01 July 2009

Melanie's Worth: Part One

Melanie swept the sleep from her eyes, she didn't want to get up for work. She just wasn't ready to face the world right now, she just wanted to sleep until her throbbing head disappeared, but could she afford to take another day off work yet again? She didn't want to build a reputation for being an all-time-late-nighter and never showed up for work, her life depended on this job. People depended on her. She sat up slowly, feeling the stiffness in her neck and felt a dampness against her cheek, her hand touched the pillow where her face had laid and to her horror, realised she had slept on her very own sick. It was green in colour and had a mosaic of the remnants of Mediterranean food she had consumed last night, she suddenly felt the bile in her throat rise and ran straight for the bathroom, only to collide with a wall of muscle. She looked up to see who she bumped into and her jaw hit the floor.
"No fucking way!" she heard herself say.

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