01 June 2009

The Tuscan Trap: Part II

The flight had turned out to be an uncomfortable one but thankfully it wasn't a long haul flight and she would be arriving in Italy in the next five minutes. Dawn couldn't wait to get off the plane and into open space. She had read in some of the tour guides that Tuscany was famous for it's sunflowers as well as having some of the most beautiful views in Italy. She hoped she was in a more desirable mood when she hopped off the plane, but right now she was not.

As the plane came to an abrupt halt on the tarmac, Dawn gathered her things and shoved past the guy, she could be seen as being immature, but she didn't care. He sighed, perhaps out of frustration on Dawn's part but she was not going to take the blame for being polite and proper and so what if he was a gorgeous man... he was arrogant and completely what she hadn't expected. When she collected her luggage from the luggage reel and into the small arrivals area, she instantly saw her driver, he was holding up her surname 'Taylor' on a laminated board. He was dressed up in khaki pants and a bright blue shirt.

"Bonjourno," Dawn said in a quaky Essex accent, she'd have to work on her accent.

"Bonjourno Ms Taylor," the man said as he grabbed her wheelie suitcases, "If you like to follow me, I will bring us to my car," he said in a strong Italian accent, "I am to bring you to your villa in Tuscany where you will rest for a while, there you will meet a guide that will help you with the surrounding area... you can call be Luca. I will be your driver."

"Thank you," Dawn said.
The journey from the airport to the villa was an hour and so, Dawn wasn't really taking any notice of the time, she was too busy appreciating the scenery. The rolling hills and the greenery were so breath-taking, it was as if she were looking into a postcard. Which reminded her, she'd have to send some postcards out, so what if this was work, she didn't want to lose contact with her friends. She did have one friend who was residing in the next town, Amelia. She was a painter and was busy working on her second exhibition. In the distance, Dawn could see the villa she would be staying in, it was gigantic. Her mouth dropped open, it was exquisite and with the background set within a postcard, she had no complaints. She was aching for a shower and a nap and without a doubt she would go for a bit of exploration.

Luca pulled up into dusty drive way and he opened the door for Dawn, she got out of the car and her mouth was still wide open, she closed it shut, still amazed that she would be staying here.

"Is this really where I'll be staying?" Dawn asked
"Yes, of course..." Luca said, hauling out her bags and bringing them inside.

Dawn followed him and she was led into a beautiful open hall way with a dusky pink chandelier hanging overhead. There was a staircase leading upstairs on the right hand side, like a spiral and Dawn could smell pizza or something Italian baking. Out of nowhere, a stocky woman came out in a creamy apron and introduced herself as Stefany, the house keeper and cook and she introduced her husband too, Frederico. After introductions were said, Dawn was shown to her room. It was a massive room with a large balcony at the very back, overlooking the vast scenery. Her queen sized bed was luxuriously as well as inviting and she had her own en suite bathroom with chrome fittings. This was bliss. She went to unpack her clothes and proceeded to take a shower.

It was some time later when she emerged from her nap, she made her way down the spiral staircase and into the living room and through the double windows could see the sun setting, leaving a musky hue on all the furnishings. The room was filled with such beautiful furniture, she just wanted someone to pinch her, because this felt fit for a princess... she turned towards the kitchen and as she approached the steps down, hadn't seen the bags laid by the door, nor the bag strap, as her foot got caught into the strap, she felt herself motion in the air towards two figures sitting at the table. Oh no, her first day in Tuscany and she was already being a clumsy foo. She didn't want to break her neck already, nor could she afford to. Luckily, she felt the hold of two strong arms around her and as she grabbed her hero's neck and found her feet, she looked at to see her hero... and her heart sank. She pushed him away and with terror as well as suffused anger she bit back,

"What the hell are you doing here?"

Ignoring her question, he sighed and looked at her, "A thank you would be nice, I just saved your life, or perhaps saved you from sustaining a broken neck, with a greeting like that, would you have liked me to have stayed seated and have you fall?" His sarcasm was caught on by Stefany who was stuttering at the table.

"Clive, must you not be sarcastic to our guest."

Dawn looked from Stefany to the gentleman and back again... there was a slight resemblance and she had a sinking feeling, they could be related. Stefany got up from the table and introduced the man standing in front of Dawn as her son.

"Your son? But... but..." Dawn said, suddenly shutting her mouth.

"He will be your tour guide whilst you are here..." Stefany said.

"Tour guide? I was expecting someone to be Italian..." Dawn muttered.

"Si, si... my son is but from my previous marriage to his father who was English... he look more like his father then me," Stefany volunteered, "But Clive is better tour guide, he grew up here more then now, he show you everything you have to see or you want to see."

He held out his hand, "Clive Owen and you must be Dawn Taylor...benvenuto alla bella città della Toscana... or in lame man's terms, welcome to the beautiful town of Tuscany."

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