08 June 2009

The Tuscan Trap: Part VI

Clive woke up, his neck and back felt stiff as an ironing board. He rubbed at his eyes, as he gazed at the time. It was late into the evening and Dawn was still asleep in bed. He walked silently away and down the stairs where he was met by his mother.

"How is she?" she asked in Italian towards Clive who was still waking up.

"Still asleep," Clive replied in Italian as he yawned.

"What happened out there Clive?" Stefany asked, rubbing her hands on her apron.

"I don't know... I wasn't there... not when she ran off,"

"Why would she run off?" Stefany quizzed

Clive was silent, he didn't speak which made Stefany curious about the peculiar behaviour of her son. She watched him cautiously, he looked tired and though he had, had some sleep, his eyes were blood shot red. She decided to let it go and headed towards her quarters.

Clive walked over to the kitchen and put on the radio, he took out the food and heated it on the stove. There was freshly baked bread that was still warm and he simmered the soup and reheated the pasta with sauce. He switched off the stove and went to the living room to retrieve his laptop and headed back into the kitchen, setting the laptop on the table, he joined the Internet highway. He was suddenly curious about Duke Lorenzo and typed his name into google and over three thousand sites came up recognising his name. Clive stood up and went to serve the soup into a bowl and cut the bread and as he set it down next to him, something on his laptop screen caught his eye. It was a picture.

He clicked on the link and the picture zoomed up front and his mouth literally fell open. He had to shut his eyes and gaze back at the photo. He stood up and ran upstairs.

Dawn could hear the sound of footsteps fly past her bedroom door. She sat up in bed, cold. She grabbed a shawl on the chair beside her and wrapped it around her and slowly made her way towards her bedroom door. As she opened the door, the house was eerily quiet, she slowly made her way downstairs towards the scent of the kitchen and when she got there, there was a bowl of soup and bread on a platter next to a laptop. Her stomach growled, whoever was here wasn't here any longer and she sat down and took a spoon and ladled it into her soup and as she was about to take a sip, her eyes caught the photo on the screen and the caption at the bottom, she lowered the spoon down and breathed in and slowly out. Dawn could hear footsteps and as she looked up, Clive was standing in front of her... with the truth written in his eyes.

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