03 February 2011

Run & Hide

Chapter 5

Don Lee Carlton was a man of great wealth and responsibility, he had been born into a poverty stricken home, working hard and getting good grades was only half of it.  The other half came from his inheritance from a grandfather who had long been forgotten, through blood, sweat and tears, he'd built his empire.   As Don sat at the oak table in his office, he lifted the telephone receiver and dialled his daughter's number.  He had been trying to call her and this had been his ninth attempt but it always went to voicemail.  He seemed to be having a better relationship with her voicemail then the very person. 

Ruby Lee Carlton, his only daughter... his only child was very much like her mother. She was mean spirited, independent, as well as beautiful and compassionate.  Just thinking about his daughter, always made him think of his wife. Did his wife, think he had done a good enough job raising her? Or was she turning in her grave thinking he had done a disastrous job? He had tried to be there as much as he could, but he had a business to run and he didn't want to leave it in the incapable hands of one of his directors, who didn't know the ropes like he did. His ropes.
It had now been almost twenty years since his wife's passing and in that time, he'd managed to have the whole Pacific separate him from his daughter.  When she had been missing, it tore him apart.  He couldn't sleep, eat, let alone work.  God was punishing him but it also made me think for good reason, he'd taken his own flesh and blood for granted and he wanted to make amends straight off the bat. He'd hired one of his top security guards to keep an eye on her and he stared at the report before him.  He'd been told that a guest list was obtained from one of his parties, the night she disappeared and she had hired a private investigator, which pretty much said, she was living in fear.  Why wouldn't she allow him to help her?  Did she think it was his fault? Don scratched his beard, grimaced.  He already knew his daughter didn't meet eye to eye with him, but to the point of distrust, it infuriated him, made me mad... but it also questioned what he had done.  The burden was heavy...

"You wanted to see me Don?" the man stepped into his office.

Don glanced up to see Felix, one of his trusted foreman enter the room, "Yes, I have a little something for you to do for me..." And Don went into his drawer and took it out.

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