28 May 2009

La Dolce Vita: Part V

The kiss was soft, gentle and Amelia clung to him as if her life depended on it. She could feel his hands in her hair, deepening the kiss. The kiss was making her go weak at the knees, not because he was Robert P. Blake the actor, but because she was drawn to him, it was raw physical need from human to human and because he was a man who thought she was attractive that made her go weak.

She was soft in his hands, like putty. He hadn't imagined this kiss to be erotic yet sensual. Her hair was like chocolate silk in his bare hands and she was pressed against him, he didn't want to let go for the idea of her breaking away from him left him feeling cold. This was unlike him, to kiss a stranger, but he was somehow compelled to. He withdrew suddenly, he didn't do this and why did he do this? Because she was upset, fraught, lonely... he just didn't know.

"I'm sorry... I don't know... what I... what came over me," Rob stammered. He wasn't a stammering spoken person but somehow, all knowledge of vocabulary left him. He looked at Amelia waiting for an answer and got none, all he saw was a dazed expression as if the kiss had affected her more then she let on. She touched her lips and then took a deep breathe, "Amelia?"

"I have to go," and Amelia turned on her heel and ran off.

Rob let her go, how could he run after her and ask her to explain what she was feeling if he was as puzzled as a Rubik cube. So he stood for a moment, stuck to the spot. His insides were flaring and his heart was the rhythm of a drum. He turned to gaze at the ocean, all at peace. He was taken a back, too much. Could he afford this? Did he want this? He didn't know.

Amelia was out of breathe when she got to her apartment, she sat on the bed with a thud. It was a kiss and nothing more, she couldn't have it be more... she couldn't handle it. She needed to forget it, but could she? Her lips were still swollen from his lips, as if his lips were impoverished, like they were lacking something. It was all written there. She had to focus, but focus she couldn't.

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