28 May 2009

La Dolce Vita: Part VI

Robert woke up to the birds chirping and the sound of commotion outside. He looked outside to see a crowd around a bright red Lamborghini parked outside the bakery. He was curious to know who owned the boastful vehicle and mostly, why was it parked outside the bakery and then he remembered, Amelia. They had kissed last night and for the life of him, he could not sleep afterwards. He had stayed up late playing his guitar, looking distracted but yearning to catch a glimpse of her through her apartment window. He'd probably be branded a perv or a peeping Tom but he didn't care, he had to see her. Forgetting his shower and even breakfast, he strolled out in his black jeans and a black t-shirt and flip flops and went out to the street.

As he approached the street, the girls surrounding the car screamed and Rob paused in mid-step. He looked around paranoid and realised the screams were not aimed at him but at the guy who had just stepped out onto the curb from the red flashy Lamborghini. He didn't even recognise the guy and Rob wanted to avoid the crowd and side-stepped towards the bakery shop.
"Bonjourno Signor... um... is Amelia in?" Rob whispered.

Giovanni looked at Rob and then his attention was diverted to the guy who was now standing next to Rob. Rob looked at the guy standing next to him, he was wearing a black leather jacket with a white t-shirt and faded denim jeans, his glasses were on and he looked every inch of 'cool'. His American accent gave him away and Giovanni looked at him in amazement.

"Hi, is Amelia in?" the cool guy said.

Giovanni turned back to Rob and then looked at the guy standing next to him, in his rough English and strong Southern Italian accent he did his best to communicate to the both of them that Amelia had gone to Tuscany for a few days.

"Tuscany, you must tell me the address of where she is staying, it is important that I see her?" the cool guy said.

Giovanni was reluctant to divulge information regarding the whereabouts of where Amelia was, because she had confided in him about her past and he did not want to tell this overbearing pompous arse where to find her. He had hurt her too much and he was not going to allow him to continue doing that.

Rob paid attention to the conversation, keeping his guard up. It had slipped his mind that she had gone to paint and would be back in a few days but he was an idiot not to get a contact number and now he was royally kicking himself. He didn't want this guy, whatever he might have to do with her, to her first. He watched as the cool guy walked away and into his Lamborghini and hooted for the people to get out of his way. Rob's thoughts were interrupted by the sound of Giovanni behind the bread stall,
"He is a royal prince but he is a royal culo... he come here in his big fancy car and all the girls scream at him but do they know he made a fool of Amelia... do they know? No... he does not deserve a girl like her!" Giovanni said heatedly.

"Signor, I would not ask if this was not important but do you have a number I can call Amelia on... it's just... we... I..." Rob paused.

"You like her, I can see. I see also the kiss you give her over there this morning... you like her very much. It is always said, it starts with a kiss," Giovanni ranted.

"What starts with a kiss?" Rob was completely clueless.

"La Dolce Vita..." Giovanni said, his eyebrows peeking, "I will go inside and get a number for you."

When Giovanni arrived back, he handed Rob a piece of paper and Rob looked at the digits on paper. He gave thanks to Giovanni and went back to his apartment to call Amelia.

It was four o'clock in the afternoon when Amelia returned to Giovanni's brothers house Gavino. The sun was setting and it gave the country house a really warm hue. She was greeted by the German shepherd dog Pixie and Gavino's three children Marco, twelve, Mia, ten and Don, five.

"Hi guys," Amelia beamed.

"What have you painted there? Let me see," Mia jumped. Amelia noted the girl was fond of her work, always asking questions, wanting to paint like her. Amelia turned around the two canvas's she had worked on, "Wow, that's the sunflowers over on the other side... but who is that?" She pointed.

Amelia looked at the canvas in her right hand, "It is of a man."

"Like a lover?" Mia was inquisitive to know.

"Let's get inside, so these can dry off." Amelia said.

When Amelia went inside the old country house, she was greeted by Gaby, Gavino's wife who greeted her with a hug.

"You got a phone call from a man by the name of Robert P. Blake... tis the actor, no?" Gaby beamed.

"He called? But how?" Amelia panicked.

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