15 June 2009

The Tuscan Trap: Part VIII

"Luca, would it be possible for you to pull up here. I shan't be long, I just want to see this place one last time," Dawn said.

Luca pulled the car to the side and Dawn got out of the car and walked towards the building. The building in which so many dreams were invested in, was now, a dream for one person. She didn't know what to feel, somewhere along the way she had mistakenly felt a great attraction for someone and since then couldn't get them out of her head and was hoping, she was hoping to, perhaps work on it... to see where it led her and now... and now she was going home, it had only been about two weeks out of a possible six months and though she did the best she could, she was going back home to dreary London. London, back to her stonking old flat and to her dead end job.

Dawn looked around the building, she was drawn to the same spot she was a few days ago, when Clive had accompanied her. They had found a photo of what was then and what this place was now and somewhere deep inside her, she couldn't quite see this turning out to be some crazy capitalist venture, so maybe this was what was meant to be. She looked around the building, there was definitely potential in this place, if it was restored to it's fullness. She sighed, she better get going, she had spent five minutes too long in this place and she had a plane to catch. She got back into the car and Luca started the engine. She leaned back in her seat and watched the glory of Tuscany fly by.

Clive was doing well over forty miles per hour in his car, it was near dangerous considering the roads were narrow and not all of them tarmacked, he had to get to Dawn before she left, there were things he needed to say. He revved up to fifty and suddenly he could hear clogging in the back, he instantly knew his tyre had ruptured. He slammed his hands against the steering wheel and cursed himself. He got out and went to the boot, he better have a spare otherwise he knew, he wasn't going to make it. As he lifted the boot, there was a spare but as he looked at the back wheels, an awful realisation came to mind... both tyres were out. He withdrew his mobile phone from his pocket and dialled a number.

Dawn hated goodbyes, she absolutely hated them. Instead she opted to hug Luca and thank him. He stood like a block and handed her, her hand luggage and bid her a good trip in Italian. She waved goodbye as she started for check-in. Ten minutes later, she was making her way to the boarding gate, she didn't know what to expect, as if he would be charging up to see her but there was no one and that filled her with sadness, they hadn't said goodbye because she hadn't a chance to and her heart sank. The story of her life, what did she expect, the Duke to be in love with her, that only happens in fairy tales and she ridiculed herself for thinking such crazy naive things. She walked through the metallic worm and onto the plane where she was greeted by a line of bevy Italian stewardesses which made her even more depressed. She took her seat and closed her eyes.

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