14 July 2009

Melanie's Worth: Part Eleven

"So, how's everything going with you and Clive?" Melanie asked.
"Things are great, I've just started my own online company," Dawn began and then rubbed her stomach.
Melanie watched the movements of her hand over her belly, "You're not pregnant are you?!"
Dawn blushed, "I am expecting a wee little one."
Melanie hugged her, "I'm so glad for you, when is he or she expected?"
"It's gonna be a Christmas baby, I can't wait for what this little one's going to look like," Dawn said enthused.
"I'm sure it's gonna be grand," Melanie said.
"What's new with you?" Dawn said as she withdrew her site pass and said to the guard that Melanie was with her.
"New with me? Just what I said really..." Melanie said half hearted, "No prospective anything, unfortunately."
"Shame, a pretty thing like you." Dawn said and they both quietened. Melanie watched Dawn's gaze, transfixed on her husband who was currently acting on set. Melanie refused to compare herself to Dawn, Dawn was one of her good friends and they were two different people, there was no way she was going to compare what Dawn had and what she didn't.
Melanie watched as a man stumbled into the throngs of people acting on set and attack Clive. He was tall and broad and he had dark hair and a beard. Melanie heard the director say 'cut' and suddenly the crowd dispersed leaving Clive and the man standing. The director called for a break for twenty minutes and went in search of food from the kiosk.
Clive walked towards Dawn with the man in step beside him and as they were walking, it only occurred to Melanie that the man she thought looked familiar was Sam.
Sam was talking to Clive about the scene they just done and pounded each other's back for big effort. As the director called for a twenty minute break, Clive walked towards his wife Dawn who was a few metres away and having met Dawn a few days ago joined him. As he looked up, he realised that Dawn had a companion with her. As he approached, his heart started hammering against his chest. She was dressed in denim blue jeans and a floral black top with a grey long cardigan, her hair was loose on her shoulders and she was wearing sunglasses, ones where he couldn't see her eyes and he didn't know whether she knew it was him or not.
Clive kissed his wife on the lips.
Dawn looked at Sam and then back at Mel, there was definitely something going on between them but she didn't want to seem rude, so she made introductions.
"Sam, I would like to introduce you to a very good friend of mine, Melanie... Mel, this is Sam Worthington."
They hesitantly shook hands and Melanie remained composed, saying absolutely nothing until...
"Well, if you excuse me, I really ought to get going," Melanie said detached, as she turned towards Dawn, "Is your number still the same?"
"Yeah and we're staying at the Beverley Wiltshire, if you want to join us for dinner say tomorrow or something?" Dawn offered.
"I'll let you know," Melanie said, "Goodbye," and made her way out of set.
Sam watched her swiftly exit and decided to let her go. He wasn't going to run after her, she seemed like she couldn't get away fast enough. It had been a year and half since the divorce and he had cut his ties with Gloria, the divorce had been messy but he was glad it was over. He gave her what she wanted, the house and all the other necessities to fuel her lifestyle. And from then, he was moving from script to script, set to set and he hadn't actually found a place to settle yet. Seeing Mel in such a long time, did funny things to him, made him think profusely about finding a place for himself and as he was thinking, he realised that both Clive and Dawn were eyeing him speculatively.
"So, how do you know Mel?" Dawn asked inquisitively.
"We knew each a long time ago," Sam said.
"What are you doing tomorrow evening? Or does that depend on filming?" Dawn asked to no one.
"It depends on filming but I think they're going with the location manager to the Canyon to do some filming of opening shots or something," Sam replied, "If you excuse me, I think the make-up guys want to prim and prop me."
"There's definitely something there... I don't necessarily want to know what it is but it would be interesting to see what they're like just the two of them together..." Dawn said.
"You're not thinking of Matchmaking the two of them, are you?"Clive said, hugging his wife.
"Yeah, didn't you feel the sparks fly?" Dawn said.
"Not really, but then again... I really wasn't paying attention." he said mischievously.
"Don't tell me, you were staring at my boobs again!" and with that Dawn poked him in the shoulder.

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