16 June 2010

Principessa: Books & Pop Tarts

The sunshine filtered through the blinds of Lenny's bedroom window, she yawned and stretched in bed. Thankfully it was her day off. A whole twenty four hours to herself, to do whatever she pleased. She got out of bed slowly, grabbing her discarded dog eared book sitting haphazardly to one side of the bed and walked the short distance to the kitchen. She put two pop tarts into the toaster and poured a glass of concentrated orange juice and sat on the stool in front of the ancient TV set she had brought down the market for a cheap twenty quid. It was big and bulky, nothing technical about it but the plug. There was no high-definition qualities, no extra channels, just bog standard terrestrial channels. She put the warmly toasted pop tarts onto a plate and started nibbling.

She jumped into the shower a few minutes later and put on comfy jeans and a woollen roll neck jumper and rolled her luscious brown hair into a bun, she grabbed her bag and coat and headed outside into the sun. The street was already teaming with families, taking their children out for a stroll. She was going to do the exact same.

*** *** *** *** ***

He watched her from across the road, as she stepped out from her small rented apartment. She was dressed casually in denim jeans, grey trainers and a purple woollen jumper. Her hair was pulled back from her face and she was wearing her woolly coat. She didn't look anything like her picture, but he was told it was her. He got up discreetly from the park bench he'd been sitting on for the earliest part of this Sunday morning and slowly followed her. He was told by his informants that due to her parents indecision, they had given her up and she had been passed through the foster care system and unfortunately to ruly foster parents, who didn't really give her the time of day. She had her head firmly screwed on and had left to pursue her own life. He had no idea, how he was going to approach her... let alone convince her to accompany him back.

He'd been following her intensely for the last couple of weeks, keeping a close eye on her and her routine. He'd noticed she was fond of reading, every day he'd seen her with a book in hand, going to the vintage book store a few blocks away from here, going down to the flea market. He could say she was on the verge of obsessed, a complete bookworm. He was intrigued by her devotion to the written word and was assumed, she would fit nicely in the order of things. Not only was she fond of reading but she was also a hard worker, she was always working at functions as a waitress, at the laundrette folding linen, at the library helping out, she was an all round super woman and was intrigued to find out what else was simmering underneath all that clothing.

He watched as she headed towards the vintage book store, as he'd suspected and decided to hold back. He had no intention of cornering her like a hound but it was his duty to tell her, who she was and what obligations she had to uphold.

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