened the clasp of the gold locket that shone in the light, it had their initials engraved on the front and deep within him, he couldn't help but feel so complete.

"Oh wow, there's a photo of everyone here... you, me side by side and as are my father and mother..." her face dropped and Javier's heart did too.

"What's the matter Rubes?" Javier asked, clasping her shoulders and looking intently into her eyes.

Ruby smiled as she looked up at him, "There should be a space for your daughter or son when they arrive- I'm pregnant Javier."

Javier was speechless, did he hear correctly? Was she telling him that he was going to be a father as well as a husband? He couldn't contain his utmost joy at the news and he swung her around, to the laughter of their news, "I'm so happy Rubes, I really am... let's go tell our family..."

They held each other for a couple of minutes and strode towards their wedding reception and to the people they loved.