27 May 2009

La Dolce Vita: Part III

Amelia rode in the taxi with Rob with the canvas's between them.

"How long have you painted?" Rob asked curiously.

"I've been painting since I was about two, at that time it was mostly finger painting but this is to be my second exhibition." Amelia said briefly, she was also curious about the stranger beside her, "And what do you do Rob?"

Rob paused and the silence stretched between them.

"If you don't want to tell me that perfectly fine, "Amelia said with a touch of hurt in her voice, she hoped she'd covered up, "Sometimes I go to these places to escape the craziness of life, the hustle and bustle of it all, to people talking, saying things behind my back. I just come here for peace of mind and to the simplicity of it all... sorry, sometimes I can go on and on..."

"I'm an actor," Rob said abruptly. He hadn't planned on revealing himself to her, except that there was something about her that drew something out in him and he knew instinctively, that he could trust her. He was waiting for some reaction but there was none.

"Oh yeah, what kind of films have you been in?" Amelia asked.

"I've been in a few, some of them you might have heard of... um, The Twilight Saga... How to Be... Little Ashes," Rob volunteered. He waited for a reaction but there wasn't one, except when she came to speak, "I did see Little Ashes a few months back because I was intrigued by the early life of Dali and didn't recognise that it was you who played him, you must be the Robert P. Blake"

"What are your thoughts of Salvador Dali?" Robert was intrigued.

"To be honest, I'm really fascinated by him. He's so imaginative, I don't think there are enough words to fully describe the artist that he is. I love his movement of 'Surrealism' as well as his work overall being a piece of symbolism, there are just not enough works of art today that symbolise, let alone encapsulates the feelings of a painter..." she blushed, "I'm babbling again, I've been wanting to talk to someone about anything art related, I'm in the most glorious of places, a centre piece for Renaissance art and there's just no one to talk to... sorry,"

He looked at the pink tinting her cheeks and smiled at her knowledge of the artist, he felt connected to Dali too, more from an actor's focal point then anything. He looked at the way her hair sashayed from her shoulders to the front of her top and seemed to get lost looking at her artist hands. The taxi came to an abrupt stop and Rob careered forward, using his hand to stop his fall. He opened the door and climbed out, paying the taxi driver and then opening Amelia's side and extricating the canvas's, Amelia got out and smiled.

"You already paid the taxi driver. That was naughty," she smiled, "Would you like to go for a drink later... or a meal, I could do with some conversation, that's if you're not busy..."

Rob had plans to meet a couple of friends that he could not rearrange with, "Unfortunately, I already have plans to meet up with some friends, perhaps tomorrow?"

They stood outside in the street basking in the sun with a pile of canvas's between them. "I'm afraid, I will be painting tomorrow, I will be going to Tuscany to expand my exhibition."

"Oh wow, Tuscany, just for the day?" he asked.

"Three days, I am staying at Giovanni's brother's house." Amelia smiled.

"Oh, does your exhibition cover most of Italy?" Rob asked.

"Figuratively speaking, it's about love in scenery and in country... I can't really divulge too much into it. It's supposed to be top secret but now that I've told you, I hope you will keep it to yourself."

"Of course, your secret is safe with me. Let me help you with these inside." Rob grabbed the canvas's and he followed Amelia in.

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