17 November 2011

The Reluctant Millie Bright

Fantasy is Reality

Millie took Liam's hand as she gracefully exited the comfort of the limousine to the rapturous applause and screaming of hundreds of people who were milling around the theatre.  She was nervous, this was the first public outing she would be taking as Mrs Liam Blake and to say she was nervous was an understatement.  She was absolutely kacking it. 

"Breathe Mills, I'm here and I won't leave your side," Liam whispered into her ear.

"How do you do this?" Millie whispered back.

"It takes practice, but at the beginning it used to be very daunting but it's all part of the package," Liam soothed. 

Girls were screaming and chanting out his name and Liam walked towards them with an easy confidence.  He took pictures with them, chatted with them and signed autographs with them.  All whilst Millie stood uncomfortably a few feet behind him.  He spun around and caught her eye and called her over.  He introduced her to the crowd and they all 'ahhh-ed' at them.  Liam drew her to him and kissed her on the cheek to the cheers and congratulations of the crowd.

"See... nothing to worry about, they love you but not as much as me,"  Liam whispered to her.

Millie nodded.  A few minutes later they were ushered into the theatre and led to the Royal Box where they took their seats and were offered champagne.

"I haven't been to the theatre in such a long time, I almost forgot what it felt like," Millie whispered, peering over the ledge.

"What was the last production you saw?" Liam asked, watching her.  She was elegantly dressed in a black dress, the A-line skirt fitted like a glove and came just below her knee. The top half showcased her cleavage in an off the shoulder cowl fashion.  He was finding it hard to steer his eyes away from them.  Her chocolate brown hair was fashioned in curls and was partly swept up from her face.  God, she was a vision.  He looked at her hands and noticed the sparkler on her wedding finger and the platinum wedding band he planted there shortly after. 

"It was a musical at the Drury Lane Theatre... I saw bits of it as I was working that night,"  she replied.

"Working? So you've never really been to the theatre as a guest then?" Liam asked.

"No, not really... in between working and studying and other things, I never really had the time to enjoy nights out like that, so I guess, officially this would be my first," Millie said.

"Honey, you should have said?!"  Liam leaned forward and kissed her, "I would have loved to have taken you to a production."

Millie touched his knee and smiled, "Liam, I don't want you thinking that I would want this and that... I haven't married you for the money..."

"Sssh," Liam said, stopping her with a kiss, "I know. You married me for my sense of humour and my ability to make you cum."

Millie gasped and hit him lightly on the arm, "Liam, you're so dirty."

"You love me really, besides you're my wife now and I'm going to make you the happiest woman alive and if it's providing you multiple orgasms, then so be it," Liam smiled cheekily.

"What are you like,"  Millie smiled as she leaned in towards him. 

"Now now, there can't be any public affection here... Liam doesn't do that," the voice emerged behind them and it was Hartley who was striding into the Royal Box.

Millie laughed and hugged Hartley, "He does now." 

"Yes, only because of you Millie... he's a changed man," Hartley greeted Liam.

"How's Frieda?"  Liam asked

"She's nervous, which is normal.  I caught her trying to pull a fast one with a shot of tequila to calm her nerves... gosh that woman really keeps me on my feet, I'm telling you. At least I can say, my marriage is fresh because of it," Hartley admitted, "So, you kids looking forward to your honeymoon tomorrow? What time are you leaving?  You got time for a few drinks after this?"

"We're leaving in the afternoon," Liam said and looked at Millie, "What do you reckon, a few drinks after?"

Millie smiled, "Why not? It will be a while till we see you guys."

"True.  Thanks for coming, Frieda and I really appreciate it.  Considering it's her return to acting and her stage debut, she's counting on all the support she can get."  Hartley smiled.

"Where's Fred and Jack? I thought that they would be here?" Millie asked.

"Yeah, they went away for a couple of days, a mini break and so, y'know before the baby arrives,"  Hartley admitted.

"Is Sam and Elv coming?"  Millie asked.

"They wanted to but Elv's doing a gig in the US and Sam went along with the kids, they have family out there also, so they thought, why not y'know.  Kill two birds with one stone," Hartley said, "Thanks for coming though.

"Our pleasure," Liam said, as the lights in the theatre faded out.


Liam grabbed the DSLR from the table beside him and looked through the eye piece, he focused on his wife who was lying on her stomach on the sun lounger reading this morning's paper.  She was wearing an electric blue bikini and her hair was bunched up on top of her hair.  She was a sight.  He snapped away, understanding why the paps went wild everywhere they went, because she was beautiful.  She had become an overnight celebrity. She was reluctant to take the role because she wasn't that.  She was just Millie through and through. 

Liam thought back to his wedding day a few weeks back.  He remembered standing at the altar of a beautiful Chapel in the Cotswold's, he was dressed up in a tailored black Armani suit with his best man Hartley in the same attire.  Their children were their flower girl and ring bearer and Millie had chosen Sam as her maid of honor.  Sam was hilarious with a cracking sense of humour and there was never a dull moment when she was around.  He liked her more and more everytime he met her.  When it came down to Millie though, his heart had skipped a beat and then tripled in speed when she graced the aisle, walking towards him.  He couldn't express the feeling that was welling up inside him.  It had been a mixture of pride, happiness, glee and an abundance of love and joy that were threatening the tears welling up in his eyes.  It had been one of the happiest days of his life.  She was wearing an elegant understated dress, he couldn't quite remember the label but that didn't matter, the superficial things didn't matter anymore, not when it came to love and marriage and Millie.  Millie was what made everything right in the world, Millie was whom completed him. 

"Why have you got that faraway look about you again?" she said interrupting his thoughts, as she came sauntering over to him and sat on his lap.

"I was just thinking," Liam said.

"Thinking?  What about?  Something good I hope?"  Millie fiddled with his hair.

"Thinking about you of course, thinking about what I want to do to you," Liam teased.

Millie rolled her eyes and got up, "Let's do something..."

"Yes, let's!"  Liam said jumping on her and tickling her. She laughed out loud, trying to stop him from tickling her any further, "I was thinking of getting you naked."

"Stop thinking man and do it, just don't tickle me anymore,"  Millie laughed.

"I'm glad I can persuade you to my side of thinking," Liam laughed, as he kissed her and pulled at the strings of her bikini top.


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