09 July 2009

Melanie's Worth: Part Six

Melanie got home from what could only be summed up as the strangest day. She collapsed on her cream sofa and grabbed the remote control for the TV only to see Sam Worthington's face across it.
"Of all the bloody bastards," she screeched as she flicked the channel, only to see him on every channel. She got up and switched the screen off and headed to the bedroom, but before she could get to the bedroom, her mobile phone rung. She picked the call up, not knowing the number and answered it in her professional tone, "Melanie speaking," and she heard the purr on the other end.
"Mel, darling it's Gloria here. I was wondering what you were doing this Friday night? I was hoping you would join me at an opening my friend Alex Donovan is organising... well it's one of his new clubs... and I'd love you to be there."
Melanie never mixed business with pleasure but maybe a bit of networking she could make a whole new business for herself, she was tired of having to follow orders and be told to do this and that and her salary, she could be earning more. She had been with Charice for eleven years and she knew every PR stunt, press release and what to say to the demanding interrogative press. She could really do better branching out by herself and so she accepted. Now, all she needed was a stunning dress.
The black cab arrived pronto to Melanie slipping into a pair of gorgeous Louboutin shoes. She grabbed her matching gold clutch purse and a pashmina and headed outside. Once in the cab her mobile started ringing.
" Melanie speaking!"
"Darling, it's Gloria here... I've spoken to the bouncers on the door, to let you straight in. There is a massive queue outside of commoners wanting to get in, just say you're name and they'll let you in, see you there darling."
Melanie hung up, she didn't like Gloria's turn of phrase. She expected this from people, as she'd come across a lot of them all the time but somehow Gloria's phrase really bothered her, was it due to fact that she was Sam's wife and what did that spell for Sam that he wouldn't go for such commoners, did he even think like that? Was he like that? Was she just a test, an experiment? It was one night, a night she couldn't remember and she had been racking her brains out trying to figure it out but nothing came through.
After paying the cab driver, she got out and slammed the door. The street was packed with street revellers and party goers and barely there dresses. She could see the new club a few metres away and walked towards it and realised that the queue wrapped around two blocks, she walked towards the bouncers and gave her name and they unhooked the red carpet rope and let her in. She walked into a massive ballroom and realised she had the entire view of the club, she was told to take the stairs to go down.
He looked up from a conversation he was having with the fellas, a shot of Jack Daniels in his hand and followed the gaze of his two close friends. They were staring at something in the distance and as he looked up himself, his heart shot out of his chest, well it felt like it did. She was wearing a red dress and a rather large gold belt, but that belt made her womanly curves more pronounced and he was thinking about that night he had spent with her. He had watched her sleep, after she had thrown up on her pillow and he'd wanted to clean it up but she had fallen asleep on it. He smiled to himself and his smile became broader when they had fallen to the floor laughing. His gaze never left hers as he watched her descend the stairs and into the arms of... Gloria.
Something within him, burst. What the hell did Mel have to do with his soon to be ex-wife? He wasn't going to wait, he was going to demand an answer. He was about to stomp forward when he felt a hand slam his shoulder.
"Where'd you think you're going mate?" Sam looked behind him to a furrowed Christian, whose hand was on his shoulder, "Don't you think it's best to leave it." It wasn't a question, but it was a command. Sam had worked with Christian on his last film, Terminator Salvation and Christian was a friend and a big brother and somewhere deep down inside, Sam knew he was right but he couldn't shake off the feeling that Melanie was floating in the same circles as Gloria. He was gonna find out, without Gloria's knowledge.

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