25 August 2011

Have You Ever: Epilogue


... witnessed a miracle?

"Sssh, I just got her to sleep, she's just nodded off," whispered Jack as he cradled his baby daughter of two months in the crook of his arm.

Frederica set the cup of tea on the ledge of the bay window and sat down beside him, looking at their beautiful daughter Amelie.  She had her father's eyes and her mother's nose but she was perfect in every way.  Frederica had taken a few months off work and made Keira partner, to level out the business.  Motherhood brought on many challenges but she wouldn't change it for the world, even if she had only had a couple of nights sleep in the last two months.  They had gotten married in a small ceremony surrounded by their friends and family and had slipped away on a long honeymoon where Jack showed Frederica exactly what being a husband really meant to him. 

Jack turned towards his wife, "She's beautiful, I can't quite believe it."

"She's perfect,"  Frederica smiled at her daughter and up at the man she dearly loved.

"No, honey she isn't perfect at all... she's just like her mother... beautiful and keeping me on my toes," Jack said as he gave Frederica the simplest of kisses.


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