24 October 2011

The Reluctant Millie Bright

Chapter Five

Liam found Millie sitting on the bench by the door.  He'd almost ran past her, heading outside.  She looked distant.  She hadn't even noticed he had walked up to her, until he sat down next to her.  She was shivering, he took off his tuxedo jacket and planted it around her shoulders.  She leaned against him and drew her closer to him.  Pulling out his phone, he called his driver.  And shortly after that, she was ensconced in his arms in the back of the limo.  She didn't say anything.  But she didn't need to, she was obviously tired from the night out.  By the time they arrived in front of the hotel, she'd fallen asleep in his arms.  He didn't have the heart to wake her up, so he carried her into the hotel and up to his penthouse suite.  Once there, he went straight to the bedroom and laid her on top of the bed.  She had gone out like a light.  He wanted her to be comfortable, so he risked undressing her.  Thankfully the dress was easy to coax her out of but as he was peeling the garment away, he noticed a scar from her abdomen disappearing out into her underwear.  He also noticed other faint scars.  They hadn't been there before, he'd remembered their love sessions, some had been crazy sexy and others had been slow and sensual.  In those times, he had devoured every part of her body and now he stood, puzzled at these markings on her body.  Where did they come from? Grabbing the duvet cover, he covered her and left the room. 

The following day, Millie woke up and discovered she only had her underwear on underneath the duvet.  Her heart doubled in speed as she tried to determine whether Liam had seen the scars.  Every time she looked at them, she was reminded of the joy and then the utter terror of it all.  The attack. Lying in bed and being told of her loss and then having to piece her life back together, by herself.  She had always been by herself but with the loss of her child, she felt even more alone then ever before.  It had been a year and a half and she was still trying to piece everything together.  It was a slow process and one in which she thought she had been making progress on, until he came back into her life and now she was lying in a bed in his suite. She got up and went into the bathroom to shower.  After a few minutes, she was dressed in jeans and a jumper and she headed straight out, bag in tow.

Liam looked up from his laptop as Millie walked out already dressed for the day.  He also noticed her hand luggage and came to the assumption she was leaving him.  Well she better think again.  

"Where do you think you're going?" It wasn't meant to sound demanding but some how it had.

"I'm leaving," Millie said.

"I can see that.  But what I really want to know is why?" Liam stood up from behind the desk and strode towards her.

"I don't have to answer to you, not anymore," Millie said with confidence.

"Fine, at least answer one question and then I'll let you go," Liam said, folding his arms, "What are those scars on your body?  I don't recall seeing them before."

Millie stood frozen to the spot.  So, he had seen them.  She was an idiot to think that he hadn't, almost wishing that he'd ignored them.  How could anyone not notice them, they were grotesque.  Souvenirs from a horrific time, she was trying to get past.  She met his question with silence.

"It's okay, we can talk whilst we take the jet," Liam said walking towards her and taking her luggage from her grip.

"The jet?" Millie said, confusion written all over her face.

"Yes, the jet.  We're going to my holiday home in St. Lucia.  Whatever you need to tell me, I prefer it we didn't have all this craziness interfering. We better get going, our transportation is outside."

And with that announcement, Millie could do nothing but follow.

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