08 April 2012

Amber's Advocate

Chapter Six


Amber stared at the ceiling, she was accustomed to looking at ceilings especially as she'd stared at the same one numerous times before, when her posture obviously couldn't take the force anymore and she'd stumble and hit the floor.  She remembered having the breathe stolen from her and the numbness sinking into her nerve endings.  She exhaled, blinking back the images as well as the emotions welling up inside her. 

"Up you get." The strong arms of her Krav Maga instructor as he set her on her feet and carried on explaining ways to defend and deter danger. 

Amber listened intently, she wanted to soak up as much information as humanly possible.  She was afraid but she was tired of playing the 'afraid' card.  If Rick was released on parole, she wanted to be ready.  If he wanted to play dirty, so could she.  She was the only woman in the class and was always picked to do demonstrations, usually she found herself on the floor most times but in order for her to learn, she would have to start from rock bottom... the floor.  The session was over, she grabbed her bags and scurried out of the class.  She badly needed a pick me up, a fruity drink to calm her beating heart and a couple of minutes to gain back her breathe.  Heading to the smoothie bar, she chose a strawberry and mango shake and sat down by the window.  Staring out into the street, watching the every day people going about their day to day lives and then she heard her name.  She heard it again and spun around to see Cade in sweats and an a hoodie which revealed a glimpse of his hairless chest.  He had his gym bag in his hand and his hair was damp from what she gathered must have been a shower.

"Funny seeing you here," he smiled warmly looking towards the empty seat, waiting for an invitation. 

He was met with silence.

"I'm sorry... did you want to...?"  Amber whispered.

"Never thought you'd ask," he grinned as he took the seat in front of her, "What did you go on?"

"Go on?" Amber replied, her mind not with her, as usual.

"The gym equipment.  What did you use?"  he asked.

"I don't really use the machines here,"  Amber replied.

"Oh, then you must have been at one of the classes then... let me guess... you're a Zumba girl.  I can't say I'm a Zumba girl myself but hey, there's a first and last time for everything," he quipped. He was rewarded with a giggle and he smiled, "Y'know you look beautiful when your eyes light up like that."

Amber smiled a shy thanks, "What did you do here?"

"Apart from trying to get fit and getting rid of my gut... not much else.  Are you waiting on another class? Or are you good to talk?" Cade replied. 

"I've just finished my class and just having a breather before I head off home, you?" Amber asked lightly.

"Not sure, I've got a couple of days off, so I'm trying to decide what to do with my time.  Any recommendations?"  Cade asked, trying to gage conversation.  He hadn't wanted to do much with his time off, but having seen Amber from across the room, an idea struck him.  He was intrigued.  There was something intriguing about her- he didn't know whether it was because she didn't disclose what she did, that made him want to peel the layers.  From where he was sitting, she definitely had a body, even if it was dressed in layers of sweats.  

"I'm sure there are galleries and museums to amuse you," Amber replied getting up.

Cade watched as she prepared to leave, collecting her things and dumping her smoothie into the bin. he stayed sitting, "Can I take you to lunch tomorrow?"

Amber stopped and turned around, "Lunch?"

"Dinner is too pretentious, lunch is easy going... no pressure, so what do you say?" Cade said, still seated.

"Is this a date?" Amber asked.

"Just lunch with a mate, not unless you want it to be... it's on your terms... but I'd like the company, for lunch tomorrow," he stood up and walked towards her, "What do you say?"

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