15 August 2011

Have You Ever


... realised that distance makes the heart grow fonder? (And the sex is even hotter?)

My father was discharged from the hospital two weeks ago and is now lounging in bed with a broken leg and a fractured shoulder.  He's sitting comfortably watching re-runs of Porridge and Only Fools & Horses- so he is content.  Some idiot on their mobile phone was texting at the time and hadn't seen dad walking onto the road at a pedestrian crossing and when they had looked up, they tried to swerve to avoid hitting him- and in actual fact ended up hitting him.  I don't know what's more ironic then that. 

"Did you manage to speak to Frieda? How is she doing?" I ask.

"Your sister is a ticking time bomb and I know it's partly due to the hormones but I hadn't realised how spoilt she is- God only knows whether she will be a good enough parent to take care of her baby.  I have faith that Hartley will keep her in check, now that they're expecting," my father says in between bites.

"Yeah, that's Frieda for you," I simply muster.

"Y'know, your mother and me are entirely sorry for the way we have treated you Frederica... honestly, we don't know how more we can-"

I don't particularly want to talk about it, I know my parents are sorry but bringing it up is still a sore point, "Don't worry about it dad, that's all in the past now."

"I know sweetheart, I know but I just want to tell you that we are so sorry... y'know your sister can be completely manipulative and it'd been going for so long... it was like gospel." 

I stare outside the window and suddenly my phone rings and I stare at the phone screen, it's Jack.  I make my excuses and go out on to the balcony to take the call.

"Hi Jack," I say

"Hi Frederica, how are you?" he asks.

"I'm good, just hanging out with dad."

"Oh yeah, how's the old man doing?"

"He still has to have his cast on for a few more weeks yet but he's doing okay.  Thanks for sending the Porridge and Only Fools & Horses box sets, it's keeping him occupied. I'll pay you back when I get back."

"No need to pay me back, consider it a gift- speaking of getting back, when are you coming back?"

"I'm not sure Jack, whilst mum goes out, I'm kinda left here to take care of dad but am looking to open up a store here though, so who knows when I will be back. How's everything with you?"

"Work is crazy, I've been working like a dog but the company is flourishing,"  Jack says.

"That's great news, I'm so happy for you."

"Thanks Frederica, I was thinking of taking a holiday for a couple of days,"  Jack says.

"Oh really, where you planning to go?" Frederica says, keeping an eye on her dad.

"Paris," Jack replies simply.

"Paris, eh?" Frederica smiles into the handset, "When are you planning to take the days off?"

"Oh, y'know, maybe this weekend... wanted to know if you'll be around?" Jack asks.

"Around? Yeah, I'm not really going anywhere..."

"Cool, if you could drop me a text with your address, I'll come and visit you."

"Sure, I'll do that."

"Great! I better be off, gotta finish things off here before I vacate out of here... see you soon," Jack says and hangs up. 

I take a look at the scenery before me, take a glance at the landscape and sigh, Jack's coming to see me in Paris. Paris. He's been calling every day since I've been in France and sometimes our conversations seem to stem from the completely unreal to more focal issues like dad and shops etc.  I'm still confused to what we are and where we're going but I'm excited that he's coming to see me.  I don't have many friends here, just dad, mum and me.  I head back into the room and my dad looks at me.

"Was that him?" he asks.

"Him?" I say, trying to be discreet.

"Y'know your boyfriend?" my dad says, "The bloke who sent over these DVDs."

"He's not my boyfriend dad," I say, taking my seat once again.

"Are you sure? He seems to be calling you somewhat a lot since you've been here.  Y'know when I was courting your mother, she ignored me for some time in our early courtship but that made me want her even more," my dad begins.

"Dad, I hardly think Jack is wooing me," I say.

"Yes, but he is calling you a lot," he points out.

"Because he's one of my good friends,"  I reply back.

"Yes, but even good friends don't call incessantly, every day just to see how you are.  I think that man has a soft spot for you."

"Dad, I really don't want to talk about it," I say.

"Now, now Fred... I know you've been hurt in the past but you can't let the past stop you from being happy- say he's the one? Eh?" My dad obviously won't let the conversation topic drop, "No matter how hard you try to avoid it, or however hard you try to think nothing is going to come out of it love, destiny has a way of bringing him to you."

"Since when did you become so hopeful dad?" I ask.

"Oh honey, I've always been hopeful... it's what being in love feels like and you will feel like that, I'm sure."

"After almost thirty years with your mother, there hasn't been a day I haven't questioned my love for her- without her, I'd be nothing and I certainly wouldn't be the man I am today,"

"This is corny dad," I say, embarrassed.

"Corny but true," he responds.

"But how did you know you loved her and that you wanted to spend the rest of your life with her?" I ask, because I don't know what love is...

"As silly as it might sound, you just know- there's no way of describing it. You just know," he says.

"That really helps dad," I say.  Could I be in love with Jack?  I don't really know him as well, as I should, but what does knowing him have anything to do with what I feel for him? I haven't even slept with him, what if sleeping with him will change things- of course it will change things, how could it not.  I'll think about it and face it when Jack gets here and that's four days away.  Four days with my thoughts.


My iPhone beeps, it's a text message from Jack, he's ten minutes away- luckily mum has taken dad out on a little excursion, so I have the house all to myself and can avoid any unwanted questions.  I've dressed up in a loose cardi that exposes a shoulder and jeans.  I practically live in jeans when I'm around at my parents, my hair is braided and I've put on a bit of slap on today, of course, I want to come across effortless but I still want to look pretty.  I'm a bunch of nerves at the moment- I haven't seen Jack in almost two weeks and I really miss him.  I can't wait to see him.  Everything is in working order over in London, Keira has been taking care of the bakery whilst I've been away and have received countless text messages from Ronan whinging about Charlotte.  What else is new there.  I can hear an engine pull up in the drive and automatically open the door and see Jack getting off his bike and take off his helmet.  He looks up and smiles and I walk towards him.  He settles his helmet on his bike and notice straight away, his hair has grown and looks very Zac Efron-esque, he's wearing his biker jacket. 

"Hey you," he smiles and walks towards me and pulls me into a bear hug, "God, I've missed you."  He whispers as I hear him inhale the scent of my hair, "God, you smell good too." And it's weird, because I can almost feel his smile as well. 

I can't help but say it too, "I've missed you too."  And I look him in the eye, "How was your journey? I can't believe you brought your bike."

"I hate Eurostar and I love my bike, no fuss there," he touches the side of my face with his fingers, as if he can't quite believe I'm standing right in front of him.

"You must be starving?" I ask but he draws closer and kisses me, his arms linking around my waist as I take his face into my hands.

Somehow from the gravel drive way, we've found ourselves tearing each other's clothes off in the guest bedroom.  He's licking, tasting and kissing me everywhere and I can only think about amazing and utterly sexy he makes me feel. I can't get enough of him- he kisses his way down the column of my neck to the valley of my breasts, taking his time suckling my nipples and making me even more aroused before.  He kisses lightly my stomach and then makes his way down towards my sacred spot and then impact. I gasp, oh my gawd.  He's making love to my inner core, I gasp, losing myself in his mouth and before I can come, he stops and I look down to see his cheeky grin. 

"I want to see you come when I'm inside you," he says seductively and that is the most sexiest thing, I have ever heard him say.

He sheaths himself and slowly enters me, he's big and for me, it's been a while. He's kissing me, caressing me and bit by bit, I'm accomodating him. He's big. I wince and he stops mid-way, "Am I hurting you?"

"No," it's barely a whisper, "I want you now."

And that's all I say, as he starts a slow thrust and works up momentum.  I can feel myself free falling over the edge and as my pants come quicker, I notice his eyes are fastened on my face, never leaving my face and I come and a few seconds later, he does too.  He's still on top of me, kissing me and eventually withdraws and lies breathless beside me.  He draws me into his embrace and suddenly, drowsy, I fall asleep, happy and content.

I wake up suddenly- turn to my side and notice Jack asleep beside me.  His brown hair covers his eyes and I realise, how beautiful he looks. I get up and shower in the ensuite bathroom and put on a dress and head downstairs, there's still no sign of my parents - which is good as I don't feel I have to explain my actions.  I put the kettle on and reheat the food.  Minutes later, Jack walks down in just his jeans and his chest is bare and I can do nothing but stare.  Is my tongue rolling on the floor?  We say nothing to each other but he looks at me, a look I've never seen before and I feel myself blush.

"Are you hungry?" I ask, but he says nothing and walks towards me and kisses me smack bang on the lips.  He kisses like I have never been kissed before, he touches my wet hair in his hands and my hands are on his chest, we're so lost in each other, it's crazy, yet neither of us notices the front door open and both my parents standing at the door gawping.

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