14 July 2009

Melanie's Worth: Part Twelve

"This has got to be some twisted joke!" Melanie said as she stood up from the table grabbing her clutch bag, "I knew she was up to something when she said wear something special..."

"Come on, it can't be that bad... to have dinner with me for a couple of hours," Sam said instinctively, "We could at least order the lobster and their finest vintage wine and make it a night? What do you say?"

"No thanks," Melanie said making for the door. When she moved from the table, Sam saw she was wearing a long form fitting teal gown, with crystals embedded down the front, "Wow, you look more then just special, you look beautiful"

"Shut up!" Melanie said, "Don't say things you mean, when you obviously don't!"

"But I do." Sam said walking towards her, "Melanie, we have to talk."

Melanie spun around, "Talk about what? We pretty much said, all we needed to say a long time ago!"

"No, you obviously have some things to say because you're acting like this," Sam spat out.
"Stop putting words in my mouth," Melanie said through clenched teeth, "I've just had enough of you... enough of men and this bloody run around... nothing is ever straight forward and how I wish they were but they aren't, that's just my dumb luck!" She shrugged, looking beyond the point of Sam shoulder, to the diners who were all staring at them, "What the hell are you lot looking at?" And the diners went back to eating their food.
She spun on her heels towards the exit, leaving Sam stunned at her outburst. Sam caught up with her, only to grab her and push her into the nearest available elevator and as the doors closed, he leaned in towards her, "It's not a case of dumb luck, it's a case of you being a stubborn cow and not admitting your true feelings towards me, not to sound like an arrogant arse, but you obviously feel something towards me, otherwise why would you quit your job and go abroad... don't think I don't know... I came looking for you and Charice said you left... you felt your worth had been far removed... and that's my fault and I apologise, but I will not apologise for your lack of want, if you want me... all you have to do is say, " and with that he kissed her till the breathe from her own lungs was taken from her.
They just about made it to his hotel suite, their lips never leaving each other's, only to undo the buttons from his shirt or to unzip her dress. They fell onto the bed with a thud and their hands touching every crevice everywhere, Sam was gentle but his need was urgent as was Melanie's and they began to melt into each other, for they didn't know when one began and the other ended and as he began to fill her and so their rhythm of need and lust began.
Melanie stirred in his arms but that made Sam, only tighten his hold on her. He couldn't believe it, they had made love and now, he knew for certain, he had fallen in love with her. He knew right now, wasn't the ideal time to tell her so but now, he only wished she felt the same way. He hadn't planned on saying all that stuff to her in the elevator but he was so pissed off at her eagerness to leave, she had left him with no choice but to say it like it is. She had been stunned but he didn't care, all that mattered was that he could put this fire inside him to rest and he knew exactly how.

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