08 June 2009

The Tuscan Trap: Part IV

"And what exactly are we looking for?" Clive said exasperated, leaning over Dawn who was seated on the table.

"Confirmation," Dawn said, slipping on her glasses, "I just want to be sure before we continue with this project."

He took a seat next to her and watched her put on velvet gloves and turn the page. He watched her for ten intense minutes when she yelped, "Bingo!"

He sat up puzzled, "What exactly did you find?"

"We can't do anything to this building... and you know why? Because it's not an abandoned hospital it was a stately home, it was a museum before it was made into a hospital. It's a stately home, it belonged to a Duke. We can not buy this building until we have consulted the heir or descendent or bloodline of this Duke, but they haven't mentioned the name of this Duke."

Dawn stood up and walked towards another bookcase, she peered at the volumes stacked up and took out a fairly dusty book. On the spine of the book, Clive could see Royals, Dukes and Fine Society of Europe emblazoned across it. She laid it down on the table and went straight for the index. Her eyes found a match and she went for the middle of the book.

"His name is Demarion Lorenzo, Duke of Tuscany," Dawn revelled.

"Lorenzo," Clive uttered.

"Yeah, it says here that he married not of blue blood but he married for love and was not allowed to take residence in the palace but he convened in the family home where our supposed hospital is. He married a maid, her name isn't included."

"So what does this mean then?" Clive said.

"This means that we can't take ownership of this property unless we get sole permission from the heir or descendent of the Lorenzo bloodline and it says in the decree that the permission must be sought from a male heir, bloody hell... there could be a million Lorenzo's in Italy, let alone the world. I've gotta call Hiller and tell him it's impossible."

"Impossible... not necessarily, if we can get a census reading and see..." Clive said and Dawn practically jumped up and kissed him on the cheek.

"Good thinking Batman!" and she ran to the front desk.

They were past Library hours, searching decades upon decades of past census's.

Dawn's stomach growled.

"I think you need, I think we need a bite to eat. We can come back tomorrow and investigate more. Come on, let's go."

Dawn handed back the velvet gloves back to the librarian and her and Clive made their way back to the car. As he pulled out of the parking lot and onto the road, he surveyed her from the corner of his eye.

"Does the mind of yours ever stop turning?"

"As a matter of fact it does, when I'm asleep..." Dawn replied as her hands covered her stomach, the growl this time much louder.

"What do you fancy to eat?" Clive asked.

"Something big, I could do with a steak and chips." Dawn said.

"Sounds good to me, I have a great place you'd like, it shouldn't be too long now."

"Great!" Dawn said with more enthusiam.

They both arrived at a beautifully lit Bistro and as they were led outside on the terrace, the sun was setting and Dawn looked at the menu that was handed to her. Clive ordered the finest wine in Italian. Dawn went ahead and ordered a steak and chips and everything possible on the side and Clive ordered the same. As they waited for their meals, conversation was slightly stifled. Dawn drank her wine, as if she were drinking water and the feeling made her feel mellow.

"So, how long have you been with the company?" Clive asked as an opener.

"Two years, I've only been employed as an assistant to the project manager but suddenly, I am an overseas projector manager, so god knows what they saw to make me get here."

"Must be hard work and long hours," Clive said.

"Yeah and I'm sure my colleagues, must have thought I'd slept with the boss to get this job... but of course, I didn't... I'm sooo not that type of woman," Dawn said, drinking more wine.

"I dare say, that was far from my mind." Clive said.

"So, what do you do when you're not normally showing people around?" Dawn sipped her wine.

"I act," Clive said simply.

Dawn sputtered and a few drops hit the bread on the table in front of her, she grabbed her serviette and wiped her mouth, clearing her throat she said, "You act? In what exactly?"

"Y'know a few movies here and there," Clive said.

"Like?" Dawn said.

"Sin City, Derailed, Gosford Park," Clive named a few and took a drink of his wine.

"Oh... right... okay... so no films in the pipeline?"

"No, I wanted to take a break, come back to see mum and well... there is always a part of me that longs to be here more often, it's as if my roots are here..."

"What was growing up like for you here?" Dawn asked curiously.

"It was interesting, because I was not quite Italian... I had the completion of the Western world, certainly got the girls and the guys, well they were my friends... it really worked out in my favor, but there is definitely something here that draws me back time and time again."

"Do you know what it is?" Dawn asked.

"See that's the weird thing... I don't quite know. It's bizarre, when we stepped into the property... I felt trapped but trapped in the most awe-inspiring way."

"Maybe what you felt has something to do with this Duke... maybe you're a descendent or you're the heir..." Dawn said before she was interruped.

"Or maybe, you're a bit tipsy and you're bonkers..." Clive smiled.

"I'll let you off with that remark..." Dawn said and she beamed even more when their food arrived.

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