17 August 2012

Amber's Advocate

Chapter Sixteen

Progress... Plans...

A Week Later...

    The man opposite him pushed the manila envelope towards him.

    "What's this?" Rick responded, picking it up and staring into it.

    "You wanted to know, so I got you something... open it up and you'll find out," the stocky man said, leaning back in his chair.

    Rick opened the envelope and caught sight of the bitch laughing hand in hand with a man he didn't know.  The photos were black and white, reminding him of stake outs he'd seen in an episode of CSI:New York the other night in the communal hall of this dank miserable shit hole of a prison.  Ironic.  He looked at the next photo and they she was kissing him, leaning into him and his hands were in her hair. 

    "Your point? Or did you just give this to me to fucking piss me off?" Rick slated.

    "Attitude... don't forget your place now Rick.  You forget who's on the inside and who's not," the stocky man pointed out.

    "What do you want Stan?" Rick said through clenched teeth, if he wasn't incarcerated in this place, his face would meet his fist. 

     "Your little girlfriend's snapped up a right gold mine.  He's an heir to an obscene amount of money... obscene... more then you and I will ever see in a life time," Stan grinned with malice, "So, I'm cutting you a deal... but that depends on what you're willing to pay me."

    "I want her to pay but I can't do that because I'm stuck in this fucking hell hole... I want to watch her die by my hand and my hand only..." Rick tried to contain his fury.

    "That can be arranged... these cells, this establishment is as corrupt as the lawyers of this city, the government and every police officer. When you wave a little green in their faces, they're like putty in your hands.  You can do what the hell you like with them, because they've sold their soul to the fucking devil himself.  Even the Senator of this state is as corrupt as they come and I know. I know.  I can promise you, I can get you out of this place in a couple of days before she gets to live the American Dream again," Stan said smugly.

    "Hold on a second, is she coming here?" Rick stammered, in shock.

    "Your little witch is travelling to the US... the land of the fucking free with her boyfriend... and then we can truly play our cards right.  Forget about the state lottery... we'll be rich!" Stan said rubbing his fingers together. 

    "So, what do you propose?" Rick said, leaning forward.  Licking his lips in anticipation.


    "Are you sure about this? I mean really sure? Sure as sure can be?" Millie said leaning against the door jamb of Amber's room.

    "At the beginning I was a little apprehensive, y'know with the state of affairs... the issues... but I'm tired of being scared... I just want to face it.  What's the least that could happen?  He's in prison, there's no way he's coming out.  I'll be safe, I can protect myself," Amber resigned herself to say, "I'll be fine."

   "Only if you're sure?" Millie smiled.

   "I'm sure, besides I really miss New York... it's home, even if there are things I don't want to think about there... I just want to get on with it," Amber replied.

   "Wow! I never thought I'd actually see the day... but this is pretty awesome," Millie said striding up to Amber and hugging her.

   "What are you talking about?" Amber said, drawing away from her friend.

   "You're in love with him?" Millie stated the obvious.

   "I'm not in lo-"

   "Love does a many great things... I should know... wow..." Millie said jumping up down, "I tried to deny it, but you do... you've got courage, determination... and the fact you're going back to New York, says it all.  You're willing to be with him, despite that.  It's gotta be love."

    "No, it's courage... now get off... I've gotta go give Shadow a bath," Amber walked away.

   "I know you're trying to evade my question, but I know you..." Millie said pointedly.

   "Like I said, I gotta go give Shadow a batch," Amber said, making a quick exit.  If she couldn't figure it out, could other people?

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