06 July 2009

Melanie's Worth: Part Three

Mel sat up, her head dizzy from laughter. She felt almost light headed. Sam stood up and helped her up.
"I really ought to change, I'm going to be late for work..." Mel said, composing herself.
"Yeah, I have to head off too."
"This is the awkward bit, right? We have to say our goodbyes and make a swift exit," Mel said staring at a point past his shoulder.
Sam peered down at her, she was avoiding his gaze and something inside him tugged. He didn't know quite what it was, but was he willing to find out? He watched Mel become uneasy, she hugged him and smiled weakly, heading towards the bedroom door.
"I'll see you around, I'm sure."
Sam wanted to say something, but he simply nodded. She had disappeared into her bedroom and he grabbed his things and left the place.
Melanie sat on her bed, furious with herself for not hinting at more and furious at him for not at least saying thank you for a great shag, what did she expect. A knight in shining armour express, this wasn't a fairytale where he would fall madly in love with her for what, one night, it just didn't happen that way. She was so surprised that she even went home with an hot up and coming movie star, let alone had something with him. She wasn't one for one night stands, you could never trust the other person, they could always turn into axe murderers for all she knew. She started to take off her heels and climb into her jeans for work when the phone started ringing. She skipped to the point, jeans past her knees and made a grab. It was her assistant Gemma telling her that there had been a power cut at the office and that the engineers were working on the problem and not to bother coming in. Melanie collapsed on the bed, her face making contact with the pool of sick on her pillow, she cringed and decided she would clean up the mess before any more surprises cropped up.
Sam pushed the key through the lock and paused at the door.
"What are you doing here?" he said annoyed, he dropped his bag at the door and shut it.
"I came here because we should talk," the tall blonde semi naked woman said.
"I'm done talking," Sam said, grabbing her clothes and flinging it at her, "Do yourself a favor, get dressed and get out of here."
"Sam, how many times do I have to tell you... I'm sorry about that... it won't happen again..."
Sam opened the fridge and closed it again, leaning against the kitchen work top he exhaled, "I want a divorce... you'll be hearing from my lawyer soon."
"Sam, you can't be serious..."
He walked towards her, he was angry now, more then he wanted to show, he grabbed her right arms and her clothes and walked her towards the door. He flung her into the hallway, discarding her as if she was a piece of trash which she was considering what she had done to him, "Don't you ever try to come back here... I'll have your stuff delivered to your agents..."
"Sam, you'll pay for this!" the threat came.
He slammed the door and sighed, he was already paying for it. He marched towards the phone and dialled a number.

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