26 May 2009

La Dolce Vita: Part II

By the time Giovanni returned from the school with Nikos, the sun was setting and Amelia had stayed opened far too long. She had put the unsold bread away in containers but the shop remained open and she had somehow made quite a bit of money. Giovanni was holding a sleeping Nikos in his arms, whilst his wife Roberta opened the door to their apartment and took Nikos from her husband's arms.

Giovanni came over to Amelia, "Graci Piccola, graci."

"How is Nikos?" Amelia asked.

Giovanni nodded and explained that there was a bit of an accident at his school and that he would be okay, that he had injured himself and he needed to rest up but that everything was okay and that all he needed was his rest. Amelia nodded in sympathy and offered her help but Giovanni simply declined, handed over some money whereby Amelia declined. She was happy to help in the situation. She said her goodbye and went upstairs to her apartment.

When she walked to the window to close the curtains, she heard the faint strumming of an acoustic guitar and a faint humming. She paused, unaware that she was taking in the delights of the song. She shook out of her trance and went to draw the curtains and get ready for bed. It was still early but she found herself quite tired by the days events. She showered quickly and went to bed, tomorrow was another day and yet another early morning where she had to pick up a few bits and pieces.

When Rob woke up, it was ten to eleven. He loved sleep and realised how much he had missed the hours of it. He could truly sleep forever but he knew there were things to do today, things to explore and things to uncover. He was looking forward to catching up with some old friends and being still somehow made him restless, he was always on the move. He showered and dressed quickly and made his way out. He loved morning walks on the promenade leading to the hustle and bustle of the busy street and seeing the town's folk congregating to set up their stalls and sells the many trinkets, food varieties and other Italian delicacies. There was something about this place that he loved, that he somehow couldn't get anywhere else.

He came to a stall selling a variety of cheap rip off sunglasses. He smiled ruefully at the extent of which some people went to make some money. Cheap plastic and probably not catered against UV sunlight but what tourist would care, they would walk away with a cheap pair of fake designer sunglasses. The next stall sold copyrighted music CDs, as he walked forwards to the next stall and the next, his eyes concentrating on the wide variety of merchandise, the stalls quickly became hampered with tourists and this was what he wanted to avoid, large groups of foreigners, in case he got recognised. He turned left into a quiet shopping centre. The cool air of the air conditioning chillers, sent goose bumps to the surface of his skin. He looked up to a music shop up ahead and made a beeline towards it, before he approached it, something caught his eye. He stopped and saw the bread girl emerging out of the paint shop. She was struggling with a heap of blank canvas's. Her face etched with struggle. He walked into the shop.

Amelia didn't think that far ahead, she was excited to purchase more blank canvas's for more painting. Her exhibition deadline was little over a month away and she had a couple of more to paint before it's completion. She dragged the canvas's away from the counter but hadn't realised how heavy they were. Arthur, the paint shop owner was busy with another artist and she didn't want to bother him with her inability to shift a couple of canvas's. She dragged it out, unaware that she'd come to a wall. She turned around and came face to face with a pair of familiar green eyes. She stepped back and the canvas's fell to the floor in a heap. She dropped her satchel and went to the floor to pick it up, as the stranger with the green eyes did too.
"I'm sorry to trouble you, I saw you through the window. You seemed to be having trouble with these," Rob grabbed the canvas's to stand on their sides.
"Thank you, I was thinking of a way to get 'em to my flat but somehow I get so excited, I sometimes forget... anyway, thanks..." Amelia smiled.
"How are you planning to get these back? Taxi?" Rob offered, I can give you hand. I only live across the road from you."
"You're ciabatta boy," Amelia laughed.
The sound of her laughter rang in his ears and it was the sweetest sound he had heard in a while. He found himself smiling and he replied, "You must be the bread girl then."
"Yes," Amelia said and with one hand holding her canvas's and the other drawn out to shake his hand, "I'm Amelia."
He took her hand and he smiled, "I'm Rob, nice to make your acquaintance."

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