09 July 2010

Principessa: Inside Killer

I've been dreaming of her for so long, everything is etched into my memory of the way she walks, the way she talks, even the way she smiles and the way she was with my hands around her neck... she was begging me then... she fell in love with the wrong man and so, as by luck, I took care of it... we were supposed to be together- not my brother... as fate and the planets aligned who would have thought I would see her standing in front of me, her back turned... I knew instantly it was her because of the photos in the papers, she was much taller then I had originally thought, she had the same hair as her mother but there was something different about her, something less fragile. I only realised when I tried to take her away from prying eyes... she was like a piston... she fired back, she tried to kick me where it supposedly hurts but I wasn't going to allow it. She was like a spitfire, she was struggling to move, get out... spread her wings... I just wanted to take care of her, this is a second chance to show her that it was me, that I was... that I'm...

He put down his pen and shoved his chair back, there was commotion going on outside... he lived by the river for a reason... he longed for peace and tranquility, away from the noise pollution and madness of the City. He opened the door and stepped outside and saw a wall of plain black dressed police holding guns, targeted on him. They asked him to put his hands up and surrender, he looked around... trying to find a way out, but there was no where to go, his gun was back inside sitting on his desk but he didn't want to force a shower of bullets his way... how the fuck did they get to him... he hadn't left any evidence behind. He felt a bolt of electricity at the back and he collapsed to the floor and blacking out and around ten men grabbing a limb and hoisted him to the nearest blacked out van.

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