28 January 2011

Run & Hide

Chapter 2

His body shook with repressed anger, clutching his hands to keep from punching the wall after he discovered, she had escaped. He had been strict with her, strict with his rules; no one disobeyed him, no one. Not even a billionaire's whore of a daughter.  Soon enough, he would see to her again. 

He had received a call from work, which he needed to take and when he had returned she had gone. Vanished.   He had searched everywhere, he was thorough, but obviously not thorough enough to have read the headlines splashed all over the papers the next day; "Heiress found" ,"Missing Heiress found but still lost", "Questions arise about missing heiress"- the headlines spinning around and around, as if they had free reign in his head.   He never believed the papers, with their vile truths and homegrown stories but this, this?

How much did they know?
Did she remember anything?
How long did he have left to finish her off?

So many questions... but they would be answered soon enough.
He was confident in knowing he had covered himself up, his den had been cleared of anything that would relate back to him, he was a minimalist with a head of ideas. He believed in finishing off what he began, just like the others. The others, he sighed, smiling happily at what he had done to them, they all had begged to be saved, begged to be given another chance. They had all begged, except for Ruby, she had been the first out of all his guests to have not begged at all.  She had cursed him, cursed his ways and threatened.  He had been surprised at his reaction, his reaction of blood rushing south, at knowing she could elicit a sexual hunger from him, but he had been blunt with her, injured her, to dull out that longing.  He shouldn't feel things like that for a whore. Why should these rich kids be allowed to get away with it? Just because they had the money, the wealth, the title... they could get away with murder... murder was his job. It was about time, someone put them all back in their place and he would, once he planned to get Ruby Lee Carlton back in his grasp.

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