13 July 2011

Have You Ever


... wanted to take over the world?

I'm the worst in relationships- the worst, it's either me or the fact I seem to be attracted to the wrong blokes OR in fact, I attract the wrong ones.  I don't know, I'm just over it.  Do you think my luck will change if I go out with an ugly bloke with a nice personality- a role reversal of the sort? Nah, I'm not really feeling the idea.  I'm leafing through Hello magazine on a Saturday afternoon, the shop is actually quiet, so I'm out back and Keira my trusted assistant is in the front, ringing up the purchases for customers.  I haven't seen Jack since that night he dropped that weird conversation on me, nor have I seen his brother either. Good riddance. That was awkward, it wasn't as if we were an item. Maybe the dating game is even more confusing then when I was last in it. Anyway, the past is the past, no point in looking back and cringing.

Tomorrow, I'm flying off to Paris, yes Paris-Eiffel Tower-The Louvre-Paris.  I'm excited.  The last time I went there was last year, I needed some snazzy ideas for the deco for the shop and any such excuse to tuck into their macaroons and fine cuisine.  This time, it's business- I'm planning to expand the business abroad. I want to open my business in Paris- it's a big step but one I'm confident in taking.  If all is successful, I will entrust this flagship shop to Keira who will take care of this, whilst I plan the next step in my empire.  Paris, I cannot wait, it's all, I've been thinking about since I booked the tickets the other day. 

I cannot wait....

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