15 June 2009

The Tuscan Trap: Part IX

18 months later

In a cafe in Venice, the sun is shining overhead and Dawn is adjusting her sun hat and smiles at Amelia who is sitting opposite her.

"So tell me, how are things with Rob?" Dawn said biting into her Tirimisu.

"Things are fantastic, what can I say," Amelia beamed

"And how are you dealing with your new found fame?" Dawn asked, sipping her espresso, "I'm sure it's difficult considering you're far from any celebrity out there."

"And what's that supposed to mean?" Amelia giggled.

"Y'know, the regular stuff like... um... flashing your knickers or lack of when getting out of a car, or rolling out of a nightclub or..."

"The list goes on, I presume..." Amelia said, "Those public places aren't really my cup of tea..."

"Don't I know it, the number of times I wanted you to come to Faces with him, you were headstrong in not going..."

"It's not really my scene," Amelia admitted.

"Yeah, I kinda guessed that... I'm sure your scene is more along the lines of snogging Rob till he's blue in the face," Dawn said.

"Changing the subject, but what are your plans this week?" Amelia asked.

"I don't know... I haven't really decided as yet," Dawn said looking around.

"I think, you should go to the building..." Amelia said hinting quite heavily.

"That's not a good idea," Dawn started.

"And why not? Aren't you in the least bit curious... just to see him... to see the building you fell in love with? Or should I say it was back to front, that you absolutely love him and that you want to see the building, come on Dawn, you're like the skinny cow now... you've lost loads of weight and you've emerged as someone I don't even know anymore... you're different, it's as if that visit changed you somehow... that you love him but it hurts to love him and I'm worried that if you don't get closure or something, it's just gonna be the beginning to an end with you. You quit your job for God sakes."

"And with reason, might I add," Dawn said.

"You have to go... just admit it, you're at least curious." Amelia said.

"We'll see..."

"No! I'll see... you don't have a choice if that means I have to physically bring you there myself, I will. It's as if Tuscany has trapped you into this way of living, you've been coming here every few months to visit me, but somehow I think you're too scared to go the whole way... like I'm your safety blanket for when you back out. You have to do it Dawn, or else I'm gonna call the Duke myself." Amelia said as she watched Dawn contemplatively.

"Fine! Fine! I'll see him tomorrow." Dawn said bluntly.

"Good and yes, I'd like to be your bridesmaid," Amelia said quietly.

Dawn was tossing and turning in bed. Could she really do this, could she? She tried to tell herself, there was no harm in looking but then cats do die of curiousity. She looked at the clock, it was only quarter past two in the morning. Still, plenty of time. She turned on her side and forced herself to sleep and eventually she did. Her alarm woke her up and she gradually sat up in bed, the sun was pouring through the shutters and could distantly hear the sound of the waterways of Venice. She got up and showered, after towel drying herself she chose to wear a spaghetti strapped loose dress that was the colour of bricks, she fastened her waist with a gold belt and stepped into comfortable flat sandals. She grabbed her bag and stuffed two bottles of water, some munchies, her mobile phone and she chose to carry the gifts, then closed the apartment. As promised, Amelia had left her car outside and Dawn got in. She put the room down and exhaled, this was it. She panicked, she wasn't sure. What if he was married, but she had kept a close eye on the tabloids but there were no signs of him anywhere. She started up the engine and began her journey.

Dawn stopped the car, she had seen the building fifty feet ahead. It was different somehow and as she pulled the car to the side, she got out and admired the structure. There definitely was a new door fitted and the garden that lay before it, was colourful and new. And she suddenly realised, that he had kept his word. He had restored it. She was suddenly emotional, that she had to bite back the tears. She walked up to the door and hesitatingly knocked on the door and waited, after three minutes, no one answered the door and she knocked again, still no answer. As if it were a rejection, she stood back and exhaled and she went back to the car and drove to the Villa instead.

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